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  Re: DRM at its worst? Here's a prime example 
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Trenchcoat Dec 14, 2004, 11:35pm EST Report Abuse
if you ask me, i think they are just proving how greed will slice their own throats.

i as a consumer, presented with difficult to use media, will cease to purchase said media, and henceforth boycotte said company, as will many others. after all, if i can't use something i buy, i won't buy it. and as it is a luxury, not a need, i can live without it. as can every other person who can think for himself/herself.

this DRM is proof positive that greed breeds more greed. now don't get me wrong, i believe in copyrights. but making it almost impossible to access what you pay for??? sounds like oppression of the poor to me. whereas "poor" in this sense is a relative term, meaning poorer than the one who devised it in the first place.

yet i am reminded that we do live in the richest country on earth, and this DRM problem may coninue because so many people think their choices are always limited to "the lesser of two evils" or "if i want this i have to do it their way"

if george washington, thomas jefferson, paul revere, benjamin franklin, etc had this mentality, we'd still pay 90% taxes to the king of england (hyperbole used intentionally to prove a point) or worse yet, hitler would rule the world and only purebred germans would exist.

we don't have to stand for this abuse. we can boycott the industry. then all those millionaires will go broke and have to work their tails off just like us. contributing an honest days work to society.

of course i'm just ranting and raving. and i really hope it doesnt't have to go that far... but please! enough is enough

especially considering this example:
when someone is new in the industry (ie a band, ametuer film maker, etc) he/she/they just want to get recognition, saying "make as many copies as you want and GIVE IT AWAY to ALL your friends". but as soon as he/she/they get national hit or two, all of a sudden, "if you wan't a copy, you need to pay $19.99 for 5 viewings of my recorded show, even though i have so much money i could feed my city for a decade"
and when they realize that sales are down and they can't pay the bills for all the ferarri's pools, etc... then they're all over the tabloids making bad publicity or worse yet, drugged up or becoming criminals.

and like Frodo, refuses to give up the One Ring, even though its so heavy he can't stand up.

"Don't Panic"

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