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  What really astonished me... 
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Sverre Sep 14, 2001, 07:50pm EDT Report Abuse
I've been watching many discussion forums since the 11th, and what really astonish me is how calm you are and how non-biasd you are in this situation. I've seen many discussions on other sites turn into a massive "f**k the muslims" and "make the Middle East a massive parking lot" discussion, but not here.

I know there are a lot of feelings involved in this, and if you could only see the entrance of the US embassy in Norway, you would understand how much the Norwegian nation, and myself for that matter, care about the US and it's citizents and their tragic loss; It is shocked with flowers and candles all over.

Kudos to you all, my friends.

All I can say to you guys is thank you for handeling this situation in the way you are.

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Robert Kropiewnicki Sep 15, 2001, 12:32am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: What really astonish me...

Thankfully, the backlash against Muslim communities hasn't been even a quarter as bad as I feared it might be. I think a great amount of the credit should be given to President Bush and Mayor (of New York City) Rudy Guliani who have over and over reminded us that there are 7 million American citizens of Arab descent. Seven million citizens who love this country and all it stands for just as much as I do.

I have seen the flamewars on other boards as you have. I have seen the rage and pain turn to blind hatred of anything even vaguely resembling those responsible. I hope that when some of these people have had time to grieve.....they will understand at who they should direct their anger.

The terrorists in question are radicals within the Islamic many ways they are no different than the perpertrators of the Inquisition and, in some cases, the Crusades hundreds of years ago. They bend religious dogma to suit their purposes. All is justified in the name of God......All is justified in the name of jihad......holy war.

For me (and anyone else) to ssume that all Muslims and/or Arabs are terrorists would force me to assume that all Christians in the late medieval period were in favor of the Inquisition.

Justin Sep 15, 2001, 08:49pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: What really astonish me...
Robert I know I wouldnt have said it any better than you so I will just agree with you. :) <---- Its one of the few things that i know how to do well after what happened.

Dan Mepham Sep 15, 2001, 10:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: What really astonish me...
Sverre and Robert, I agree completely. I had feared that there would be a great deal of negative stereotyping toward Islamic individuals following these events. "Let's nuke all the Arabs"...that kind of crap. It's unfortunate, but we've all seen reactions like that all too frequently in the past. Memories of Japanese people being 'rounded up' simply for being Japanese following Pearl Harbor are all too clear.

The fact that most Americans, and the American government, are being very careful about making it clear that the actions of a FEW Islamic fanatics do NOT represent the sentiments of all Islamic individuals is very, very good to see. I had feared (and maybe even expected) worse, but the majority of Americans at this point have faced clearly fanatical behavior by rising above it.

As I Canadian, I sometimes see things differently than Americans. I sometimes (okay, frequently :-) ) disagree with the American approach to matters. But this time, I'm extremely pleased to see the way the US government, and American citizens, are handling this. As a Canadian, I'm proud to be your neighbor right now.

Dan Mepham
Dan Mepham Sep 16, 2001, 09:37am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: What really astonished me...
I thought this was pretty interesting too. Very interesting to see the way different people react.

Dan Mepham



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