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  P4 2.4 HT and 3.2 HT? does is worth it? 
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Avid Soso Oct 02, 2003, 10:10pm EDT Report Abuse

I was planning to get a dual processor system for my freelance 3D design work at home, now, I did buy a system few month ago, and it P4 2.4 HT 1G DDr400 FSB 800, with other good stuff...

I love the system to be honest, it's cool, the HT technology is really cool, I mean everything seems to like it and I have a real performance boost, my older PC was 2.4 non-HT with 512 DDr 266 FSB 533, the difference was hard not to notice...

Now, I have good speed at rendering, still need to increase it, cause there is never enough power in this feild, so I waned to buy a dual Xeon...

But then I though what if I just upgrade the Processor to 3.2 HT, would that give me more power? is there really a performance boost, I mean I have been there when I upgraded from 700MHz to 1.5GHz, and there was no real difference, it was like 10% or so in my openion...

does 3.2 HT with FSB 800 worth the upgrad (maybe 2G DDr400 too)? or I still should buy a dual system?

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Andy Parker Oct 03, 2003, 04:26am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: P4 2.4 HT and 3.2 HT? does is worth it?
Depends on the speed of the Xeon and whether the software is written to take advantage of dual processors.

However, you may want to wait a bit and see how the new AMD Opteron performs - this can be used is dual systems, and may perform better than the Xeon.


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Jose Garcia Oct 11, 2003, 01:42am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: P4 2.4 HT and 3.2 HT? does is worth it?
Hope this helps:

Back about a year ago I was running an Intel 1.8ghz on a Soyo Dragon mobo with 512mb 333mhz. It was a decent setup. Come march 03, I upgraded to an intel 2.8ghz (non hyperthreading) with 512mb 400mhz ECC memory and a Abit IC7 mobo. Very good performance from this setup.

Well, I had some cash laying around and decided to splurge. I upgraded to an Intel 3.0ghz HT cpu and more memory for a total of 1ghz ECC 400mhz memory.

The jump from 2.8 to 3.0HT was amazing. The 3.0 is just full of raw power.

I push my system alot, and this combo has no problem with it. At one point during my testing/pusing of this system, I had about 30mb to go on a 1gb download, the DvD "Die another day" was playing, I was recording a 400mb CDR of pictures and video clips, I had some music playing in the backround with music match...AND just for kicks, I had an adult mpeg playing in windows xp media player...oh yea, not to mention that I was editing a 30mb scan of petra nemcova in Photoshop. :)

Two thumbs up to intel. I can't wait till 64bit computing is out of the diapers.



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