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  Making successful DVD backups to DVD+/-R 
  Jan 27, 2005, 09:30am EST 

Shrink to fit?

By: Sander Sassen

Simple really, there’s quite a number of, often freeware, applications available that will enable you to strip extras, menus etc. from a DVD so you can reduce its size and make it fit onto a single DVD+/-R. Our favorite is DVDshrink, which, as evident from the name, shrinks just about any DVD to fit onto a single DVD+/-R. It does this by allowing you to strip parts from the original DVD before making a backup, or even lets you re-encode or re-author a DVD. The ability to re-encode a DVD is actually the greatest strength of DVDshrink, as this will help fit the movie to the DVD+/-R media. Below we’ll outline, with moving GIF images to illustrate, how to accomplish a 1:1 backup onto DVD+/-R with a DVD recorder in a few easy steps.

1. Download DVDshrink3.2 and install
2. Download DVDdecrypter and install
3. Insert the DVD you want to backup in your DVD drive
4. Start DVDshrink
5. Click ‘open disc’ and select your DVD drive
6. DVDshrink will now analyze the DVD
7. Click ‘backup’ to make a full backup of the DVD
8. Choose the location and filename for the iso file
9. Click ‘ok’ and DVDshrink will encode the iso file
10. When finished close DVDshrink

11. Put a blank DVD+/-R disk in your DVD recorder
12. Start DVDdecrypter
13. Click ‘mode’, ‘iso’, ‘write’
14. Click ‘file’, ‘browse’ and locate the iso file
15. Click the large button to record to DVD+/-R
16. After it finishes recording the backup is created

Obviously it is up to you, and the capabilities of your DVD recorder, what media you use or what speeds your record at. We feel that recording the media at half its rated speed is a good way of making sure it is properly recorded, it takes about fifteen minutes to create a backup when recording at 4x speed with most movies. If you want to make absolutely sure a perfect backup is created click ‘verify’ in DVDdecrypter, this will however add another couple of minutes to the recording process.

1. Scratched DVDs
2. Shrink to fit?
3. Copy and paste?
4. Tips and tricks

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