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  The Silverado, a small d'Appolito loudspeaker 
  Sep 28, 2005, 07:30am EDT 

References and credits

By: Sander Sassen


-, Seas website, specifications and applications for Seas drivers.
-, BassBox Pro 6 software, used to model the loudspeaker in different enclosures.
-, SpeakerWorkshop software, used to model and simulate the crossover and enclosure.
-, Dutch loudspeaker DIY website and shop.
-, official Dutch distributor for Seas, etc.
-, excellent do-it-yourself audio forum.
-, US distributor for Peerless, Vifa, Seas, etc.
-, Humble Homemade Hifi, excellent do-it-yourself loudspeaker website.


- Tony Gee at Humble Homemade Hifi, for all his help, expert advice, tips, tricks and suggestions .
- Titus Nissen at Speaker & Co for his advice, tips and suggestions.
- Josh at Madisound for doing an excellent job with shipping and handling.
- Bart van Vreedendaal and Jamshid Mousavi at Clofis for their patience and support.

1. Introduction
2. Selecting drivers
3. Bass-reflex enclosure
4. Cross-over
5. Measurements
6. Conclusion
7. References and credits

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