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  A theory I want you Pros' opinion on... and a good read f...ho's message-bored 
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Sean Kendle Aug 02, 2004, 04:45pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Ok, I am trying to upgrade a laptop's (P3 650MHz, 128MB SDRAM) OS from Windows Me (nightmare!) to Windows XP (a nightmare where you have a gun handy)

I formatted C: and proceeded to boot from Windows XP cd to install. It works fine until I get to 6% copying files. Suddenly any number of different files refuses to copy, one I can remember was "es.dll" among others. I figured there was a scratch or something, took out the disc, dusted it off... whatever.

Not too badly scratched... I've had worse. So I "retried file" a few times, nothing. Then I skipped file, just for S's and G's and the next file wouldn't copy. I skipped and skipped and skipped and - oops! Blue Screen. No good.

Ok ok, I realize skipping files isn't a good way to install an OS, but then again there's always the Dynamic Link Library and DLL World for that stuff.....

So I check the CD again... hmmmm.... big chunk taken out of the foil top. Bad news.... but it doesn't look like it's on any data....

I got another copy of Windows from my friend, convinced mine was ruined, and lo and behold, I left it on top of my car when I drove away..... along with a brand new copy of The Sims 1, still shrink-wrapped. Bummer.
A few trips up and down the road turned up nothing. I'm convinced a rabid The Sims freak jumped out of his moving vehicle to claim that and my windows CD, then crawled, injured and bleeding into the woods to die, and the CDs' fates would be sealed.

Ok... need another Windows copy. I decided to make sure my CD wasn't damaged (after destroying a friend's.... go figure) by making an ISO of it. Perfectly legal here, folks, it's my CD... no plans of distro.

So I burned another copy of the original CD, just to make sure it wasn't from the scratches. The CD works on my computer, and the setup goes great! Until...... yep. 6%


So again files are refusing to copy.... anger mounts.

Just to be sure it wasn't my CD, I borrowed yet another friend's copy of XP. Once again the same blasted problem. Now I know it's the computer.

I called Toshiba tech support, and a lovely-voiced Indian lady, who sounded like she had to have been like 24 and so hot, with all those sweet see-through clothes, and her hair tied up, doing a belly dance and feeding me grapes on a sultry Indian night...

Umm, wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, computers.

So anywas SHE'S all like "Nuh Uh!" and I'm all like "Uh huh!" and she's like "DamGina!" and I'm all like, "Sheeeeiihhh"

And then she's all like "Well I think it sounds like it might be like your like CD Rom drive, or like your Hard Drive, but since you were able to like install windows Me, it must be like the CD rom, you know?" and I'm all like "Like daaaaaammm!"

Wow, that word has totally dissociated from its meaning for me. Anyone else? Raise your hand if you know what word I'm refering to.

(I'm so sorry for those of you that actually want to help me, but I hope this is at least entertaining for you. Scroll down until you see the "Real Question" if you're fed up with my crap.)

You're still with me? Good! Ok, so then I got this idea goin, maybe I could install windows Me, then install XP as an upgrade to Me... maybe that would work... Please God make that work. For all that is good and holy in Your name oh mighty Computer God I pray to thee!

Apparently I could use some work on my praying skills, because that didn't work either. It would be going deceptively smoothly for quite sometime, and then BAM! A sledgehammer on my scrotem in the form of a blue screen.

Do you know that I got a BLUE SCREEN WHILE INSTALLING WINDOWS ME! That's how insanely unstable it is. It's about as stable as a pile of differently sized books 16' high with a drunken penguin on top... balancing a piano on his... alright you get what I mean.

It's crap.

So I can't bring myself to give up on this machine... Windows Me is the pox on the world.

I must cure this machine of its infection!
Answer me these questions three... ere the other side you see.

WHAT! Is your name?

WHAT! Is your quest?

WHAT! would happen if I theoretically formatted a harddrive, and then copied an ISO of a windows XP installation disc to the harddrive, along with the boot file? Woud it boot?! Would it install!?

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J C Aug 02, 2004, 05:36pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: A theory I want you Pros' opinion on... and a good read for anyone who's message-bored
Dude you sound crazy!!! I enjoyed your post though, nice to see some creativity!

Ive had what seems to be the same problem. Quite simply its the CD drive. You just need a new one. Then format C and proceed to install windows XP from a CD. Its pretty difficult to scratch a CD so badly it wont install all the files.

Rory Witham Aug 02, 2004, 05:53pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: A theory I want you Pros' opinion on... and a good read for anyone who's message-bored

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J C Aug 02, 2004, 06:03pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: A theory I want you Pros' opinion on... and a good read for anyone who's message-bored
Well.... I still think its the CD drive!

Try borrowing a friends CD drive and installing Windows. If it works just put your drive back in afterwards. It sounds strange that the CD drive can read other discs but not windows but I had the same thing happen on my old computer. I formatted C and started to install Windows XP on this machine. It got so far then stopped. Sometimes if I took the disc out and then reinserted it, it would continue a bit only to stop again later. I replaced the CD drive and it installed first time!

Hey it might not be the answer but it worked for me and if you're only borrowing a drive from a friend what harm can it do?!

Wizard Prang Aug 02, 2004, 06:16pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: Aug 02, 2004, 06:16pm EDT

>> The name is Prang, Wizard Prang... my quest is my own :)
Not only is your solution workable, it is one I recommend, as it is _much_ faster than a CD-based install.

Copy the "I386" directory to your hard drive and run the setup from there. If you can create separate "D" partition that is even better.

I also recommend that you run a memory diagnostic such as memtest86 to make sure that your memory is trouble-free.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


Who is... oh, never mind :)

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