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  Slander Sander? A reply to ATI 
  Sep 19, 2005, 07:30am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen


Thanks for taking this issue to a global stage, Iím happy to provide a rebuttal here as obviously the people reading this have a right to hear the other side of the story as well and then make up their own minds. Iíll address the points raised by you individually below, so as to not further complicate things.

Let me first start with saying that I will no longer protect you or ATI by withholding personal emails from the people reading this thread as you obviously feel the need to twist facts, flat-out lie or conveniently leave out bits of important information. Iím sorry it has to come to this as it goes against what I believe is proper conduct but you leave me no other choice.

Before I get to address the points raised let me post a crude timeline of events and a brief summary so that someone that hasnít been following this discussion knows what happened. I encourage everyone interested in learning about my side of the story to read the full post, including the emails, and not just skim the headlines, as the crux of the matter is in the details, not in the headlines.


- May 10th : received invite to ATI CrossFire press briefing
- May 11th : declined invite to ATI CrossFire press briefing
- May 25th : CrossFire press briefing
- June 4th : received invite to CrossFire Challenge
- August 15th : email discussion about ATI interview
- September 8th : email discussion press invite R520 launch
- September 8th: publication ATI column
- September 14th: email discussion press invite R520 launch
- September 15th: email discussion press invite R520 launch
- September 16th: publication R520 article
- September 17th: ATI discloses private emails
- September 18th: ATI posts a full reply
- September 19th: this reply is posted>


Iíve been working with ATI since the summer of í00, and throughout these years have had a pleasant experience working with them. Thereíve been the occasional complaints left and right, but nothing substantial. Growing pains both on my part and theirs were usually to blame for any delays in getting information or samples as we developed into a mutually beneficial relationship.

Initially my primary contact was Rubeena Hussein with whom Iíve worked for several years. Recently, approx. two years ago, Rubeena has been replaced by Chris Hook, head of public relations EMEA, and Andrzej Bania, regional public relations manager. Iíve established a relationship with both that has had its up and downs but was based on mutual respect and understanding.

On the 10th of May I received an invite to an ATI press briefing for the CrossFire platform on May 25th in London. I declined that invite on the next day, May 11th, for personal, family reasons, and outlined why to ATI. I asked for press materials to be sent and a NDA to be served so I could still get the info. ATI neglected to send the info or serve an NDA.

On June 4th I was invited to the CrossFire challenge by Andrzej Bania, a challenge where six highly skilled professionals would be pushing the limits of the CrossFire platform.

On August 15th I received an email from Andrzej Bania asking whether I was interested in an interview with a mainboard ASIC engineer. I declined the offer due to lack of interest amongst our readers for such an interview and asked for more information about R520 instead. Jokes were made back and forth.

In August I contacted a number of AIBs regarding information or benchmarks of the R520 architecture. Some information is given, but the AIBs are not willing to disclose much due to non finalized specifications.

On September 8th I emailed Andrzej Bania asking if I was invited to the upcoming R520 launch. He replied with the answer that I did not make the cut. Discussion started regarding this. Andrzej Bania made it clear that ATI only works with press that wants to work with ATI and doesnít refuse offers, in this case the offer was the ASIC engineer interview I didnít find interesting and the CrossFire briefing I didnít attend. I publish a column on ATIís driver image quality, which links to a story from a reputable 3rd party source.

On September 14th Chris Hook calls, we discuss the situation, I outline how I feel and that I feel cut off. He makes me an offer, stating that heíll do his best to help me. Andrzej emails back, stating the reverse and that heís cut me off for at least the next 6-months. The reason given is for not accepting the offer on August 15 and joking about ATI as well as writing, in their view, inaccurate articles.

On September 15th I email Andrzej Bania, making an apology for not accepting the offer and making, in his views, inappropriate jokes. He emails back that nothing has changed that Iím still cut off for at least the next 6-months but he also states that I can write what I like. I email back indicating that I have other sources outside of ATI that can supply me with information.

In September I again talk with the AIBs, one of them offers to give me some preliminary scores of a preproduction R520 board running at XT and Pro clocks, as they donít like ATIís attitude towards me. I propose to them to use our timedemo scripts. On September 16th I receive the benchmark scores. I start preparing an article about the R520 architecture.

On September 16th I post the article, with a disclaimer as the scores cannot be verified. I also add a comment about ATIís way of dealing with the press, and myself in particular. The article gets massive exposure, ATI states it is a hoax, that the scores are false. ATI sends part of a private email thread to a publication which then posts it fully out of context in an attempt to discredit me. The discussion starts to become personal, ATI attacks me instead of the problem.

On September 18th Andrzej Bania posts a reply in Beyond3D forums, outlining their stance, line of reasoning and how they view the whole situation. I welcome their public posting as that will provide a public stage to post my story as well and let the reader decide. The document youíre reading now is my rebuttal, detailing my side of the story.

In the following pages Iíll address the points raised in Andrzej Baniaís reply in Beyond3D's forums. Please find the forum link below. Also available, for easy distribution and viewing, are Andrzej Bania's post in PDF form, and this full rebuttal in PDF form.

Beyond3D forum thread - Andrzej Bania

Beyond 3D forum thread - Andrzej Bania - PDF

Slander Sander? A reply to ATI - Sander Sassen - PDF

1. Introduction
2. Briefings
3. Not Invited
4. Email Conversations
5. The Figures
6. Edits
7. Logic

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