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  Upgrades on Compaq Presario 1900 series... 
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Lost boY Sep 13, 2001, 07:21am EDT Report Abuse
Ok, inspired by this article, I did some digging...

I have a Compaq Presario 1900XL-161 notebook- for resources on Compaq (HP? :) laptops, check out:

there you can look up a model, and it gives step-by-step instructions how to take the thing apart...

I've mailed Compaq support twice trying to find out what the max supported CPU for my system might already has a mobile PIII 450- nobody at Compaq seems to be able to tell me what a)the main board type is b)the max processor speed supported on this platform or c)where I might get this info

The system board has a COMPAQ part number for ordering purposes, but I can't seem to find info on what the board actually is...

ANOTHER issue I've come across...these Compaqs have 64 MB SyncDRAM installed, and 1 upgrade slot for RAM. The 64MB is not in a "user servicable" area- I was wondering if I could remove the original 64MB (it's just a sim, in a slot that's covered) and add 2 128s (one in the original slot, one in the 'official' upgrade slot)- I don't know how to check if the system would be able to handle this either....

Any suggestions on these two items?


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Sander Sassen Sep 13, 2001, 07:26am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Upgrades on Compaq Presario 1900 series...

I'd say you can safely upgrade to 2x128MB, to be 100% sure just look your notebook model and brand up on the Crucial website, I'd not opt for mixing different brands of DIMMs.

As for the CPU, I'd check my BIOS date and version first and upgrade to the lastest version if needed. Then I'd try to find out what the fastest speed CPU is offered for your particular brand/model. It is safe to assume that any CPU in that range will work in your notebook too.

Hope to have been of some help,

Best regards,

Sander Sassen

CEO, Hardware Analysis
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Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis



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