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  sysdata.xml and minidump errors. 
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denis jon Jan 13, 2005, 02:21pm EST Report Abuse
i know there has been discussions about these but none of the solutions seem to work for me.
p4 2.9 ghz (overclocked), 512 mb ram, win xp pro sp2. sapphire radeon 9500 pro 128mb.

the problem is that random crash everyone is getting, exept this one is not that random. it happens only when playing a game. before this last one it was very rare, maybe once a week, maybe not even that. but with this recent game NFS:underground 2 is very frequent, still random, but usually happens anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes of playing the game. screen turns off, nothing happens for a while and then windows restarts. usually i get the error, but not all the time.


the temp of CPU is around 44 C after the restart, my comp is usually on for days if not weeks. this crash doesn't happen during anything else exept games and very frequent in this particular game.

i also tried getting Ati drivers, regular, powered by ati, and from the sapphire site. still the same.

what can i do, i'm not much of a hardware expert.

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Digitalfixx Jan 13, 2005, 03:12pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
It might be that after a while your system cannot read from the temp file. The file is usually located at: C:\documents and settings\[YOUR USER NAME]\ local settings\temp
Your user name is the name you sign into windows with. In windows explorer you may need to go to: Tools,folder options,view then select "show hidden files and folders" in order to see this folder.

What you could try to do is delete the folder and all of it's contents then reboot windows. The folder should be recreated, then see if the error is resolved. If not try right clicking the folder and then properties then uncheck "read only" , this setting will revert back to read only after a reboot but try the game with it unchecked. You should click on the advanced tab also and make sure the folder isn't encrypted or compressed.

denis jon Jan 13, 2005, 05:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
well, same thing again. the temp folder ws empty (hidden , system files and everything).

something to point out maybe. before this game when something like this would happen on other games, i'd get a blue screen saying dumping memory or something like that. i don't get that now.

after restart there was no error message either (like i said, sometimes it comes up, sometimes it doesn't) and the sysdata.xml file is not on my computer (it wasn't there in temp directory when i deleted everything either).

Steve C Jan 13, 2005, 05:18pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
I had similar error after upgrading to a FX5200 from a MX440 AGP. Installed correct driver and fixed the problem. Give it a try.

tom riddle Jan 13, 2005, 05:22pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
2616, 3, 11, 10850, ________, 25, 2038 what is the missing value neomail me at

Digitalfixx Jan 13, 2005, 08:56pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.

Try this link, I think this might solve your problem.

denis jon Jan 14, 2005, 04:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
i tried that solution before, didn't work.

i'm reading that there i could be a problem with my RAM being bad, or memory overheating. is thia posible cause this is not a new computer, its close to 2 years old and i never had a problem before. if it was defected parts i would have had problems since the start.

Digitalfixx Jan 15, 2005, 12:35pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
Ram can fail at any time and many times it's hard to detect because a certain memory area that is failing to hold a charge may work much of the time and then after a while start acting up and causing errors. There are memory test utilities that boot from a floppy that will detect errors one of them is "MEMTEST 86". Search google and download this free tool if you want to check your ram. Beware that many times the memtest will report an error that may not have any bearing on the ram being good or bad so read any documentation carefully. That being said, I think with bad ram you would experience problems with almost any program not just certain games but memory timings are something to look at when the system is unstable.

You may already know the following but just in case I just went ahead and explained things in detail.

You have described a certain error message in windows so I think it is a device driver / OS related problem. Could be the video driver or how the system is handling virtual memory. Make sure you have no spyware or viruses, make sure you have the latest video driver for you video card, temporarily turn off
"System Restore" on all drives in the system properties (turn this back on later). Temporarily disable all devices in the device manager that aren't necessary to play the game such as usb devices, scanner/printers, network by clicking properties then disable ( Turn these back on later). Then go to "start", "run" and type msconfig then go to the startup tab. Uncheck all items in the startup, click apply, ok and reboot. Try the game again if problem solved re-enable all of them one at a time until error appears again to find the offending device or program. If the errors are still present after disabling these items, boot the computer from the XP disc (I presume it's XP) and when it gets to the menu choose repair recovery console, log in with your password, if no password just hit enter. Now type chkdsk /r this will check the disk for errors and repair any discrepancies without any hinderances from the system because you are booted to the cd. When it is finished it will give a summary so you will see if it repaired anything. Type exit and reboot to windows and try the game again, if still errors, reboot to the cd but this time at the menu choose to install windows XP. It will then go to a menu that says it detected a previous install and would you like to repair that install. Choose to repair the previously installed XP. If you choose new install your programs will no longer work unless you reinstall them so make sure you choose to repair the existing install. The repair process will not damage any existing data other than reinstalling the windows system files and repairing any system registry enteries that have been corrupted. After this try the game again, hopefully no errors. Regarless of errors or not, go back and start re-enabling all of the disabled items. They are: "System Restore", "All Devices" (hardware tab, device manger) in the system properties and "All Startup programs" (start, run, msconfig, startup). After all is done run the windows update to update the OS from MS website.

Sounds like alot to do but finding and eliminating these error are sometimes very hard to pinpoint.

denis jon Jan 15, 2005, 01:52pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
well before i go any further i did the memory test and got some bad results.

i seem to recall using a simular program (maybe even the same one but earlier version) to test my memeory 3/4 moths ago and had no errors. this time i got plenty.

unfortunately i think this prog is too complicated for me as i don't understand the results at all.

1st run it passed 8/9 tests.

had problems on Test 6 [Moving inversions, 32 bit pat] with 15 errors. it seems to keep going until you tell it to stop (like the previous prog i used) so it went for another round.

passed the 1st 5 tests then went crazy on Test 6. had like 500,000 errors in 17%, i had to turn it off cause it wasn't ending any time soon.

then i just run test 6 by itself, and it reported 31 errors.

so what does this mean, the prog site says things like just cause i get errors doesn't mean the memory is bad. is this something i can fix or do i need new ram?

denis jon Jan 15, 2005, 01:55pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
to add, most of my parts came from the comp is about 2 years old like i said so i think there might be some warranties still valid. problem is i don't know if i can reach the guy that build this comp for me, cause he baught all the parts, don't have any receits or anything.

Digitalfixx Jan 15, 2005, 02:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
Most ram is warr from the manufacturer for life so maybe you could check their website. You might want to call around to your local computer repair shop and see if they have a memory module tester device. This is a specific piece of hardware that they put the ram in and it will test it for bad areas. It's not 100% accurate because like I said sometimes the bad transistor is intermitently failing and the device checks the ram within just a few seconds so it might miss a circiut that is only sometimes failing. I ran into that before where the machine said good but it turned out to be bad ram. Anyhow, most shops including Best Buy will or used to allow you to bring in the ram and they would test it for free.

Rose Larsen Jan 19, 2005, 01:19am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
This is part of my conversation in the threads below:

"I've had the computer on all day long today and for the first time since October it hasn't rebooted itself or the monitor hasn't clicked to a black screen. I'm pretty sure it was a compatibility issue -combination of IE and Windows XP SP1 service pack and SP2 service pack and my GeForce FX 5200 graphic card. I got rid of IE for Firefox and I totally uninstalled and got rid of SP1 and SP2-then I only updated the critical Windows XP updates which didn't include those two. Then I uninstalled my graphic card driver and then reinstalled by disc. I also went into my WINDOWS file and deleted all the files in the folder called Minidump and then I totally deleted my USER TEMP folder ...then rebooted
and far so good..."

Rose Larsen Jan 22, 2005, 04:14am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.

Iulian iulian Jul 18, 2007, 07:51am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
ok .. i have tried everything that u guys suggested here .. nothing seems to work :((
and that link from microsoft from the last post was infected by a virus and could not download it :| ... so please can anybody else post any other ideas how to deal with this awfull situation ?:<

David Lapenson Aug 18, 2008, 06:46pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
After reading about all the difficult problems trying to fix that error message, I tried a different approach that seems to works so far:
First, download and install a free utility called "unlocker".
Next, try to delete ~DFCFF1.tmp, from \locals\temp\
After clicking OK to the message "..can't be deleted.." it indicates the process that is using it.
It was Prt9532.exe (that is Print Screen 2000)
(Well this computer was not supposed have that autostarting, so that must have been left over from a previous install.)
Use Unlocker to delete the tmp file.
Then remove prt9532.exe from the autostart menu
(Used the free utility "Startup.exe")
And so far it has been rebooting without an error message.
Not sure what caused that, but so far so good

Mac Marcos Jun 22, 2013, 04:50am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: sysdata.xml and minidump errors.
<<PLEASE HELP ME INTERPRET THIS DUMP FILE>> Im currently using Win8 as OS and everytime i insert the receiver of my wireless mouse (imation: Support OS- Win7 and below) my OS crashes and restarts my comp..below is the description of the problem..
Thanks a lot for hleping..

Shut down unexpectedly

&#8206;6/&#8206;22/&#8206;2013 3:15 PM

Solution available

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.2.9200.
Locale ID: 1033

Files that help describe the problem (some files may no longer be available)

Extra information about the problem
BCCode: 139
BCP1: 0000000000000003
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_2_9200
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1



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