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  Slander Sander? A reply to ATI 
  Sep 19, 2005, 07:30am EDT 

Email Conversations

By: Sander Sassen

Andrzej Bania wrote:


However, including ATI's direct competition on 'cc' in such an email is another thing entirely.

To then 'jump to the moral high ground' when your 'threats' have been exposed is laughable.

CONCLUSION: Once you pick the rules of engagement - don't get upset when your true character is revealed later on

The CC to Adam at NVIDIA was just that: a CC, open and honest, no blind CC (bcc) to hide the fact that someone else was also privvy to that conversation. I did that because his comments were hilarious, and my statement pretty bold (quoted below), hence they would also make Adam smile. We’ve all done a fair bit of CC-ing in the past, including him. Usually when funny remarks are made or when someone goes out on a limb and makes a really bold statement, like I did.

You sure know how to win the press over, excellent strategy! I guess I now know why NVIDIA is eating your lunch, or breakfast for that matter, at every level.

But now Andrzej Bania takes that out of context and pitches it as if I chose to slander him by putting Adam in CC. He knows full well that this is not the case. For example when we all meet at some tradeshow or press event far bolder statements are uttered about ATI or NVIDIA products and/or technologies and then laughed at, it is all in the game really.

This email thread (June 10th) is a good example where both NVIDIA and ATI are CC-ed on an email regarding a question Andrzej Bania asked.

Furthermore he mentions I threatened him and/or ATI, which is again a blatant lie. As mentioned we often used to communicate often by joking around in a lighthearted manner, hence the lets see if we can drop the stock price shall we remark is taken fully out of context.

We’ve made jokes like that before, and he usually countered with a funny reply or remark. Here’s an example of a previous email conversation (June 23rd) between us, where I jokingly ask whether my column has had any affect on ATI’s revenue report for that quarter.

If he now inteprets the lets see if we can drop the stock price shall we remark differently as this previous remark then something has apparantly changed in how he choose to communicate with me, and I wasn’t made aware of that. Andrzej Bania never before mentioned that he does not like these kind of jokes, on the contrary he’s been more than willing to join in the fun and joke around with me of which above given sample is proof. Therefore I can only conclude that the fact that this email (September 8th) suddenly showed up quoted fully out of context is an attempt to smear or discredit me.

Also, to further support my claim, the lets see if we can drop the stock price shall we quote mentions another important detail which he seems to conveniently ignore. It mentions I feel an ATI column coming up, which refers to the column I wrote that day and which can be found at the below noted url. Notice the time it was posted at and factor in the time difference. My local email client is operating on GMT+1, whereas our webserver is operating on EST, so there’s a 6-hour time difference between the two.

ATI texture filtering quality? Shimmer this!
Thursday, September 08, 2005 09:30 AM EDT

Furthermore it is apparantly alright for Andrzej Bania to leak emails to DriverHeaven and have them post these emails for all to see? That's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Although the posting of that email has far greater effect, it is a smear tactic, than sharing jokes or bold statements between people that often meet during trade shows and press events and where such jokes or bold statements are kept between them.

Conclusion: Posting emails to discredit someone is far worse than what Andrzej Bania accuses me of.

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