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  Slander Sander? A reply to ATI 
  Sep 19, 2005, 07:30am EDT 

The Figures

By: Sander Sassen

Andrzej Bania wrote:

When considering the performance of our next-generation products, you need to ask yourself one very simple question:

"Would ATI seriously bring 100 of Europeís top press to a Technology Day where they can run whatever benchmarks they choose if we thought that we were going to lose?"

Sander claims that these numbers were given to him by a trusted source.

The numbers shown do not match any pattern that we have for our next generation products.

CONCLUSION: Either Sander lied - or his 'trusted source' set him up to look stupid on a global stage for printing made up results

Again Andrzej Bania seems to suddenly question my journalistic integrity, whereas heís held me in high regard before, as outlined above. Therefore I donít see why he would state that I would lie about these benchmarks, clearly that would not bode well for me if that indeed was what had happened, does he really think I would stoop that low? He frankly knows me better than that.

These benchmarks are provided with a DISCLAIMER, which is quoted below. I however found them interesting enough to post, taking into account that I was not bound by an NDA and Andrzej Bania made it very clear (twice) that he doesnít care what I write.

The numbers you see reflected in the next few pages are therefore provided AS IS, as we have no way to verify them as we donít physically have a board, they are accurate as far as we can see and in line what weíve been expecting.

Obviously the fact that he had decided to cut me off for at least the next 6-months, even after I made a peace offering and apologized (September 15th), did motivate me to include a comment in the article about the fact that he, and hence ATI, has been very hard to work with.

Conclusion: If ATI's partners are providing this information, how can we expect the final scores to be good? Furthermore since Iíve been left out from the launch Iím entitled to call it as I see it, and this is how I see it.

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