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  AMD me, you, them, everybody? 
  Oct 08, 2004, 07:30am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

If youíre shopping for an affordable PC today it is hard to find anything Intel based, as Intel has been so effective with getting rid of anything with less than 775-pins that all thereís left is overpriced high-end systems featuring PCI-E and +3GHz processors. AMD on the other hand has just reduced the pricing for their CPUs today, no longer keeping price parity with Intelís. Thatís a smart move as although Intel is trying to get people to buy their hot-headed Celeron-D processors on a watered down version of their PCI-E platform, people would rather invest in something with real processing power and opt for AMDís Athlon-64, getting 64-bit support to boot. And frankly now that the channel is virtually clear of socket-478 all thatís left for an entry-level or mid-range PC is AMD.

Weíd say this is rather ill executed strategy by Intel, as socket-478 CPUs are still in high demand, and they risk losing a fair share of the entry-level and mid-range market, where the most profits are being made, to AMD. AMD on the other hand might be on a winning streak lately, their CPUs have consistently outperformed anything Intel has available, and as of today even at a lower price point. And with socket-478 Intel CPUs becoming rare as snow in July Intel basically handed them the entry-level and mid-range markets. Things should be rosy now in Sunnyvale, whereas thick thunderclouds are forming over Santa Clara, maybe Intel will make some more socket-478s? Or is it AMD me, you, them, everybody from now on?

Sander Sassen.


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Re: AMD me, you, them, everybody? Greg M 16 replies Oct 09, 2004, 06:54pm EDT


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