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  Bad BIOS Flash *Beep beep beep beep beep.....* 
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C Y Dec 03, 2003, 12:04am EST Report Abuse

Been reading alot of posting about problems and situation similar to mine. Pls kindly advise. This is my first time flashing a BIOS and it went straight into the swarms.

I finally found my corresponding bin file and flash utility from:
(Thanks to Wimsbios and BNS)

So, I managed to upgrade my BIOS from:
using the tools provided from that web site. (52x1016s.bin and awdflash.exe)

It was working fine and doing okay. It could now detect for CD-ROM drive boot when start up. Well, was only happy for a few mins.

I went on to find out that there was a patched BIOS meant for higher hard disk capacity!

Btw, my mobo is PC Chips M520
I've checked and double check that this is my no name mobo. Alot of research for past 2 months.

I then continue to download the patched BIOS from:
There were two versions, large block flash and small block flash. I wasn't really sure, but I downloaded the big block one.

With the same utility from bns computer (AWD Flash ver 5.2c), I went on to flash the patched BIOS. After it completed its back up, it prompt for reboot, I (stupidly) went to turn off and then back on the PC. After which it was the worst feeling since the blue screen of death. It sounded off a continuous beep. Its a consistent and urgent beep. Nothing on the screen.

I went on to clear the CMOS by removing the round battery and also taking out the jumpers. I got info from the manual (in German I think).

Tried to start up without the battery and jumpers, so as to clear the CMOS. Plug them back in and boot again. Nothing.

I even took out the Award BIOS chipset. Its details shows:
Award Software 1995
S/N 043196338 V_____________*LOGO*

I damaged the pins abit, but had them bend back to normal. After removing the chipset, I did a boot up so I could clear whatever memory left before. Nothing.

I took a chipset from another mobo (later version) to plug into my M520 mobo to boot up. Nothing.

I placed everything back into my mobo including jumpers and battery with the Chipset back in. Boot up. Nothing.

Can't think of anything, and decided to take out the chipset again. I thought I head to the shops and buy a new one, as I doubt there will be any reprogramming service available in my country.

All this was yesterday. Today, I did another extensive search again and found that I could still save the BIOS chipset (mobo or kernel or whatever), by using the special boot block BIOS feature as mentioned in:

I think I have a corrupted BIOS. The patched BIOS from Rainbow-Software site I've downloaded was not useful for me, not disasterous. Not blaming anyone, but myself.

I've checked on other web sites that says similar ways to recover my old BIOS. In German i think:

My question is: How do I recover my old BIOS to save it back to my previous bin file?

I don't really know how to create an autoexec.bat file, and I don't have an ISA video card.

Pls kindly advise.

Thank you very much.


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Shadow_Ops_Airman1 Dec 03, 2003, 12:11am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Bad BIOS Flash *Beep beep beep beep beep.....*
One thing Never Boot a System up without the CMOS Battery In Another Thing Take it to a PC Shop, be cheaper to do that than try doing it urself it seems uve put urself in a hole that u cant get out of while being here.

AMD Athlon XP-M 2500+ (133x14= 1867MHz) (209x11= 2299MHz)
DFI LP NF2 Ultra-B (Hellfire 3EG Rev2)
Antec SX800, Neo HE 500, 4 Antec 8CM Fans
Thermalright SI-97 1 Antec Tricool 12CM Fan
CL SB XFi Xtreme Music
2x Barracuda HDs (250/400)
2x Samsung Write
C Y Dec 14, 2003, 07:00am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Bad BIOS Flash *Beep beep beep beep beep.....*
Hello all

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for long delay reply.

I am still hopeful and determined to fix the motherboard.

Just to recap. Mobo is PC Chips M520. When I turn it on, it sounds off a quick beep-beep, followed by continuous urgent beeps. I believe the beeps may not apply to diagnostic as its AMI that uses those indicators. Nothing on screen. BIOS chip is from Award. Its a 586 series chip. Processor is P-133.

With much hard searching, I have recently acquired an ISA video card and a ISA I/O conroller card for FDD and HDD.

I think these are the tools for recovery. Could anyone pls advise on it?

I have previous tried using hot flash, but it could not be done as the working mobo was a newer version (Celeron). Doesn't work when I slot in the corrupted BIOS chip to hot flash. It just stay hangs there after executing the command.

Could anyone pls advise on recovery?

Thank you again.


Maverik Enigma Dec 18, 2003, 03:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Bad BIOS Flash *Beep beep beep beep beep.....*
Just accidentally ran into your post while searching for Radeon BIOS flash. I've been there too, so I know how you felt. I have a solution which costs you nothing but time:

1. Try to get a good Bios image and a Bios flash program for your mobo
2. Try to find another computer which use the sam BIOS chip (at this point in time, based on appearance, there are two types of BIOS chip, rectangular and square). You can google to find out what type of BIOS chip you have.
3. Now what you have to do is call a hot swap:

-try to take out the Bios chip on the working computer
-put it back in, but not too tight. just push it in enough for the pins to make contact with the motherboad.
-start the computer
-remove the working bios chip
-put your bad chip in
-run the flash program
-remove your bios chip
-put the working bios chip back where it belongs
-put your now working bios chip back to your computer

The motherboards are not required to be the same! They are only required to have the same type of BIOS chip.

I did it myself and it worked! I wish some one could have told me before I spent money on a new mobo. Oh well, I hope this help. More question, let me know. Or you can google it out with the keyword "BIOS hot swap", etc...

Good luck!

$o ()ften "|"hings /\re |\|ot "|"he \\/\/ay "|"hey $eem...
C Y Dec 20, 2003, 03:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Bad BIOS Flash *Beep beep beep beep beep.....*

The Hot Swap was what I did before. Hot Swap, hot flash. I done it, but it didn't work for me.

Here's an update.

I have started using the ISA VGA and Multi I/O card to connect to floppy drive.

The message at boot up is:

Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0
Copyright (c) 1996, Award Software, Inc.

BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting floppy drive A media...


I kept pressing enter, but it wouldn't boot on my boot floppy created with the batch file.

Initially it was different message.

Detecting floppy drive A media...
Drive A error. System halt

But I realised that I did not connect pin1 of FDD correctly. It was okay then, but stop short at System Disk call. It wouldn't boot from the floppy.

The light on the floppy drive is always on. Even when I press reset, it stays on. But it wouldn't go back to the screen anymore. It goes to another set continuous beeps, this time its long beeps with pause between. Turn off and back on again after a min, it's back to normal. I mean its back to the ISA VGA display with the BootBlock screen.

I did away with connecting FDD to mobo as it won't detect or call for drive because I don't see any light. With the I/O card, its always on, so I guess it detects. Or maybe I/O card is faulty as old. I dunno, possibilities are endless.

In any case, I am slightly better than before. At least I know now that the BootBlock option is still there. I guess that means I can still recover myself at home. I really want to save it, thats why I have been persistent. It was very hard finding the ISA VGA card and the ISA I/O card. I even bought an ESA VGA card by mistake.

Please advise again. Will be happy to hear from anyone with recovery.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have done alot of homework on this. Week after week....

I really want to save this. I made a stupid mistake by using the large block when I should be contented with the small one. I was able to boot from CD-ROM, which the original BIOS couldn't!

Please advise.

Thank you very much.


Edu Edu Jul 09, 2015, 05:33pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Bad BIOS Flash *Beep beep beep beep beep.....*
More than 10 years later...
I think problem is not BIOS it's the RAM.
PC Chips M520 needs 2 or 4 SIMM RAMs connected at the same time, if you connect only one RAM it will beep like if there is no RAM.
It's PC Chips... bad brand of motherboards, for example it has fake cache...
As you can see on this picture taken of the manual, it always makes reference to install 2 SIMM RAMs and also both have to be of the same size (4MB+ 4MB, 8MB+ 8MB, etc.)



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