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  Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works! 
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Chris Leigh Jan 31, 2005, 11:13am EST Report Abuse
yo sander, sorry to hear about your problem :D - however i have to disagree, ive had no problems with valve and steam etc etc, even when my original cd key was stolen, i jus sent a photo of the case and the reciept and the serial number that i was given and within a week i was sent a new one, no questions asked!

any1 else had good things about steam? - oh the only nag i have about steam is that they have put a chat feature in which u can use with ur online buddys, or real ones if you have any, however it does not work in the slightest and really narfs me off!

other than tht tis great for me


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Edward Adams Jan 31, 2005, 12:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
Yeah, I'm firmly on the "WORKS" side of this argument. I've never had problems with Steam (bar the Chat client being always down).

Case in point, reinstalled my gaming machine on Thursday afternoon, finshed about 6pm, popped my Half-Life 2 DVD in the drive, chucked on Steam & HL2. Connected to Steam without a problem, logged straight in, the client remembered that I owned the original HL and CS:CZ. Asked it to download & install HL2:Deathmatch, CS & CS:CZ and also to update CS:Source. Came back in after a movie & dinner (~3 hours) to find everything was down, installed and ready to play. Can anyone say "wh00p"?

To the non-beleivers, I'm on a 4meg DSL line, so yeah about 2-gigs in 3 hours is easily done. Steam is cool.

Sander Sassen Jan 31, 2005, 12:54pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
I'm glad it worked for you guys, really, wish I could be that positive.

Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis
Michael A. Jan 31, 2005, 01:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
It works for me but I've seen many people have major problems with it. Although Steam works on my system I really don't like the idea of having to get permission to play a game that I spent money on every single time I fire the application up.

Why bother with Steam when you can play Doom 3 and Far Cry the day you get them? Or, even better, get the same application off of KaZaa or another P2P network?

Michael A.
Suspended User Jan 31, 2005, 01:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
Yes thats what I'm saying Mike !
Steam are modern communists :)

Dan MacGregor Jan 31, 2005, 02:00pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
Asset protection or Activation is crap as I test many types of hardware and thus it changes a lot...then I got to call to activate again or I loose the CD Key...It is a bunch of crap. What...they don't make enough money? I have spent $1000s on games and equipment. Why can I not transfer ownership to someone else rather than letting the game go to waste when I am done? I understand the need to protect from making copies, so why not do copy protection via DVD technology. Games are only getting bigger anyways and who wants to keep up with 5-7 cds anyways? I would rather have 1-2 DVDs with no codes to enter, knowing that I cannot reproduce the DVD and the game to run.

I bought two games within a few days of each other (Half Life 2 and Tribes Vengence) and was not ready to install, so I set them aside aafter putting them in my felt case as usual, since I hate those damn paper sleeves. Problem is, the cd key is placed on the back of one of those paper cd cases that I just threw out...on both games!

Naturally, I had no way of playing the games, nor a receipt to show them...but they understood and said they would ship me a new copy of each game. No questions. So far I have not yet received , so the jury is still out on this. Regardless, it would be eaiser to simply grab a copy, tell me the code and throw it out rather than ship me a new set!

Predator Jan 31, 2005, 07:19pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
Geez Sander. 2 6800U's AND an FX-55?! :~

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice
DFI LanParty UT nForce4 Ultra-D

New Forum:
Ollie T Jan 31, 2005, 07:44pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
Got to say that whilst Steam works great for me (barring a few minor changes I'd like to see, I think it works pretty well as a content-delivery and update-delivery and anti-piracy device) the 'Offline Mode' seems to be a complete myth.

Whether I've got the "Remember use name and password" option checked, whether I'm online or offline, Steam ALWAYS gives the "Connecting Steam account:..." message when I fire it up and attempts to phone home.

This is what Sander ran into, I believe. I imagine its purpose is to prevent exactly what Sander was trying to do - i.e. creating a standalone fully-up-to-date HL2 installation on one disk to enable drag and drop copying of game installations between PCs (think about it, it would make piracy easier than ever!).

But if that is the case, does the "Offline mode" they promised -one which, when you have HL2 installed and set up means you don't need to contact the Steam servers- simply *fail* *to* *exist*?

Thermalfreak Feb 01, 2005, 06:53am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
Well actually ive expereinced more problems with steam than sander has but i still feel that it works....

the way that its all integrated into one system appeals to me and its way of stopping pirates seems possibly the only practical and relatively fullproof method...

Althoughj the problems are major and do cause me alot of problems, i realise that the system is new and supported by only a single firm at the moment and thste nough to sway me in thinking that overall the idea works....

i like it and think it works, but major improvements followed by better acceptance would be needed for this to be trully sucessful.

Ive snapped:
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And a kawasaki er-6n to mod instead
Bolda Feb 15, 2005, 09:31am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
the offline mode has worked for me. click cancel when the login window appears. then steam goes offline, but from what i have read, and experienced, make any significant changes to your system, eg. using window update, installing service packs, some software that changes your network settings, adding hardware and so on will force a steam loggin for obvious reasons. this is what i think realy sucks.
ok sure change of processor, harddrive mobo. but why things like network setup and video/sound, and some other non related software that you may install?
i think the reason is that steam wants to update it's info on your new hardware perhaps. just for spyware reasons. ((maybe this is the reason that steam conflicts so much with other spyware, and hence valve stressing the nead to be spyware free. maybe trying to dominate the spyware market))
i have also noticed that it will want to phone home after being offline for a month or two. even if not playing the game.
the biggest worry of all in the spyware department is that if you want to play the game, then you have no choice but to let steam update it's self with the latest spyware ability that valve decide they require or are game to try. could be a real problem if some company like gayta ( not sure if spelling is correct, but i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.) or double click were to by out steam from valve, or valve themselfs.
and the issue of $10 transfer fee, this i think also includes all your old games that you have purchased and agree to the eula ( not steams eula) and then allowed steam to hijack.
the steam concept to me is a good one. not just for the content delivery (when it works), but also the fact that if you have many of the valve games installed that are delivered and supported by steam then the amount of space taken up by these games on your hdd is dramatically reduced because the games all share resources, engine, textures, sounds and so on. only the maps and scripts and any Unique materials and resources per game are stored outside of the shared archives.
this is also why when you install hl2 from cd or dvd it still wants to download itself from steam, especially if you have any other valve games installed, it will download the new shared resource setup from steam to it's gcf files. this is then doing you a favor of saving you some disk space at the cost of you bandwidth.
and another point with the content servers and problems related. the content servers are not owned or hosted by valve but by various isp's that have agreed to host one. and my initial problem when downloading hl2 was that i thought "great i get all these other games as well", and clicked yes to download them all. big mistake because then my bandwidth was shared between all of these games at once and cost me about five day wait to play hl2 because it was last to download, and when it came time to download it, and it had all of the bandwidth, the bandwidth just dried up on me. i think because steam only gets so much from one server then moves on to another in your geographical location. and it had already used up all the good fast servers hosted by my isp (this is filtered for there customers only so we get free bandwidth. but only from there server and steam will not alow to use only this server) and left me with servers that would only give me about 5 bytes to 2k bytes per second. averaged about 9 bytes per second over several hours/days (hosted by an oposition to my isp. sound a little fishy?). untill i blocked those servers using firewall and forced it back to fast servers. but after a couple of hours would kick from those servers and steam would end with cannot connect to server message. i only have 512kbps adsl connection and so the 8GB+ download takes a good long time without this patheticly slow bussiness.

overall my experience once past the impatient exitment to play strait away has been good but i totally disagree with the licencing side of thing and that does most definately need fixing one way or another.
and a lesson learned for future game developers not to go this way.

even when buying software, customers still want a little hardware.(disc) and anonimity to play offline whenever desired.

Max N Mar 19, 2005, 04:14am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
It's been working so far for me, quite well. Albeit a bit slow. An idea about why it's not working for some while no issues for others is that maybe some ISPs block any of this kind of data? (I doubt it, though, but it's an idea; maybe a bad one.) What I'm really annoyed about right now is:

1. In Half Life 2, there's no way to create profiles or something, so that if two people use the same computer, there's no way to separate the saves. A real pain. Considering how looooong it takes HL2 to load anything, it takes a good couple of minutes to remember where you left off, last. I tried creating another Steam account and just using that as the profile, but no, Valve wants 2x the money for using the game on the same computer... ********!

2. Sometimes, I don't want that patch. In the HL2 issues thread, there are mentions of a pre-patched version working fine. Maybe I'd rather have that pre-patched version, you know, and actually PLAY THE GAME?!

OK, I'm calm now.

Hardtohit Mar 19, 2005, 05:19am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: My opinion about Steam? It simply works!
my problem with steam is my orginal half-life cd-key got stolen i have the case but i bought HL the week it came out so... the receit is history... valve pretty much told me to go f**k myself when i called so i am very firmly on the doesn't work side... it's just a another DRM system to try and make are lives harder...


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