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bahram safaee Feb 14, 2004, 06:01am EST Report Abuse
my computer is pentium4 & its primary master ide is hard maxtor 80 gb &
its secondary master is cd writer asus523252 & secondary slave is cd rom asus40
secondary slave transfer rate is on ultra dma mode2 & secondary master's is on pio mode4 and this has decreased my cd writer's speed strongly.
why the speed of pio is so little?
how can i change my secondary master transfer rate to dma if available?

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Wildwood Feb 14, 2004, 12:08pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
Just change it in your BIOS to DMA mode 2. Simply use your keyboard in BIOS according to the key legend posted in your BIOS. When you make your change, save and exit. It's that easy.

bahram safaee Feb 18, 2004, 04:30am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
dear josh
thanks for your reply
but it isn't as easy as you say
in secondary master part of bios setting there are both of transfer kinds(pio & dma) & it isn't possible
to set it up.
i use device manager setting in windows to adjust it but it doesn't change?

Wildwood Feb 18, 2004, 11:53am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
What kind of BIOS does your comp use? I can't believe that you can't change it. What is the make, model of your comp? Or, what motherboard does it use?

If I can get these answered, I can probably find an answer for you.

Andy Parker Feb 18, 2004, 12:03pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
Is the option to select DMA unavailable in Control Panel? (Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - IDE ATA/Atapi controllers).


"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!"
bahram safaee Feb 21, 2004, 05:36am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
dear Josh
i use (Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - IDE ATA/Atapi controllers) to change the state
of transfer mode of secondary master to "dma if available" but it always (after change) shows that the current
transfer mode is set to pio.
meanwhile first(while buying) my secondary slave (cd rom) had been set to "pio" and the secondary master(cd writer) had been set to "dma if available" & this had been caused to decrease my cd rom's speed.
for this reason i changed the secondary slave(cd rom) to "dma if available" & the speed of cd rom increased strongly but the rate of transfer of data of cd writer changed to "pio" automaticly & so the speed of cd writer decreased strongly & sometimes it shows the high speed of writing at 16(compared with its ability to 52(asus52*32*52).
why is it so?
and now i can't change it to "dma if available" even when i change cd rom transfer rate to "pio".
motherboard asus , VGA on board ,sound card on board
ram 256 ddr
cpu 2.4 celeron
hard 80G maxtor
cd rom asus 40
cd writer asus 52*32*52
dear Andy
the option of "dma if available" is in (Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - IDE ATA/Atapi controllers) but i only can't change to it from pio.

Harris Walktin Feb 21, 2004, 08:46am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
Simply go to your device manager and select the ide ata category, you should see primary and scondary channels, select their properties, and voila, you can change it to dma

- Harris W. -AMD Employee
AMD cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your PC by my advice. My advice is valid.
bahram safaee Feb 28, 2004, 02:11am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
thanks to everybody
finally i could enable ultra DMA in both secondary master & secondary slave only with changing the jumpers of them to change their master & slave state.
but now i have another problem.
my cd writer doesn't write cd for video cd.
i really don't know why now is it so?
my nero does every thing until the final level but while starting the burning it alarms that it can't connect TRF & after it alarms that "not enough memory"
thanks to everyone

Sef Dhaf Mar 10, 2004, 02:14pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: dma&pio
Hi! i've the same problem. i don't know what does TRF mean, but i know how to solve it .
It's cos the window swap (not enough memory) . I use Win XP.
U have to increase ur swap.
How to do : right clic on desktop --> properties --> advanced --> performances --> advanced --> modify --> choose a memory size x1.5 than the RAM size (e.G i choose 512 for initial and 512 for max).

that's all !




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