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  error 8611 when starting up Thinkpad 600E 
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chris mcferrin Nov 18, 2003, 08:19pm EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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i recently aquired a used IBM Thihnkpad 600E, and i went to turn it on, and i keep getting an error 8611 appearing underneath the RAM amount. what does this error mean? and is it something i can fix myself?

Abit NF7 version 2.0
Athlon XP 1800+ (1.53Ghz @ 2.4Ghz//(200x12))
400 watt antec smart power PSU
512mb PC3200 Geil Golden Dragon dual channel
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Ecosse Nov 22, 2003, 04:32pm EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: error 8611 when starting up Thinkpad 600E
would seem this model ain't alone with this error = look hre:

You're only as good as your last clean install!


Specs here > > > > >
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Bob Newman Dec 08, 2003, 11:30am EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: Dec 08, 2003, 11:31am EST

>> Re: error 8611 when starting up Thinkpad 600E
The Thinkpad 8611 error at power-on indicates the system board does not see the Trackpoint. It may be a bad keyboard, but on a 755CX I repaired the Trackpoint flat cable had simply become disconnected from the system board. The flat cable connector does not seem to grip the cable very well, and I think it worked loose over time. To fix it, remove the top cover. Use a small screwdriver to pry off the 3 rubber caps just above the Esc, PrtSc, and Home keys. This gives access to 3 screws. Remove them taking care not to drop them into the system. Now look at the back of the system. Depress 4 plastic latches. Two are reached through small slots at each end of the back, just above two exposed phillips head screws. To find the other two latches, open the connector door. One is just above the printer connector, and the other is just above the large docking station connector. All 4 must be released with a small screwdriver. Open the display to 180 degrees. Now the top cover can be wiggled off. Be careful, or you may crack it. It takes a combination of wiggling and depressing the latches until all are free to get the thing off. Once removed, you have access to the 3 keyboard flat cables and their system board connectors. The connectors are released by pulling the rim forward. The Trackpoint cable is the little one, with 4 traces. Release each connector any carefully reseat the flat cable in the slot. It can be a bit tricky to get the cable aligned in the slot. Tweezers may help. Once seated, push the rim back in place to retain the cable. That should fix the problem. The procedure is outlined with drawings in the Thinkpad 701,755 Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) Volume 2 on page 445 (keyboard unit). The HMM is currently at

Kevin Arnott Dec 20, 2003, 09:52pm EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: error 8611 when starting up Thinkpad 600E
The last suggestion was correct, 8611 is a trackpoint failure. However, the procedures for the 755 fix will not work as the 600 series machines are very different. From my experience repairing this issue in 600's it is better to simply get a replacement keyboard... $25 or $30. The replacement isn't too difficult. In the process you will see where the cables from the track and keyboard socket into the subcard, they are not pronce to work themselves loose.

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