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  P4 Multithreading 
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Glenn Jaye Nov 24, 2002, 04:17pm EST Report Abuse
From what I've read here, I'm not surprised and yet still upset that this project has been foisted on the community in the typical half-a$$ed manner as other 'great' improvements in both hard- and software that seems to pervade this industry.

AGAIN, the job is less than half done and the chip is marketted, touted as the best thing since round wheels. The extra cost associated with these chips, not only in cash but in the resources required to get the thing to operate make the resulting farce all the more painful.

All the hype getting expectations up and then finding out the truth that the processor only improves performance in such select and restricted circumstances .... no car manufacturer would dream of trying this nonsense on THEIR customers !!

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godsun godsun Mar 04, 2003, 06:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: P4 Multithreading
I just want to say that I own 2 Athlon XP (KT266 & NforceII) based systems 1 Duron, 1 Pentium4 (Intel 7205), and also maintain and built countless other systems, Im a great fan of Amd, Ive come to appreciate the stabilty and performance you get for your buck, and would recommend them anyday.

Hmk so im not just having a bash at AMD.

My tests using both Intel 850E and Intel 7205 Dual DDR Chipsets, showed that the Pentium 4 3.06GHz beat every thing across the board.
The Highest rated cpu from AMD a XP3000+ ( 2.4GHz), No doubt for the clock speed compared to something pushing 3.06GHz its performs very well.

So to my mind Intel are just finally closing the XPXXXX+ leverage gap on AMD cause Amd cant honestly claim that a XP3000+ performs anywhere near the P4 3.06GHz ... well it performs nearish deinatly not beyond and definatly not on a par.

Be it that it took a 3GHz 512KB cpu and two logical processors in effect SMP :), but now mabye Amd will start moving in bigger leaps which can only be good for every one .. you gota admit the cpu market as it stands is a bit of swings and roundabouts.

Arnt we all getting a bit sick and tierd of AMD ratings ?.

From dealing with them first hand I do feel its still way to expensive and definatly not worth the money at this point, how ever does offer very good performance and the multiprocessor side of it will open some usually shut doors..

mabye im just on crack!



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