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  Making successful DVD backups to DVD+/-R 
  Jan 27, 2005, 09:30am EST 

Copy and paste?

By: Sander Sassen

As mentioned on the previous page, and the procedure described there, most DVDs will require you to re-encode to a smaller size to fit the DVD+/-R media which means there’s a slight loss in quality. For those people that feel that this is not acceptable, or those that would like to strip out certain parts of the original DVD, such as extras or alternate endings, or even the menus, DVDshrink comes in handy as well. Here’s how you can edit out the menu and all extras on a DVD to make it fit the media without jeopardizing image quality, again illustrated by moving GIF images.

1. Insert the DVD you want to backup in your DVD drive
2. Start DVDshrink
3. Click ‘re-author’ and select DVD drive
4. In the DVD Browser tab click ‘main movie’
5. DVDshrink will no analyze the movie
6. Go to the Compression Settings tab and set ‘no compression’
7. Deselect all audio streams and subtitles you do not want
8. Choose the location and filename for the iso file
9. Click ‘ok’ and DVDshrink will encode the iso file
10. When finished close DVDshrink

11. Put a blank DVD+/-R/DL disk in your DVD recorder
12. Start DVDdecrypter
13. Click ‘mode’, ‘iso’, ‘write’
14. Click ‘file’, ‘browse’ and locate the iso file
15. Click the large button to record to DVD+/-R/DL
16. After it finishes recording the backup is created

The resulting DVD will start playing immediately when placed in a standalone DVD player. Other than that it is identical to the original, so you can pause the movie, skip to other chapters etc. and turn on the subtitles, provided you have selected at least one subtitle when re-authoring the DVD. Obviously some DVDs will not fit to a single DVD+/-R without using compression, in that case use a DVD+R DL, dual layer, disc or turn on the automatic compression. If you decide to use compression, select deep analysis in DVDshrink to make sure you get the best image quality.

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