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SiS Introduces R659 Quad Channel RDRAM Chipset

SiS today introduced their R659 Quad Channel RDRAM chipset delivering 9.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth, making it the fastest Pentium 4 chipset on the market today.

Club-3D Joins XGI as Major European Manufacturing Partner

XGI today announced that Club-3D has chosen XGI's Volari graphic processors for its new videocards. These new videocards will be available in Europe by early December.

FSC America
FSC America Introduces Environmentally Sound Motherboards

FSC America today introduces the "Limited Green Edition" line of environmentally sound motherboards. The motherboards eliminate over 75% of lead and 99.85% of halogens.

ASUS Debuts Graphics Cards Powered by ATI RADEON

ASUS today announced the addition of ATi Radeon powered graphics cards to the ASUS product line. Featuring the RADEON 9800XT, 9600XT, 9600SE and 9200SE.

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
ATI Introduces RADEON 9800 XT and RADEON 9600 XT

ATI today introduced the RADEON 9800 XT and the RADEON 9600 XT, delivering killer DirectX 9 performance in Half-Life 2, which will be bundled with the graphics cards.

Intel Delivers Products, Technologies for the Digital Home

Intel today showed how the digital home is becoming a reality with new products, technologies and services that enable on demand content delivery.

XGI Ships Dual Processor DX9 Videocard under Volari Brand Name

XGI Technology Inc, has introduced World’s 1st dual processor graphics solutions, compliant with the latest DirectX9 and OpenGL1.4 specification.

SiS Spins Off Fab Operation Business

SiS today announced the spin-off of the Company’s Fab operation business into a 100% owned subsidiary of SiS, named SiS Microelectronics Corp.

Creative Labs Introduces Audigy 2 ZS Soundcard

Creative Labs today advances the PC audio standard to 7.1 surround with the introduction of the Audigy 2 ZS sound card and Creative GigaWorks S750 speaker system.

Intel Introduces Two New Itanium2 Processors

Intel today introduced two lower-cost and lower-power Itanium 2 processors optimized for dual-processor systems running at 1.4 and 1.0GHz respectively.

3ware Launches Second Generation Serial ATA RAID Controllers

3ware today announced the availability of its second generation SATA RAID and sixth generation Parallel RAID controllers.

VIA Launches Antaur Mobile Processor for Notebooks

VIA today announced the introduction of the new VIA Antaur mobile processor which will initially feature clockspeeds up to 1GHz.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PCs

Microsoft today announced the availability of Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs featured on a variety of devices available for purchase today.

Intel Introduces Pentium 4 Processor at 3.2GHz

Intel today introduced a new version of the Intel Pentium 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology at 3.2 GHz, featuring a 800MHz systembus.

Crucial Introduces Radeon 9800 Pro Videocard

Crucial Technology today introduced the Crucial Radeon 9800 Pro video card, powered by ATI technology and featuring 128MB 2.86 nanosecond DDR SDRAM.

Plextor Releases New CDRW and External DVD+R/RW Drive

Plextor today announced the Plexwriter 52/24/52A CDRW and PX-504UF DVD+R/RW drives which will include professional software, the necessary cables, media and other extras.

Imation Ships Five Billionth 3,5" Floppy Diskette

Imation today announces the shipment of its five billionth floppy diskette from its Wahpeton, North Dakota facility, where it’s first 3.5-inch floppy was manufactured in 1989.

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
ATI Launches Radeon 9600 Pro

ATI is now shipping its much-anticipated Radeon 9600 Pro visual processing unit, VPU, based on the same core as the Radeon 9800 Pro but at a lower pricepoint.

AMD Introduces AMD Opteron Processor

AMD today introduced the AMD Opteron processor, the world’s first 64-bit processor compatible with the industry-standard x86 architecture.

Space Shuttle
Chip-Con Launches Prometeia Mach II Cooling System

Chip-Con has launched the 2nd generation of the Prometeia Cooling System, the Prometeia Mach II, boosting the performance and further increasing the flexibility and ease of use.

Intel Introduces New Pentium 4 Processor and 875P Chipset

Intel today introduced a new Pentium 4 processor with a 800MHz system bus and the 875P chipset with new features such as Serial-ATA and dual channel DDR400 support.

Plextor Introduces PlextorWriter Premium 52X CDRW

Plextor today announced the availability of the PlexWriter Premium CD-R/RW drive. The high-speed 3-in-1 drive features 52X CD-Write, 32X CD-Rewrite, and 52X-max CD-Read

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Announces Support for AMD Opteron and Athlon-64

Microsoft today announced it is developing native 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to support the AMD Opteron and Athlon-64 processors.

SiS Negotiates New Bus License with Intel

SiS is in the process of negotiation with Intel for the next generation chipset license and expects to have finalized the negotiations shortly.

ATI Starts Shipping RADEON 9800 PRO

ATI is now shipping its Radeon 9800 PRO boards, based on the Radeon 9800 PRO VPU to OEM, retail, distribution and online customers.

NVIDIA To Give ATI Users Free Upgrade To GeForce FX

Nvidia today announced that they have decided to give away thousands of GeForce FX family cards, as a trade-in for ATI users.

Acer Introduces Intel PXA255 Based n10 Handheld

Acer today introduced their n10 handheld, based on Intel's PXA255 Xscale processor offering the latest in handheld technology and extended battery life.

ATI signs Pentium-M Bus License Agreement with Intel

ATI today announced it has reached an agreement with Intel for a Pentium-M processor bus license. Thus enabling ATI to develop Pentium-M chipsets.

AMD Launches 12 New Athlon XP Mobile Processors

AMD today boosted competition in the notebook PC industry by introducing 12 new Athlon XP mobile processors for thin-and-light and high-performance notebooks.

Intel Introduces 3.0 and 3.06GHz Xeon Processors

Intel Corporation today introduced its fastest Xeon processors, running at 3.0 and 3.06GHz, with either a 400 or 533Mhz FSB for dual processor servers and workstations.

Western Digital
Western Digital Introduces 10,000-rpm Serial-ATA Harddisk

Western Digital today introduced their first Serial-ATA product featuring a 1.2 million hours MTBF, 10,000-rpm spindle speed and 5.2 ms average seek time and a five-year warranty.

AMD Introduces Athlon XP 3000+ With 512KB Cache

AMD today introduced the AMD Athlon XP processor 3000+ featuring 512KB cache memory and manufactured in Fab 30 in Dresden with a 0.13micron SOI process.

Plextor Introduces its First Recordable DVD+RW Optical Drive

Plextor today introduced their PX-504A DVD+R/RW drive, featuring 4X DVD+R Writing and 2.4X DVD+RW Rewriting, making it one of the fastest DVD+R/RW drives available.

IBM and AMD Join Forces in Chip Manufacturing

AMD and IBM today announced having entered into an agreement to jointly develop chip-making technologies for use in future products.

Intel Announces Centrino Mobile Technology Brand Name

Intel Corporation said today Centrino mobile technology is the new brand name for its upcoming wireless mobile computing technology.

SiS Launches SiS746FX Chipset for the AMD Platform

SiS today introduced their latest SiS746FX AMD core logic chipset, supporting 333MHz front-side bus, highly effective DDR400 support and an AGP8X interface.

Sony, Toshiba License Rambus' Interface Technologies

Rambus today announced new agreements with Sony and Toshiba for the license and utilization of two new high-speed interfaces, codenamed Yellowstone and Redwood.

Matsushita and Sony to Develop Linux Platform

Matsushita and Sony today announced their agreement to work in partnership on the development of a Linux platform for digital home electronic devices.

VIA Launches VIA Envy24PT Audio Controller

VIA today announced the release of the VIA Envy24PT Audio Controller designed to bring 8-channel support to the motherboard and entry-level soundcard market.

AMD and Epic Demonstrate 64-bit Unreal Tournament 2003

AMD today demonstrated a 64-bit developmental version of Unreal Tournament 2003 from Epic Games on a system based on the upcoming AMD Athlon 64 processor.

NVIDIA Introduces Geforce FX Graphics Processing Unit

NVIDIA today introduced the GeForce FX graphics processing unit. Delivering cinematic-quality graphics and special effects in real time with the CineFX architecture.

Intel Introduces New Xeon Processor Familiy Products

Intel today introduced a dozen Intel Xeon processor family products including new processors, chipsets and platforms for Intel-based servers and workstations.

VIA Announces P4X400 Chipset Mainboard for Pentium 4

VIA today launched the P4PB Ultra Mainboard, VIA's P4X400 chipset based Pentium 4 processor mainboard aimed at the tech savvy PC enthusiast.

Promise Technology Inc.
Promise Announces Serial ATA RAID Controllers

Promise Technology today announced the SATA150 TX Series of Serial ATA (SATA) controller cards offering full interface support for Serial ATA/150 hard drives.

IBM Introduces New Travelstar 80GN Family

IBM today introduced the world's highest capacity mobile hard disk drive at 80 GB boosting storage density by 100 percent. IBM also announced plans for a new 7200 RPM drive.

Pioneer Introduces DVR-A05 DVD-R/RW Writer

Pioneer today introduced their latest and fastest DVD-R/RW writer, the DVR-A05. The DVR-A05 meets the new industry media standard of a 4x write speed to DVD-R and 2x to DVD-RW.

Tyan Releases New Dual AMD Athlon MP Processor Platform

Tyan today announced their Thunder K7X Pro which supports features such as EPS12V and ATX12V power compatibility, Gigabit Ethernet LAN and angled DIMM slots.

Intel Introduces New Chipsets for Pentium 4

Intel today introduced four new desktop chipsets that bring new levels of performance, reliability and flexibility as well as HyperThreading support to PC users.

Crucial Introduces Radeon 9700 Pro Videocard

Crucial today introduced their ATI Radeon 9700 Pro based video card, featuring 128MB 2.86 nanosecond (350MHz) double data rate (DDR) synchronous DRAM (SDRAM).

AMD Introduces Athlon XP 2800+ and 2700+ Processors

AMD today announced Fall availability of the AMD Athlon XP processor 2800+ and 2700+ featuring an advanced 333MHz front-side bus.

IBM Introduces Deskstar 180GXP Harddisks

IBM today introduced their new Deskstar 180GXP harddisk with "tag 'n seek" technology that enables the Deskstar 180GXP to perform up to 20 percent faster than its competitors.

ATI Introduces MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 Visual Processor

ATI today announced the MOBILITY FIRE GL9000 visual processor for mobile workstation, based on ATI's MOBILITY RADEON 9000 visual processor.

VIA and S3 Graphics License Kentron's QBM Technology

Kentron today announced that VIA Technologies, Inc and S3 Graphics, Inc have Licensed their DDR based, Quad Band Memory (QBM) Technology.

Intel Introduces Pentium 4 at 2.8GHz

Intel today introduced new versions of the Pentium 4 processor at speeds up to 2.8 GHz. All of the new processors feature a new core stepping.

AMD Introduces Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ CPUs

AMD today celebrates the third anniversary of the AMD Athlon processor by introducing the AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ processors.

VIA Launches KT400 Athlon Chipset

VIA today launched the VIA Apollo KT400 chipset for the AMD Athlon XP processor, featuring the latest in performance and connectivity.

SiS Debuts R658 Chipset with RDRAM Support

SiS today launched its new chipset, the SiSR658, which was developed specifically for top-of-line desktop PCs and workstations using RDRAM memory.

Crucial Technology Launches Video Card based on ATI Chipset

Crucial Technology today introduced the Crucial Radeon 8500LE 128MB video card powered by ATi and featuring Micron double data rate synchronous DRAM.

Kentron Introduces 1Gigabyte DDR333 Registered ECC Modules

Kentron Technologies today announced the availability of 1 Gigabyte, DDR333, Registered, low profile memory modules with ECC, manufactured using FEMMA technology.

ATI Launches RADEON 9700, Next Generation Graphics

ATI today introduced the RADEON 9700. Featuring eight parallel rendering pipelines, complete DirectX 9 support, AGP 8X support and a fully programmable floating point architecture.

IBM Ships New Ultrastar With Up To 146GB Capacity

IBM today announced the direct availability of the new Ultrastar family. The new Ultrastar 146Z10 is the first 10,000 RPM hard drive with a 146GB capacity.

ASUS Launches P4T533 Motherboard With 32-bit RIMM Module Support

Asus today released the P4T533 motherboard. The P4T533 incorporates RIMM 4200/3200 32-bit memory module support for the best performance available.

Matrox Announces Parhelia-512 GPU

Matrox today unveiled the Matrox Parhelia-512 GPU delivering a new level of visual quality, performance and a wide range of innovative new technologies.

Philips Warns Congress of Digital TV Copyright Plans

Philips warned Congress today that if certain Hollywood studios get their way, millions of consumers will suffer from Digital TV copyright plans.

Intel Xeon Processors Available at 2.4 Gigahertz

Intel today announced the direct availability of the 2.4GHz Xeon processor for two-way server and workstation platforms, featuring 512Kb cache and Hyper-Threading technology.

ATI Unveils RADEON IGP Chipset Family for Intel and AMD CPUs

ATI unveils the RADEON IGP family of licensed integrated graphics processors for Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon/Duron processor-based platforms

Plextor Introduces CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive

Plextor today introduced the PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A drive. The combo drive features 20X CD-Recording and 10X CD-Rewriting, 40X-max CD-ROM and 12X-max DVD-ROM.

AMD Announces Transition to .13 Micron Technology

AMD today announced that it plans to begin shipping AMD Athlon™ XP processors codenamed "Thoroughbred" based on .13 micron technology to customers later this month.

Philips and E Ink Continue Electronic Ink Development

Philips and E-ink have agreed to continue electronic ink commercilazation. This could mean that high resolution electronic ink displays will be on sale as early as next year.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor Technology Comes To Mobile PCs

Intel today announced the mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor-M, designed specifically for mobile computers together with the mobile i845 chipset family,

Latest News
PNY Technologies First To Retail With GeForce4 Ti 4600

PNY Technologies announces is the first manufacturer to have started shipping GeForce4 Ti 4600 graphics cards to retail outlets worldwide.

AMD Demonstrates Next-Generation Processor

AMD today demonstrated their vision of the future of computing with their next-generation 64-bits processor, codenamed Hammer.

Intel Announces New Xeon Processors and E7500 Chipset

Intel Corporation today announced the new Xeon processor featuring Hyper-Threading technology and the E7500 Xeon DDR enabled chipset.

VIA Launches Apollo KT333, DDR333 Chipset

VIA today announced the launch of the VIA Apollo KT333, which supports DDR333 memory conforming to the JEDEC specification on the Socket A processor platform.

Toshiba Releases 5400-rpm 2.5" Harddisks with 16MB Cache

Toshiba today announced the industry's first 9.5mm 5400 RPM drive family. This new family offers high-speed 2.5-inch HDDs in 20GB, 30GB and 40GB capacities.

NVIDIA Launches the GeForce4 GPUs

NVIDIA today unveiled the GeForce4 family of GPUs. The GeForce4 GPU brings NVIDIA graphics to multiple markets, including the desktop PC, the Mac and notebook computers.

Apple Unveils Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4

Apple today announced the new Power Mac G4 featuring dual 1-GHz PowerPC G4 processors, the industry’s first NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics card and a DVD/CD burning SuperDrive.

Rambus demonstrates 1200MHz RDRAM

Rambus demonstrates the first PC running 1200MHz RDRAM memory at the Platform Conference in San Jose, California.

Iwill introduces DP400 i860 based Intel Xeon motherboard

IWILL corporation today introduced their i860 chipset based IWILL DP400 Intel Xeon motherboard, featuring 3.2GB/s of memory bandwidth, 64-bits PCI slots and AGP Pro.

Plextor introduces PlexWriter 40/12/40A CD-RW

Plextor today announced the immediate release of the PlexWriter 40/12/40A CD-RW, with 40X CD-Recording, 12X CD-ReWriting, and 40X-max Read speeds.

VIA launches DDR266 based ProSavageDDR KM266 chipset

VIA launches DDR266 based integrated ProSavageDDR KM266 chipset with fast DDR266 SDRAM, effective AGP 8X bandwidth graphics and ATA-133 support.

Intel introduces new 0.13-micron Pentium 4 at 2.2GHz

Intel today introduced its highest-performing Pentium 4 processor running at 2.2GHz. The new Pentium 4 uses Intel's advanced 0.13-micron manufacturing process.

AMD announces AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Processor

AMD today announced the new AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor, running at a 1.67GHz clockspeed, one of the highest performing desktop PC processors.

AOpen announces AX4B Pro Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard

AOpen today announced its AX4B Pro motherboard for Intel Pentium 4, based on the Intel i845D chipset with PC2100 DDR memory support.

ATI ships FIRE GL 8800 workstation graphics boards

ATi today announced that its mid-range 3D workstation graphics board, the FIRE GL 8800, is now shipping, it will debut in HP technical workstations.

ATI's Mobility Radeon 7500 available in notebook PCs

ATi has announced the direct availability of their MOBILITY RADEON 7500, based on the successful RADEON 7500, in notebook PCs of various manufacturers.

ASUS Ships A7M266-D Dual Socket A Motherboard

ASUS today annouched volume shipments of their highly anticipated A7M266-D Dual Socket-A motherboard featuring the AMD 760MPX chipset.

VIA Launches KN266 Mobile Chipset for AMD CPUs

VIA today announched the mobile integrated KN266 chipset for AMD CPUs, which features DDR266 memory support and an integrated graphics chip.

ASUS Introduces A7N266 Series nForce Motherboards

ASUS, today announced the release of the A7N266 Series NVIDIA nForce-based motherboard for socket A processors featuring GeForce2 level 3D graphics, 5.1 audio and integrated LAN.

MSI Introduces K7N420 Pro Motherboard with nForce420D Chipset.

MSI announces its first mainboard based on nVIDIA's brand new nForce420D chipset, the MSI K7N420 Pro with support for AMD Socket A Athlon XP, Athlon and Duron processors.

NVIDIA Introduces New Mobile GPU.

NVIDIA introduced their new mobile graphics processing unit "NV17M" that addresses concerns of today's mobile computers: battery life, DVD playback, performance, and size.

MSI Launches MSI 645 Ultra for Pentium 4 with the SiS 645 Chipset.

MSI launched its MSI 645 Ultra mainboard based on the SiS 645 chipset specifically designed for the dynamic new Intel Socket 478 processors.

Seagate RSS and Imation Enhance Travan Technology.

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions and Imation Corp confirmed their commitment to Travan tape technology by announcing plans for a new family of tape drives and cartridges.

NEC Computers Unveils New Enterprise-Class PDA.

NEC Computers introduced the NEC MobilePro P300 Pocket PC, a highly versatile new personal digital assistant designed specifically for the corporate market.

FIC Announces Arrival of the Tablet PC Era with Thunder and Crystal.

FIC announced the release of two Tablet PCs base on Windows XP Table PC Edition, running Intel Tualatin and Transmeta Crusoe processors.

SiS Licenses RDRAM Technology from Rambus Inc.

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp, SiS, announced that it has licensed RDRAM technology from Rambus Inc. for use in their upcoming products.

VIA Announces Development of Tablet PC Reference Design.

VIA Technologies announced the development of a Tablet PC reference design - a compact, high performance computer with an innovative "digital ink" system.

Seagate Sets Disc Drive Areal Density World Record at 100 Gigabits.

Seagate performed record-breaking areal density demonstration of more than 100 billion bits per square inch using a fully integrated magnetic recording head and multi-layer AFC disc.

MSI Introduces G3Ti500 Pro-VTG and G3Ti200 Pro-VTG Accelerators.

MSI announced the MSI G3Ti500 Pro-VTG and the MSI G3Ti200 Pro-VTG graphics acceleration cards powered by the newest and most advanced "Titanium" graphics processors from nVIDIA.

VIA Unveils New Ultra-Compact Mini-iTX Mainboard Reference Design.

VIA Technologies announced the launch of its new ultra compact VIA VT6010 Mini-iTX mainboard form factor reference design.

ASUS Ships A7V266-E Socket A DDR Motherboard.

ASUS announced the release of the A7V266-E DDR motherboard. The A7V266-E incorporates the VIA KT266A chipset to support AMD processors, as well as DDR memory.

VIA Launches ProSavageDDR P4M266 Graphics Chipset for Pentium 4.

VIA Technologies announced the launch of the VIA ProSavageDDR P4M266, the first core logic chipset with integrated graphics for the Intel Pentium 4 processor.

SMC Networks
SMC Networks Announces New 802.11a Wireless Products.

SMC Networks announced the launch of its EZ Connect 802.11a Wireless Access Point (SMC2755W) and 802.11a Wireless CardBus Adapter (SMC2735W).

NEC Introduces The First Integrated Five-in-One Projector.

NEC Technologies today introduced the DT100, the first projector to provide an integrated five-in-one projection solution.

NEC Computers Introduces Its Highest Performing Notebook Computer.

NEC Computers Inc. introduced its highest performing and most versatile notebook computer, the NEC Versa L320 notebook, with Mobile Intel Pentium III 1GHz.

Intel Unveils Advanced Network Processor Technology.

Intel announced new technology that will enable the company to deliver the first fully programmable network processors capable of speeds exceeding 10 gigabits per second.

NVIDIA Products Deliver Highest Performance for Athlon XP CPU.

NVIDIA announced that its family of graphics and multimedia processors has been optimized for the AMD Athlon XP processor 1800+.

NEC Technologies Ships New GT Series Projectors.

NEC Technologies is now shipping the newest and most versatile GT Series projectors yet, the GT950 and GT2150.

SOYO Announces UDMA 133 Support On SY-K7ADA Motherboard.

SOYO Inc. today announced its SY-K7ADA motherboard became the first board to support the new UDMA 133 standard for high-speed data transfers at 133 MBs per second.

Iwill Launches XP333-R Motherboard.

Iwill has announced its XP333 motherboard, supporting AMD AthlonXP processors, and other industry firsts, such as ATA-133 IDE channels, and DDR333 support.

NVIDIA Provides Muscle To Toshiba Windows XP-Based Notebooks.

NVIDIA announced that the Computer Systems Group of Toshiba has chosen the GeForce2 Go mobile GPU to provide the graphics horsepower for a variety of Satellite notebook PCs.

MSI Announces 850 Pro5 Mainboard with Intel 850 Chipset.

MSI announced the MSI 850 Pro5 mainboard based on the Intel 850 chipset, specifically designed for the new Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 processor up to 2.0 GHz and higher.

AMD Athlon XP
AMD Unveils New AMD Athlon XP Processor.

AMD today announced the new AMD Athlon XP processor. AMD also announced plans to drive an initiative to develop a reliable processor performance metric that PC users can trust.

Western Digital
Western Digital Unveils 'Super Fast' Special Edition Hard Drive.

Western Digital Corp announced a WD Caviar 100 GB Special Edition hard drive that uses an 8 MB buffer - the largest buffer available today in a 7,200 RPM desktop EIDE hard drive.

Intel Announces Breakthrough To Enable Billion-Transistor Processors.

Intel Corporation announced its researchers have developed a new semiconductor packaging technology that will let the company build 10 times faster processors.

Nec Releases The Next Generation of its XT5000 Projector.

NEC Technologies introduced the XT5100, the next generation of XT5000 and the newest offering from the company's growing family of Nighthawk High Light Output projection systems.

SOYO Announces DRAGON-Plus Motherboard With KT266A Chipset.

SOYO Computer, Inc. announced the SY-K7V DRAGON-Plus – a revised model of its award-winning board for AMD CPUs, which features VIA's KT266A chipset.

NEC Advances Plasma Technology With 42" Displays.

NEC Technologies advanced plasma display technology with the introduction of its latest 42" models, the PlasmaSync 42MP3 and PlasmaSync 42PD3.

AMD Introduces 1.1GHz Duron Processor for Mainstream PCs.

AMD announced a new desktop processor for the mainstream PC market, the 1.1GHz AMD Duron processor with 3DNow! Professional technology.

Nvidia Introduces GeForce Titanium Series.

Nvidia today announced its new GeForce Titanium series of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), the GeForce3 Ti and GeForce2 Ti series.

Hewlett-Packard Announces New Line of Digital Cameras and Printers.

Hewlett-Packard Company announced an array of digital photography products that allows consumers to communicate easily and affordably through photos.

Hewlett-Packard Enters Sub-$250 Laser Printer Market.

Hewlett-Packard Company announced its entry into the low-end laser printer market with the introduction of the HP LaserJet 1000 printer.

VIA Technologies Announces VT6202 USB2.0 Four Ports Controller.

Offering transfer bandwidths 40 times faster than original USB specifications, the VIA VT6202 USB2.0 Controller is compliant with key industry interfaces.

Intel Files Lawsuits Against VIA In Germany, U.K. And Hong Kong.

Intel Corporation announced that it has filed four patent infringement lawsuits in three countries against VIA Technologies Inc, alleging infringement on eight Intel patents.

Intel Introduces New Intel StrataFlash Memory for Wireless Devices.

Intel Corporation introduced a new flash memory chip designed to enhance the performance of cell phones, PDAs and other wireless devices.

Intel Xeon Processors Reach 2 Gigahertz For Workstations.

Intel Corporation today introduced Xeon 2GHz - the world's fastest processor for dual processor, high-performance workstations.

SiS Launches SiS650 Pentium 4 Chipset with Integrated VGA.

SiS today launched the integrated Pentium 4 chipset the SiS650, which supports Pentium 4 and features an integrated 256 bit 2D/3D graphics chip.

NEC Technologies Introduces VT45 Portable Projector.

NEC Technologies today introduced VT45, the latest addition to its popular VT Series of ultraportable projectors.

VIA Releases Special Edition of the C3 Processor "Cool Chip In A Can."

VIA Technologies today launched a special edition of the VIA C3 800MHz processor in distinctive new packaging.

Seagate Disc Drives Chosen for MaximumPC's "Dream Machines 2001."

MaximumPC magazine selected Seagate's Barracuda 180 and Cheetah 73LP disc drives for its "Dream Machines 2001" in the September 2001 issue.

Dell Workstation Puts High Performance in Small Package.

Dell announced the Dell Precision Workstation 340 available for order today in North and South America and the Asia Pacific region.

Dell Redesigns Its Desktop for Consumers and Small Businesses.

Dell today announced availability of the Dimension 8200, its most powerful, expandable multimedia desktop for consumers and small businesses.

VIA Introduces New VIA C3 866MHz Processor.

VIA Technologies, Inc today announced the introduction of the new VIA C3 866MHz processor based on 0.13-micron core formerly known as Ezra.

MSI Launches The MSI 845 Pro2 Mainboard For i845 And Socket 478.

MSI announced a new mainboard based on the Intel 845 chipset specifically designed for the new Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 processor up to 2.0 GHz and higher.

Intel Introduces Advanced Technologies For Wireless Networks.

Intel Corporation today announced several products designed to help accelerate the deployment of wireless networking (LAN) solutions based on 802.11 wireless specification.

Maxtor Enters Enterprise Storage With New Class Of Storage Servers.

Maxtor Corporation announced its entry into the enterprise network storage market with the MaxAttach NAS 6000, a highly-scalable storage server offering capacities up to 5.7 terabytes.

Maxtor Shatters High Capacity and Performance Barriers.

Maxtor announced volume shipments of the DiamondMax Plus D740X, the first ATA/133 7200-RPM desktop hard drive and the D540X, a 5400-RPM ATA/133 hard drive.

SOYO Announces SY-P4ISR, SY-P4IS2 Pentium 4 Motherboards.

SOYO Computer, Inc. announced a pair of Intel Socket 478 motherboards with "Brookdale" i845 chipsets and support for up to 2GHz Intel Pentium 4 processors.

ASUS Releases P4B Motherboard Based on Intel 845 Chipset.

ASUS announced the release of the P4B motherboard for Socket 478 Pentium 4 processors and i845 chipset.

VIA Files Lawsuits Against Intel in Taiwan and the US.

VIA Technologies today announced that it has begun filing lawsuits against Intel Corporation in US and Taiwan courts for the infringement of VIA patents by Intel processors and chipsets.

Intel Introduces i845 Chipset For Pentium 4 PCs.

Intel Corporation today introduced 845 chipset targeted at the high-volume, mainstream consumer and corporate desktop PC market segment.

FIC Announces Two New Motherboards for Intel 845 Chipset.

First International Computer Inc. (FIC) became one of world's first motherboard manufacturers to launch boards based on the new Intel 845 chipset.

Intel StrongARM Processor To Power HP Jornada PDA.

Intel and Hewlett-Packard today announced that the Intel StrongARM processor will power the new HP Jornada 560 personal digital assistant (PDA) series.

SOYO Unleashes SY-K7V DRAGON Motherboard With KT266 Chipset.

SOYO Computer, Inc. announced its SY-K7V DRAGON motherboard for high-performance AMD Thunderbird and Duron CPUs with VIA's KT266 chipset.

Iwill DX400-SN
Iwill introduces DX400-SN, Dual Intel Xeon motherboard

Iwill Corporation today announced the DX400-SN, a workstation motherboard based on the i860 chipset. Supporting dual Intel Pentium Xeon DP CPUs.



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