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  Product Profile : Elitegroup K7S5A 
A motherboard for AMD Athlon and Duron processors, based on SiS' recently released 735 chipset. For more information, visit ECS's product page here:
Performance: 10/10

Pretty darn good. The board not only outperformed the AMD760 and ALi MAGiK chipsets when paired with DDR SDRAM, but outperformed VIA's seasoned KT133A when equipped with PC133.

Stability: 7/10

The board exhibited reasonable to above average stability. The ACPI functionality appears to still be a bit immature, and the IOMeter test behaved slightly erratically, suggesting that perhaps SiS' integrated IDE controller could still use some tweaking.

Quality: 8/10

Our past experience with ECS boards indicate that they are of good overall quality, and very excellent quality for their price.

Features: 7/10

All the necessities are in place, in addition to a couple unexpected extras, such as on-board LAN. Some users will undoubtedly miss on-board IDE RAID and more BIOS functionality.

Layout: 10/10

No outstanding issues. A clean and clear layout.

Documentation: 7/10

All connectors and headers are properly documented, and all BIOS settings are adequately described.

Price: 10/10

At around $100 on average, and as low as $70 at some on-line shops, it's very difficult to go wrong.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Reasonable is the name of the game. Light on goodies, light on the wallet. Not for the power user, but a good choice for the low- to mid-range user who still demands top notch performance.

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