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  Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\H...a paging operation 
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glenn antle Jul 29, 2009, 03:37pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
i still ended up having the same problem later, i ran across this fix in a travel site forum.
you have to edit the registry but i have had no problems since, seems my pc doesn't like some software and then you can tell if it is hardware or software giving error.
the solution:

Start -> Run -> Regedit

Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters

EnablePrefetcher -> 1

Set EnablePrefetcher to 1

mine was set on 3, changed to 1, poof it boots with 3 lines or less on xp startup instead of hd flashing for 10-15 seconds ang getting 10+ device\harddisk0\d during a paging operation.

no guarantees but it had no ill effects on xp starting or running just got rid of the error.

Hope this helps, can't hurt...


opps double post... sowwy

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nedjon nikolic Aug 10, 2009, 03:15am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
I have this problem for almost two weeks, now. My system worked fine since my pc is bought, and that is two and half years, to be precise. A half year ago, I bought new HDD cuz old one was noisier than usual, and since than, from time to time, there was some slight problems with discs, but nothing too problematic. In last two weeks series of problems started to happen. Error 51 was actual and always followed with error 5,9 and 11. That resulted with temporal freezing. Later it resulted with total freezing. I couldn't restart my computer normally, only after i unplugged an plugged back sata cables. That solved problem for some time, but that itself was not solution. My first though was that I have problem with system. I made repair about month ago. When my problems started, I noticed it occurs only when I do something aka copying files, watching movies, after returning from standby to working mode, etc. My though was pointed to new hdd, but it worked fine since it's bought, and made no problems so far. And i tried to both of my hdds individually. I have different OS on each of them, so that would indicate system error. Unfortunately, both systems reporter the same error, and xp even went to blue screen. So, the problem was not with hdd, or both hdds are screwed :).
And than I recalled something that happened but should not happen. I played some old game when power in my house gone off. Because that happens sometime, I secured my pc wit good APC UPS which I have almost as long as I have this pc. Usually, when I experience power loss, no matter what I do, I still have enough power to play game for five minutes, or to keep pc turned on for half an hour. But this time, my pc did restart instead.
That gave me final though. Problem could be with sata ports on motherboad, or motherboard itself. But, I was almost 100% sure that was problem with power supply unit. And then I removed all unnecessary parts of computer: second hdd, cd drive, modem, and I also switched sata cables. Pc works without problems so far, but I will change PSU as soon as I can.
My final though is that problem of this error is PSU. From what I could read, most that complained had two hdds, and I suspect that crashing of the hdd was caused because voltage was simply not enough. So, before you make yourself into unnecessary registry edit and system setting, try to ease your PSU for only most important parts.

Juan F Aug 10, 2009, 07:22am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
It seems most of the time is due the PSU or railings. Recently my new hard drive started with the drat message and i moved around a little bit the power railings and fixed it, but then, it just a matter of testing.

Kevin Gudgion Aug 15, 2009, 07:59am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
There seem to be many reasons for this error, from wrong config, to hardware related issues such as weak PSUs and failing HDD.

I eventually solved mine by turning off DMA mode transfers to the slave DVD ROM drive and installing the SiS system and AGP drivers for the main board.

Been stable for over a week now, 24/7 usage. Before this would fail with error 51 every few hours machine checks and lockups.

Gail Hardmann Oct 10, 2009, 06:49am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Hi experts and strugglers

This is a very respectable forum and especially this 5- year, 33 page thread. I read many pages of it in the last couple of days, so I feel obliged to contribute my experience about event 51, another accompanying event {"disk did not respond within the allocated time period"} (don't remember the event number), and computer freeze-ups.

We have a home network of 5 PC, all running Windows XP Pro SP2. (Don't feel any need to switch to Vista or Windows 7). Over the last month, one of the PCs started showing event 51 in the Event Viewer log (pretty sporadically), plus another event {"disk did not respond within the allocated time period"} (I don't remember the event number), and, more problematically, started freezing up (hanging) every 2-4 hours. No clue to the freeze-ups in the Event Viewer. When a free-up occurs, I would hear a disk winding down, the mouse arrow cursor would stagger for a couple of seconds, then the entire PC freezes up (although the screen keeps the last image- no BSOD).

That PC has a pretty old Pentium 4 motherboard (ASUS Award), with on-board IDE controllers, 3 hard discs (one of them 7 years old, the other two - 2 years old each, plus a Maxtor CD burner. 1 GB of RAM on a RAM card plugged in into a mobo socket. HP 7620 color printer on USB.

I've done lots of things to try to diagnose and locate/pinpoint the problem.
I ran checkdisk on all HDs
Ran HD analysis with two HD utility softwares
Disconnected USB printer
Disabled CD burner driver
]Nothing helped. All test were passed - top scores.

Then I tried one last thing which fixed it - I transferred the swap file from "Disk 1" (which by the way was not not the system disk (that is Disk 0)) to "Disk 2", which sits on the second IDE controller. Note that the former disk ("Disk 1") has 2 years of work, and the new disk (:"Disk 2") has 7 years of work.

That fixed the problem.

I'll be glad to hear insights, suggestions and comments about why it had happened, and why was this the solution to the problem.

Scott Winterkorn Nov 15, 2009, 03:12pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Gail Hardmann said:
Then I tried one last thing which fixed it - I transferred the swap file from "Disk 1" (which by the way was not not the system disk (that is Disk 0)) to "Disk 2", which sits on the second IDE controller. ... <<snip>>

When you refer to "swap file", are you referring to the file used in the virtual memory setting (file name pagefile.sys)?

If so, this certainly won't help me as this error (referring to the "paging operation" in particular) has me confused as my error refers to drive 5, which is an external drive (2 TB Western Digital "My Book") and is not used for virtual memory nor has it ever been used for virtual memory.

I realize you posted your reply a while ago, hopefully you get this.


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Carlos Capparelli Mar 02, 2010, 07:02am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Hi all, newbie here, getting my feet wet !

I had this error on \Device\Harddisk5\D which corresponds to a external drive connected via USB2.

Running XPSP3

This error was causing freeze ups and drive browsing issues

To find which drive it was i went into Control panel > Admin Tools > Comp mgmt > Disk manangement.

I right clicked > Properties > Policies Tab and changed from 'Optimized for Quick' removal to "Optimised for Performance'

No particular reason, just did it, and bingo, no issues for three days now and event log is now clean again. :)


cmon2 cmon2 Jun 14, 2010, 10:25pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
interesting thread, didn't have time to read more than a few pages yet, I found this by googling event id 51.

I'll write down all details about my case, maybe it helps someone. sorry for the painstakingly detailed report.

I have three hard disks in my PC, two SATA (WD6400AAKS 640GB, SAMSUNG 130SJ 1TB) , one IDE (WD1200JB 120GB), I'm no longer using the IDE one much, I read a file off it maybe once in a month :) the system is 2 years old, both the PC and the XP installation.
the PC also has a asus P5L 1394 motherboard, intel core 2 duo E6620 or something like that, some 2x1GB DDR2 RAM, cheap low end GPU, DVD-RW, a 400W 2 year old PSU and that's it.

oh, actually I had 2 hdd's (one SATA, a WD5000AAKS 500GB, and the IDE WD120) until April this year. but then end of April when I wanted to back up the entire SATA (500GB) drive to an external (also SATA, via USB, self powered via its own AC adapter) drive, the problem started: a few mins into the backup process, the drive skipped reading files then crashed bringing the entire system down as XP was installed on this drive.
when I tried to reboot (after a manual shut down), I got "third master disk error" in the BIOS. then I unplugged the USB drive and after 10 mins, I retried and it booted, I was able to do the backup, the files that failed before, were read and copied fine too!! and all worked OK for a few weeks - until the previous week.

note, after the problem in April happened, I quickly put in another, brand new SATA drive (the Samsung 1TB one), but did not use it much yet. I maybe accessed it 2 times in 2 months. anyway, from here, I've had 3 disks installed in the PC. but note, no important software changes happened.

now, a few days ago - last friday - I went to the PC after I got up. note, the PC is on 24/7 and I leave it at the logon screen when I go to bed. now, the PC greeted me with "unknown hard error" messagebox (title: "Windows - System error"). it had no extra file paths noted in it. clicking it, it would not go away.
I logged into the system anyway and noticed that I could not open any new programs, not even taskmanager. one program was left open from last night, an IRC client, this was still running fine, but as I found out later, it had stopped logging the channels to disk, a few hours before according to timestamps. this all points to the drive stopping working / being dropped out.
I had to shut down, reboot, system worked OK for maybe 10-20 mins then it bluescreened. I did not note the exact error in it. I shut down, reboot, went to the toilet while Windows was booting, I got back and god, instead of logon screen I'd just see another BSOD. oh, and it could not dump the physical memory to disk even though it was trying to in both cases. I seem to recall that in one of these tries I had the same "third master disk error" first.

now I didn't try to boot again, instead I got a CD with a partition manager thingie, a recovery disk, I booted from that and copied partition C: from the WD500 to that new other Samsung drive. (one sector could not be copied, the rest of 25GB was copied fine.) I've been able to boot from this disk just fine without BSODs in the following days.

ok, after this partition copy, I then shut down the PC as I had to leave and I was paranoid about leaving it on like I usually do. next day, I booted the PC again and I tried to back up all the files off this old WD500 drive (2 years old) because I guessed the drive was dying - I was backing up to an external USB drive. during the backup (a lot of GB's have already been copied by then) it again started failing to read files and then the following thing happened instead of a system crash as the drive no longer had the system on it: the drive just dropped out, Windows could not see its partitions, in event log I got event id 12. along with several of 50, 51, 57 and 26...

(12: "The device 'WDC WD5000AAKS-00YGA0' (IDE\DiskWDC_WD5000AAKS-00YGA0___________________12.01C02\5&3003bd5e&0&0.0.0) disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal."
26: "Application popup: Windows - Delayed Write Failed : Windows was unable to save all the data for the file D:\xxxxxxx" - for 26, I was getting the exact file paths too.
50: "{Delayed Write Failed} ... etc. etc."
51: "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D\xxx during a paging operation"
57: "The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur")

then I also tried to load a S.M.A.R.T program and it could not access the disk.
the system (Samsung) drive was still functioning fine at this point but I quickly shut down the entire system about 5mins (at most) after seeing the WD500 drive dropped like this. then I put the hdd in the fridge for 3 hours :) after that I stuck it in as an external drive via USB and I was able to finish the backup without any hiccups. I then shut down the old drive, it's sitting on the shelf now but I'm suspecting it actually doesn't have a problem...? see below why I think so... (I haven't tested the disk though!!!)

so um, this was on saturday. after the fridge incident, I was able to use the system on newer Samsung hdd just fine, no problems. note, I put in another SATA disk in place of the "dead" old one (this is the WD640). previously this disk was actually the external backup of that old WD. so again I had 3 hard disks, 2 SATA, 1 IDE.

so, on sunday I decided to backup both SATA drives (IDE already had a backup) to another external drive, because at this point I did not really have a copy of my data if we count the WD500 drive as "bad". and at this point I really believed everything was fine other than a bad old drive.

but noooo, after quite a few GB's got copied to the external USB drive off one of the new SATA drives (the WD640, not the system drive), I got skipped files again and then Windows lost the drive and then 1 minute later I noticed that the system drive (the Samsung) also got dropped!!! Windows was in the same state as on friday when the problems started with the hard error messagebox. I was able to continue using the IRC client that was already running, I was able to use the file manager that was already running but I could not open any new programs anymore and I could not access any of the disks.

at this time I didn't get much in the event log because the system drive must be functional to be able to write the log, obviously. actually, I did get one single entry (event id 57) into the event log before the system drive also got dropped.

I rebooted after a couple of mins, everything was OK. but I had to sleep soon, so turned the system off again soon.

then next day, monday, I booted the system OK, I continued the backup to external USB, and after 2 hours of lots of copying, the disk (still the WD640) started having file read errors. I cancelled the backup process. after 1-2mins I retried, it was fine for 30secs then again file read errors and I noticed the transfer speed also really slowed down, from 15-25MB/sec to 500K/sec or something like that. so at that point I cancelled again. I retried again, same thing, cancel.

at this point I decided to download another S.M.A.R.T program, by the way the one I'd used before never showed an error until now. but after this last incident I checked quickly and it showed changes in: Seek Error Rate, Spin-up Retry Count, Calibration Retry Count, the weird thing is that these start from values of 200, 100, 100 initially and decreased value means problem. instead, this disk updated these three values to 253. WHAT?!?! that's not even meaningful. and indeed, when I checked later, the second S.M.A.R.T program reported the disk (WD640) as perfectly healthy. (the first such program did notice that there was something awry, though.)

soo, I decided to download and install this second program but I could not even start the download - I opened a browser window and tried to load google in it and it could not load. this was about 3mins after the first file read failure on the WD640 disk. now, I checked in the file manager (already running in RAM), and none of the three disks were accessible anymore!!! neither the non-system SATA, nor the system disk SATA, nor the IDE disk!!! (I forgot to check the external USB drive that was still connected but I have a hunch that it was probably still OK.)

I was able to ask Windows to shut down, then I went out and bought a new PSU as I didn't have another idea at that moment. I read online and here too that this could be a PSU issue.

in my case it is clearly not a SATA-related issue, as you can see, even my IDE disk got dropped, and I doubt it is a software issue as I didn't update or change anything in the system and I don't think it is XP related anyway due to those intermittent disk errors in the BIOS on booting.

now the new PSU is in the PC, I've finished backup'ing that WD640 drive and part of the Samsung drive, and no problems yet, I will report back with an update on this later.

m b Jun 29, 2010, 02:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Hi to all with similar problems,

I have found a lot of usefulness from the threads I have read here. So here goes with the problem I am having.

I have a 7.5+ year old Dell Inspiron 8200; 1gb RAM; 100gb 7200 rpm (upgraded from 60gb 5400 rpm 2.5 years ago) HD; P4 2.0ghz CPU; CD-R/DVD burner; Win XP-sp3 with all updates.

I am now having a problem that cropped up mid May of this year. Everything was working fine when all of a sudden the system slows down to a craw with random Apps (3 to 5) taking up 100% CPU and it would stay that way until I reboot the computer. Then it would work for a short time then do it again.

I did a lot of in depth troubleshooting including the following:
AVG virus scan; Malwarebytes full scan, cleaning utils and defrag the HD.
Hardware Diag. of RAM using memtest86+; Hard drive Diag; Graphics Diag. and so on. All of the hardware diags including using Dells own diag CD came up clean. Nothing wrong.

I finally backup up my data to my Toshiba netbook then proceeded to delete partition, reformat NTFS, re-install WinXP plus sp3 and all patch updates. Then I cautiously installed only what I needed as far as apps go. After the system was rebuilt the same slow down problem came back with random apps taking up 100% CPU. So I knew I did not have a virus or the like from before. But my laptop will now work for a day or two normally until the slow down starts again. When I do a reboot then of course it will work fine again.

I use to have a P4 2.5ghz upgrade in it and I removed the CPU and replaced it with the P4 2.0ghz that was originally in the laptop when I bought it thinking the 2.5ghz CPU maybe went bad.

Now I am about to lead up to what everyone else is talking about concerning Event ID - 51.

After a month now I started to notice a pattern of when the CPU would run 100% active with whatever apps were being run. If I did an AVG full virus scan, A Malwarebytes full scan and recently using Retrospect 6.0 to fully backup my drive to an external USB HD which I just got last week, it would not be very long when the CPU would jump to 100% and not be released until I stopped whatever I was doing and reboot the system.

I had talked to our IT guy at my work who was in this week and he said for me to check my Event Log to see if there was any Disk error related messages. So I did and I do. Event ID - 51. That is when I now think that my hard drive might be on its way out. Any disk intensive apps like AVG scans, Malware scans, HD backups would trigger the CPU to 100% and it would not take long.

If I use my laptop normally for like internet, e-mail, basic stuff, it would work just fine for a few days. Any disk intensive apps would cause the problem and only a reboot would get it back to normal again.

So now I am looking into replacing my 2.5 year old HD with a new one and hope that takes care of the Event Id - 51 plus especially the CPU running 100% from random apps. I have read else-ware that a possible Windows update is the cause for the CPU to run at 100% but I have no way of confirming that right now.

If there is anyone in addition to having Event ID 51 disk error that is have their system slow down like mine I would be interested in knowing. Especially if he or she has a solution.

For now I am going to purchase a Western Digital 120gb ATA HD replacement.

Bob B. Jul 17, 2010, 12:35am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
I got this, then proceeded to do this....

Changed WD SATA-320 gig drive because it was doing error 51, then slowing things down, then disappearing from windows XP explorer.

I shut computer down, plugged the SATA cable into a different slot, then it seemed to fix the errors, but the drive seems to be running slow and it's making my other SATA drive slow as well....

I have a 520 Watt PSU
Gigabyte P35-DSRL mobo.
2.66 ghtrz DuoCore 2.
2 Gigs Ram.

This just started happening last week.

I wouldn't even complain except Cubase 5 runs like crap when mixing audio now. Stability seems fine and I don't get the error codes, but how can SATA run like 1.9 MB/Sec ?

I'm testing using diskbench.exe it writes/reads info.

I almost feel like the SATA is not working or something....maybe it's the Mobo?

I also noticed that now since I switched the C drive (320 gig) to the other spot, now the main drive F: is also running slow but stable. Before it was running fast.....really confused.

Jack Kelly Jul 22, 2010, 07:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation

Totally Anonymous Aug 18, 2010, 06:26pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation

Totally Anonymous Aug 18, 2010, 06:37pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
I had this same problem and it could indeed be hardware related. I always check the hardware first when I have some weird problem like this that has never happened before.

Note: If you or others didn't make changes in your BIOS and you didn't upgrade it, then it isn't your BIOS settings.

Problem: I had an external Maxtor USB HD 120GB connected to my system. Indeed my system saw the drive and it showed all my files on that drive. However I'd get the error Event ID - 51 error when I tried to copy the files on the external to the primary or access those files on the external. It didn't have the problem for all files on the external. My primary was just fine though. Disk 0 or C:

Solution: The USB cable used wasn't the proper USB cable even though it plugged into the Maxtor external HD. I then switched USB cables and used the OEM cable that came with the drive and it worked no problem all the time, anytime. (NOTE: I know that the other USB cable I used in the beginning works just fine as well but that one is OEM for my digital camera.....Works fine with my camera) No reboot required. So don't forget about your cabling. I don't think this would be a problem with your internal drives.....I know IDE wouldn't be an issue but it's possible if you have a SATA drive that came with OEM sata cables....I'm not sure about that...I'm just saying it's possible however I believe that to be unlikely. Hey if a USB cable can have the OEM issue and cause paging problems so can a SATA cable.

Hope this works for you.

cmon2 cmon2 Aug 18, 2010, 11:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
well, it was indeed PSU issue, new PSU no problems since then.

and the WD5000AAKS was probably on its way out but each time I tried to copy data off it, I could still persuade it to read without hiccups (as a USB external drive), after a few attempts of getting it to spin up. once spinning again, it would usually load in Windows.

I suspect the PSU problems caused the drive to start dying though...

so what does this tell you for the future? you should really take quick action if you suspect it is a power supply issue.

Citizen . Sep 11, 2010, 06:19am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Very interesting thread.
I had the same disk error problem - a bunch of "Event ID 51" event log warnings, often followed by a crashing "Event ID 11" disk error - with the following machine:
- Motherboard Asus M2N-MX for AMD
- only 1 Sata HD Samsung (no raid issue)
- windows XP SP3

After a long test:
- power supply --> ok
- no HD problems (original HD ok and same prob changing HD!!)
- no memory problems
- no peripherals conflict

The only way i found to solve the problem was to UNINSTALL the NVIDIA MCP61 SATA DRIVER included in the motherboard drivers.
After that we still got good performance with the original XP drivers, and the error immediately disappeared.

So that: pay attention to NVIDIA SATA DRIVERS too!

Cody Rennison Jan 09, 2011, 11:55pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
i was having the same problems, computer running slow and stop responding for a while now.
i am running xp with a lga 775 core 2 due e6750, 2 gigs of ram, 750 watt psu, pci 16x geforce 6800gs, and a seagate barracuda 1.5 tb 3.0 sata drive. i was getting errors and warnings about every 3 seconds. i looked into the errors in the windows help center, which is almost all ways no help at all. in one of the error message help topic it said "a disk or cable problem likely". and in another error message it said "a cable problem, replace cable." i replaced my sata cable and all of the errors stopped completely. just sayin' don't loverlook something simple like a cable.

3 errors messages:

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\D. id: 11
A parity error was detected on \Device\Ide\IdePort4. id: 4
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation. id: 51

Jim Myers Jan 22, 2011, 01:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Until about 4 months ago I've had zero errors in my System Event Viewer.
So I rarely check System Event Viewer.

But, in the last week or so, I noticed, occasional slow downs on my system, so I decided to check for errors. Hundreds of EventID 51's.

Did some research and came to this website.

After reading through about 7 or 8 webpages in this thread, I was asking myself... what's the most common aspects that match my circumstances.

And then, the pattern emerged. External USB connected drives. This is the only thing different. I purchased a Vantec NexStor harddrive dock to make backing up of my data much easier. And sure enough, the EventID 51's showed up the same day I purchased the dock.

I visited Microsoft's webpage that explains the detailed error message with the bytecodes and whatnot. The error is not fatal, and does not indicate any sort of drive failure.

And so, I went into full observation mode.
Every time an EventID 51 error showed up, I tried to observe what I was doing, and when, etc.

A few days of this, and I happen to catch an EventID 51 while it was happening. The hard drive was coming out of spin down/power saving mode, and during this time, the error occurred.

Intrigued, I checked the 2nd dock I purchased, but no issues. What's the difference between the 2 hard drive docks? I connected the 2nd one through "fake" eSata. And the problematic one through the USB 2.0.

My system is set to never power save on hard drives. Yet, the USB connected dock was always spinning the drive down after several minutes of idle time. I switched my cables around.

The USB connected dock, became my eSata connected dock.
The eSata connected dock, became my USB connected dock.

Upon reboot, the other dock (and therefore the other hard drive) registered the EventID 51 error.
Hard drives were not changed at all.

The error only shows up on my system through the USB 2.0 connection.
The hard drive dock, using the USB 2.0 connection, definitely spins down the drive after a few minutes of inactivity, contrary to hard drive preferences set by my Power Options control panel, and,
The error only shows up when the hard drive spins up.

And here's another very important observation:
I have a complicated 5-drive system.
My system drive (Drive C) is a RAID 0 using 2x74 Gb Maxtor Raptor drives (SATA 1).
My main data drive (Drive D) is RAID 0 using 2x1 Tb Maxtor Green drives (SATA 2).
My eSata dock (Drive E) is a single drive, that holds my music, and notably my 2nd virtual paging file.
My USB dock (Drive G) is the dock I use to backup my data as a destination drive. I avoid doing "work" on this dock because the USB 2.0 connection is much slower than the Sata connected drives.
And finally, I like to split my paging file across 2 drives, therefore I set a 2 Gb paging file on C, and the 2nd 2 Gb paging file on E.

When I switched my eSata and USB dock wiring connections... the drive letters stayed the same. But my E: drive is now connected through the USB (of course). And this is where I started getting serious performance issues, and BSOD's. And they happened while Drive E was spun down after system inactivity. When the USB connected dock spun the drive up that's when fatal problems occurred. The fatal problems only occurred after I did extensive and intensive memory consuming tasks, 3 or more instances of QuickPAR making 15% redundancy data on 3 Gb of original data. As soon as my system hit the 2 Gb mark for the paging file... BSOD.

After 3 BSOD's, I re-switched the cables back... and the BSOD and serious performance issue went away, and the original USB connected dock continues to register non-fatal Event 51 errors after a hard drive spin up.

I do not get any other EventID errors relating to my hard drives. So by simple reasoning... my hard drives are healthy, and do not produce errors.

Now.. my next task is to find out how to convince the USB-connected dock to not spin down the drives

As an aside, I do not believe hard drives should be spun down at all. I am an on-demand computing enthusiast who hates these power saving measures that cause extensive problems. Don't get me started on Sleep'ing my computer, what a set of random nightmares, it has never worked for me regardless of the hardware used, every motherboard I've ever used produces inexplicable and different problems especially after the system comes out of sleep. And I've been through about 7 system upgrades over the course of the years.

m b Jan 24, 2011, 08:41am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
I had earlier (last year) posted an event ID - 51 problem as well as a system wide slow down that I could never figure out since any hardware diagnostics software I ran would say that there was no hardware problem.

From reading the first part of Jim's post I want to add that I now have found out the problem. I recently replace my aging Epson CX5800F all-in-one with an Epson Work Force 630 all-in-one because the paper feeder wore out. After connecting the new one via USB 2.0, I decide to still connect the CX5800F just to use the scanner part of it which still worked. In doing so My Dell I8200 laptop gave me an error message which I had not seen before. It was pointing to the CF card reader portion of the Epson CX5800F. Some kind of problem trying to connect to it. And I was getting the system slow down again (i.e. CPU 100%). So it dawned on me that maybe the problem I have been dealing with for the last 8 months was coming from the Epson CX5800F. So last month (Dec., 2010) I decided to just leave the Epson CX5800F disconnected permanently. As a result and so far my Dell I8200 is working normally with no CPU 100% slow down problems and no event ID 51 problems too.

I am using my system like I use to and it is still working properly considering it is now over 8 years old.

So for anyone out there that may be having similar problems as mine may be helpful.

cton b Jan 25, 2011, 09:41am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
Hi, I've had the this Event ID - 51 problem, and after alot of playing around at the weekend I found a solution that worked and I hope it may help someone else with the same problem.

The machine was running Windows XP SP1 and it had an ASRock 8Upgrade-VM800 motherboard with an AMD sempron 2600 processor, two SATA drives Western digital WD1600JD (0) and Samsung HD103SJ (1) both on the onboard VIA SCSI controller (southbridge chipset VT8237).

I got blocks of 3 paging errors (ID 51) in the event viewer every 5-10 mins (e.g 9:36, 9:36, 9:36 then 9:45, 9:45 9:46 etc...) This mostly happened when reading data across a network from a shared drive on the machine.

I did the standard stuff, updated the BIOS, drivers, new SATA cables, disabled queuing & sync transfer, enabled SMART on the drives, disable the IDE, however nothing seemed to work.

Then I found an option in the BIOS to change the "v-link" speed to either normal or fast, by setting it to fast it solved the problem. No more Event ID 51!

From what I gather the "v-link" on these motherboards is the speed data is transfered between the northbridge (RAM) and southbridge (SCSI). So I guess Windows was having the problem of not getting the data from the drives to the RAM fast enought and requesting it again when it all started to backup.

I hope this helps.

Apr 13, 2011, 03:20am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
I struggled with the exact same problem for around 3 years - lots of Event ID 51 and Event ID 11 logs, general unstable performance, etc. Tried the usual solutions - replaced SATA cables, disabled CPU prefetching, and even replaced hard drives. Still had the same problems.

I went ahead and replaced my PSU with something from Thermaltake, and the issue resolved completely.

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