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  My mouse moves... by itself. 
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Bob N Feb 05, 2009, 12:56pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: My mouse moves... by itself.
I arrived at this sight because, believe it or not, I just got around to updating my xp system to SP2. I have a cheap Logitech optical mosue that came with my system some 7 or so years ago. I had experienced the creeping mouse pointer at work on an XP2 sytem but never on my home computer. Since updating to SP2, I am now experiencing the same creeping mouse pointer. I'm now on SP3 and still having the situation. I wanted to bring this up because I haven't seen anywhere else where a distinction was made between SP1 and upgrades. I have a fairly smooth, all light grey mousepad and had never experienced this problem on this system before upgraing. I've tried the other suggestions here except for the ferrite and still have the situation.

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M J Schwa Feb 05, 2009, 02:00pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: My mouse moves... by itself.
Bob, what I did that actually fixed the problem for me was; First make sure that there are no conflicting drivers, check Logitec's site for updated drivers, if available uninstall the mouse then load the updated drivers. This,by the way, did NOT fix my computer, what I wound up doing was, uninstall the mouse, shut the machine off, open it up and install a USB add in card. Plug a USB mouse into the card and power back on. let it "find" the new USB card, then the "new" USB mouse. This did fix mine. Unistalling the mouse, plugging in a USB mouse and just restarting the machine did NOT fix the problem, had to shut down, unplug the PS/2 mouse install the USB card then the mouse then re power the machine.

Dr. Peaceful Jun 23, 2009, 04:43am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My mouse moves... by itself.
john albrich said Aug 08, 2007, 07:26am EDT:
Since angryhippy jumped in on this somewhat "mature" thread, I'll add my different 2cents worth too...

I've also seen this happen with certain mice regardless of whether USB or PC port. The movement was due to radio frequency interference (RFI) injecting spurious signals into the mouse connector circuitry.

The solution was to install ferrite cores on the mouse cable as near to the computer connector as possible. On one mouse, I had to install 2 ferrite cores to eliminate the extaneous movement. (these are the type that clip over the cable, and you can usually wrap the cable through the core 2 or 3 times)

I'll be damned! Almost 2 years passed, I finally had a chance to test out the ferrite core method pointed out by John above. Found a trashed clip-on (2 halves joint to form a cylindrical tube) ferrite core. The clips were broken, no big deal, I used duck tape. ;) Like John instructed, I wrapped the mouse cable 3 times around the core, near the PS/2 connector end.

Guess what?! It worked. Now the erratic mouse movement is mostly gone. Used to happen at least once per hour in game, and about once per two hours in desktop. Now I haven't seen it happen in desktop, and in game only rarely (in couple of hours) and briefly (lesser erratic). If I use two of them like John did, I may be able eliminate these movements completely.

I guess my el cheapo mouse just doesn't have enough shielding. At least that is the root cause for my case.

Samuel Kiap Jul 10, 2010, 09:29pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My mouse moves... by itself.
If you read Brownian Motion, the particle theory, it says it all of random motion of particles when they get enough energy. Have you ever seen a sun beam coming through an opening and in the beam, there are particles bouncing off in different random directions. Yes. Light has energy and when particles pick up enough light, they can lift off from their resting position and make random movements.

The laser of the optical mouse has energy. When a tiny particle in its path gets enough energy, it bounces off and around in the path of the light beam, causing the camera to believe that it was a mouse motion pattern but infact its the motion of the particle. That's why the mouse pointer moves in random direction.

Two things to do to keep your mouse steady, and to avoid your troubles of thinking of backdoor virus attack.

1. Blow the dust off. If too sticky, unplug the mouse from the computer and clean it with a cotton butt (with or without cleaning agent from shop). Use pencil tip or anything small to wrap the cotton around for cleaning. Leave it to dry properly before using it again.
2. Rinse and clean the whole surface on which the mouse is resting and moving.

Samuel Kiap
Papua New Guinea

Dr. Peaceful Jul 10, 2010, 11:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My mouse moves... by itself.
So you're saying the laser and dust particles are experiencing the same random and uncertain behavior as describe in Quantum Mechanics? Interesting Theory! :)

gaurav kakkar Jul 24, 2010, 10:17am EDT Report Abuse
>> My mouse moves... by itself.
My cursor moves by itself and I have no control over it. It is only my laptop mouse and I need my laptop mouse to work while traveling. The external mouse works fine but now if I move my laptop mouse I can't get it back to control it moves any where it likes mostly to the ends of the screen! Normally I restart my pc or it settles down. This has been a big problem since a month. I had re-formated this pc so many times.And I never had this problem but last month I called a local computer store to bring thier software enginers to do it. They did it . And Installed Norton Antivirus 2004. And I ran a virus check and it found no viruses. Then I installed Mcafee Antivirus it found 8 Viruses which Norton Did not find. And i deleated them. It worked fine for the morning and then in the afternoon my cursor went crazy . And from that afternoon onwards i hae the same problem. My external mouse is a Logictech Wheel Mouse. And I called the computer store because I wanted to upgrade my Windows from 2000 To XP. But I had upgraded to XP Before And installed SP2 and nothing happend. This problem is really getting on my nerves!!!!! And the virus name was mouse.exe and ss.exe. And I had formated my C:\ Drive So the virus couldnt be present in the computer. Do You Think it could have been in thier Windows XP CD. And I had saved my files in D: and they were all curoupt and had the name !@$@!$!@$!@$@!$8021 . All most all the files were like this. And when i opened them they said the file could not be found. I have run Spyware Checks too by using Mcafee Spyware , Spybot , Ad-Aware, AOL Spyware Remover. They did not find any spyware. So I dont think spyware is a problem . If you want to know what my system is . It is a

Compaq Armada M700 Laptop
Pentium III 700 MHZ
256 MB RAM
Windows XP Service Pack 2

I want to re-format my laptop but right now I am on vication and I dont have the cds. I dont know what to do.


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