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  Product Profile : Chaintech 6VJD 
Overall, the 6VJD is an acceptable, yet uneventful product. We had no major issues with the board, however there isn't anything that makes us really excited about it either. You could do much worse, but you could also do a whole lot better.

For more information on the 6VJD, visit Chaintech's website at:
Performance: 7/10

The board performed in line, if slightly below, other Apollo Pro266 boards we've encountered. That translates into slightly better performance than Intel's 815E, but certainly nothing spectacular.

Stability: 7/10

The board exhibited reasonable stability, requiring only two reboots during a 72 hour period of extreme stress. Not a board suitable for a 24/7 server, but more than adequate for home use.

Quality: 8/10

Chaintech boards are historically of good quality. We encountered no difficulties with our sample, and aren't aware of any major problems with Chaintech products.

Features: 5/10

Pretty sparse here - the 6VJD includes the standard implements, but little more.

Layout: 6/10

The board's layout is, for the most part, acceptable, the only exception being the close clustering of capacitors around the CPU socket and power connector.

Documentation: 6/10

The manual contains all the basic information and specs, but little else. Overall, an average User's Manual.

Price: 8/10

While not overly easy to locate, the 6VJD can be purchased for around the $110 mark, making it a very affordable solution.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Nothing great, nothing horrible. A fine board for an OEM system, but power users or enthusiasts should look elsewhere.

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