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  Slander Sander? A reply to ATI 
  Sep 19, 2005, 07:30am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

Andrzej Bania wrote:
CONCLUSION: When it comes to R520 results, you should only believe journalists who have established a reputation for being trustworthy

On June 4th of 2005 Andrzej Bania sent out an email to Chris Hook and bcc-ed six specially selected journalists about a CrossFire challenge to be held to show what the world’s best could do with this platform. The email can be viewed here (june 4th) in full, I apparently was one of the six journalists selected.

Apparantly Andrzej Bania had no second thoughts back then when he invited me to participate in a major PR stunt with CrossFire. Considering that a lot is riding on the proper positioning of this product you’d need reliable people that will assure you the best scores this platform can provide.

It is therefore strange to see that he now seems to have changed his mind or rather decided it is more convenient to simply state that I have not established a reputation for being trustworthy, that is a total reversal of how he previously seemed to accredit my journalistic integrity. In the end, for reasons undisclosed, ATI however never followed through with this event.

ATI also asked me to give a speech during a private board partners event in Prague on October 7th of 2004. They flew me in to talk about product sampling, PR, differences between on- and offline press, etc. Besides Lars Weinand from Tom’s Hardware Guide I was the only journalist invited and allowed to express his views. The reaction I’ve gotten from them and the assorted board partners that were present was overwhelmingly positive.

Conclusion: ATI apparantly cannot decide for itself whether I am trustworthy or not, and makes it up on the spot when it's in a tight corner.

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