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  Notebook Upgrades for the Gateway Solo 1100 
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Jim Letendre Sep 13, 2001, 03:10am EDT Report Abuse
I can wholeheartedly agree with your article, not only was it concise and to the point, but after loging on to the Gateway Site recently I was told quite frankly, that the 466 Celeron in my Solo was not upgradeable. I had been eyeing some Mobile PIII 450's at eBay and wondered if they could be swapped out, and here I find your article brimming with usefull tips. If anyone out there has attempted to upgrade their Solo's please let me know how it worked out for you. I still want to gain that little bit of performance edge, and not loose sight of the fact that Gateway wants me to buy another laptop, which of course I can't afford.
Jim Letendre

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justin moody Apr 18, 2003, 05:15pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Notebook Upgrades for the Gateway Solo 1100
Jim Letendre,

I dont know if you have tried to upgrade your solo 1100 recently but I have done some modifications myself due to the fact that I cant go out and buy a new computer like gateway wants me to do. I have upgraded the RAM and the hard disk. The max RAM I believe you can put in our economy based computer is 160MB's and the max on the hard disk is 30 gigs. Although I recently visited a site that was selling a 40 gig hard disk for a decent price for our gateway solo 1100. The gateway rep told me the max for the 1100 was 30, but you never know, maybe they dont want us to know we can upgrade the 1100 any further to get us to but a new nootbook. Just to let you know I did these upgrades for under 200 bucks, 160 bucks to be exact. Check out and kinsington or something like that. So there you go! If you know for sure that you can upgrade the processor speed or if you can install a graphics card of any kind please let know.

Justin Moody

J A May 20, 2003, 07:19am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Notebook Upgrades for the Gateway Solo 1100

I placed a similar post several months ago. After many days of research & trial and error with drivers and components, I have finally upgraded my Solo 1100 433Mhz with the following items:

1) Windows 2000 Pro (WinXP works also but I prefer Win2KPro)

2) Found AC97 sound driver that works under Windows 2000 Pro

3) 20Gb IBM Travelstar DJSA-220 Hard Drive

4) 256Mb RAM Max

5) Matshita UJDA710 DVD/CD-RW (24x8x4)
Yes, this works! I have tested the DVD with PowerDVD4 and watched the Maxtrix a few days ago, it was great! The CD-RW works great with Roxio Easy CD Creator and Nero5.
Here's the link to where I got the DVD/CD-RW

Now for the downside:
1) No BIOS upgrade available anywhere. Gateway customer support is practically useless.

2) Still looking for LS-120 to replace floppy drive (I know its not necessary considering the CD-RW works but sometimes I like to transfer small files quickly.)

3) Still looking to upgrade LCD from DSTN to TFT (I am thinking about trying to use a Solo 1150 LCD.)

4) Looking into the Lithium Battery replacement (I saw a website that sold both Lithium and NiMh (NiCad?) for the Solo 1100 & 1150.)

5) Still looking for the battery space filler. I saw this item sold on eBay awhile ago. It was basically used to cover the opening when batteries are not used. I myself remove the battery from my laptop when plugged into the AC outlet. I would like to find that plastic filler to balance the weight of the laptop and protect the space from damage.

Hope this information helps,


Porkchop Mar 04, 2008, 12:37am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Notebook Upgrades for the Gateway Solo 1100
I've got a Gateway Solo 1100 also but mine has the 466mhz processor. I only use this to surf the net but I'd like to do a few upgrades also. The DVD/CD-RW drive is very interesting to me as I have a few programs that are on DVD format. I tried a UJDA360 CD-RW drive but everytime I tried to boot up...I got a "no operating system" message. Have no idea what the heck that is about. Has anyone else had this problem?

I know this is a very old thread/topic but I'm hoping for suggestions/help. You can reach me directly at Porkchop (at) NCEZ - dot - NET



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