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  EPOX 8K9A bios upgrade leads to BSOD 7B 
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Trio Jay Feb 26, 2004, 04:18pm EST Report Abuse
Win 2000, can't start in Safe mode etc.

Saved old bios but can't access. Any clues before I start dismantling the box.

Cheers, Trio

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Rick Manson Feb 10, 2013, 04:37am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: EPOX 8K9A bios upgrade leads to BSOD 7B
Wow I am surprised this thread is 9 years old and had 0 reply's. Let me be the first.

I don't have a clue about your issue.

Anyway, my particulars may be a bit unique. I had more detailed notes which are currently being held hostage on another machine. However, As I remember, I installed new nvidia drivers and something didn't seam right but as I remember the system booted and worked for some months after. I then decided to move the hardware to a an older box so that I could build a new system in the box this 2007 machine was in. Worked fine but while moving I noticed that the SATA connectors wiggled a little more than usual. After using the system a bit and subsequently changing drives and plugging and unplugging the SATA connectors I started noticing drive read write error on the slave. Then started noticing them on the system drive. I then inspected and noticed that the SATA connector pins or wires started breaking at the through hole point on the board. At lead one on the slave I noted was broken and one on the system drive was almost broken but on messing a little a few more broke on each. This is when the BSOD first started and then finding that it halted on MUP.sys as I tried Safe Mode.

I did all the testing with UBCD and diagnosing via a USB dongle.

One thing I have not found is an AHCI setting in the BIOS. This is an MSI MS-7312 K9MM-V motherboard. I updated to the 1.6 BIOS in 2010 and I can't remember but had a good reason not to updat to the v1.7 or v1.8

I tried replacing all drivers, replaced the registry hives with backup ones. Tried the Win cd and clicked 'New Install' and then 'R'. These are some of the major things that should have fixed it.

I am about ready to give up but have revisited this this week and spent another 40 hours on it. I didn't want to give up if there is an easy fix but I am now skeptical. I am pretty sure though that my issue has something to do with the SATA connectors breaking and doing something .

If any know-it-alls or geeks are still listening feel free to give some suggestions on what you think broken SATA connectors would do and how to fix this and at least make the drive boot via USB.

Did someone mention something about putting a windows 7 disk in to fix a Window VP partition and it found a 'Pre VIsta Issue'? I didn't understand that.



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