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  CeBIT 2004, Europe's largest IT show 
  Mar 26, 2004, 09:30am EST 

Cars, cars and cars

By: Sander Sassen

Okay, granted, if you’re willing to set yourself apart from the competition, and emphasize the fact that your product is faster than any competing product you can’t go wrong with having a fast car at your booth. The only downside is that you’re probably not the only one with that idea, judging by the fact that the exhibition had more exotic cars on display than new and innovative products. Ranging from the cute retro Mini cabriolet, to the genuine Formula-1 race car mounted vertically, CeBIT 2004 definitely had some interesting cars on display.

Mini Cooper

F1 mounted vertically

A few of the cars we've come across at CeBIT, some displayed in a rather awkward fashion.

At many of these booths these cars were the single most interesting item worth taking pictures of or inquiring about the engine horsepower, maximum torque, and other technical details. Obviously what separates the men from the boys is whether you’re able to keep all that horse power on the track and make sufficiently low lap times. In order to see whether you have what it takes to become a Forumula-1 race driver, one booth had a Formula-1 racecar simulator, complete with 3D projection and simulated car physics such as accelerating, braking and g-forces.

F1 simulator

F1 simulator detail

The Formula-1 simulator, operated by hydraulics to mimic accelerating, braking and g-forces.

Most booths however got by with just displaying their products or making extra effort to emphasize a certain product. We’ve seen man sized digital cameras, personal computers, cdroms, and naturally computer cases. One thing that was obvious is the fact that Taiwanese manufacturers must simply love cases; there were simply dozens of cases in all different sizes, colors and forms, some in odd color schemes, and others more in line with what you’d expect a computer case to look like, which isn’t pretty pink with chrome trimmings.

1. Motherboards and processors
2. Cars, cars and cars
3. Displays and graphics
4. Media standards and players
5. Summary

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