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  Dual 6800 PCI-E gaming platform 
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deian shaw Nov 05, 2004, 04:57pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Dual 6800 PCI-E gaming platform
why not have dual 64bit cpus as well as the dual cards? i see these 'millionnaire game machines' good for cold weather climates :-D... it's as simple as winning the lottery, moving to siberia, build that mad dual things pc, and shove unreal 3 on it! and there we go winter hibernation in 'siber'nation.

Also... I bet it would kill any future Playstations or Xboxez etc for a few years!?

HP Pavilion (2002)
P4 2.66 (533Mhz, 512Kb L2, non-HT)
512MB PC2100 266MHz DDR-SDRAM
Intel i845G Chipset
ATI Radeon 9000 64MB
Sound Blaster Audigy Ex
Creative Inspire 5700
Samsung 56GB Hdd (windows)
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Jose Garcia Nov 05, 2004, 10:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Dual 6800 PCI-E gaming platform

It's not imposible to go with a multi-processor and multi-video card setup. There are such things as 8 way servers. In my opinion, it would be awesome to have the capability of building a computer to minicomputer standards. Unfortunately, most of us would probrably have to get a second job to justify the expense.

Imagine a personal computer with eight processors, four video cards, a teribite of memory with an insane drive array. Should I go on? No, I'm sure your imagination is already filling in the blanks left for hardware. This would be server or better yet, mini computer territory.

It's too bad Silicon Graphics isn't a player in the consumer end of the computer gaming industry. Could you imagine how sic their gaming computers would be? They already provide the hardware and software for a large chunk of the design industries.

So for now, we have dual6800's, 64bit multicore chips and gigs of memory, not to mention a nice amount of drive space and decent OS's. Not bad. We've come along way since the 486 days.

But I long for the days where VR headsets and deep imersion gaming environments are the norm. The Matrix may not take place in my lifetime, but there's got to be something around the corner that is within our grasp for the gamers that can compete with that Matrix idea.

In closing, When bullet trajectory mapping and windfactors are calculated in games in realtime (and real-world accurate) for games like Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 and other great FPS, we will know that computing power has finally reached a peak high enough to make us happy(well, at least me, anyway.)

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