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  Product Profile : Maxtor DiamondMax Plus D740X 
For more information on Maxtor's 7200 RPM DiamondMax Plus D740X, visit Maxtor's website at:
Performance: 9/10

The D740X easily outperforms Maxtor's previous flagship drive, and is most probably among the best performing IDE drives on the market today.

Quality: 8/10

Maxtor's drives, in the past, have often times not proved as rugged as their Quantum, IBM (75GXP excluded), or Western Digital counterparts. We're hoping Maxtor's acquisition of Quantum will bring about a new tradition of highly reliable drives.

Features: 10/10

With available fluid bearings, and noise-reducing technologies like Acoustic Management, the D740X is about as feature rich as hard drives come.

Price: 6/10

The D740X is priced competitively, but not noticeably better than other drives on the market.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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