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  Product Profile : Iwill XP333-R 
The XP333-R is a Socket-A motherboard supporting AMD Athlon, Duron, and AthlonXP processors at speeds up to 1.6 GHz and beyond. For more information on the board, see Iwill's website here:
Stability: 10/10

Even when running 25% faster than the chipset manufacturer's specification, the XP333-R remains stable as a rock. At stock speeds, the board performs just as well.

Quality: 10/10

In terms of design and construction quality, the XP333-R leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Iwill has always earned top marks for its construction quality.

Features: 9/10

The XP333-R is miles ahead of most boards out there in terms of features and options, but there are still some small items left to be desired. Items such as manual control over the AGP divider, or Vcore settings beyond 1.85V come to mind.

Layout: 9/10

The board is clean, for the most part, with the only issues being very minor ones.

Documentation: 8/10

Iwill's documentation has come a long way. It's not perfect, but it's clear that a considerable effort has been made to improve the quality of User's Manuals.

Price: 8/10

The XP333-R is more expensive than most competing KT266A, SiS735, and other Athlon boards. For what you're getting, though, the price doesn't seem unreasonable.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Nothing's ever perfect, but the XP333-R comes pretty close. Reserve final judgement for our performance tests, but barring some very poor performance, which is unlikely, the XP333-R looks like a winner.

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