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  Re: Apple's Mac mini, product of marketing genius? 
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Joe Petner Jan 31, 2005, 07:18pm EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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I like this idea. I am not a Mac user (and never will be).. But I like Apples approach to this. From the days of Atari vs. Commodore ... Apple has always been on the outside looking in.. There computers were always very nice looking, but very expensive for the general public. I like the idea that Apple has made a very low priced computer. Regardless of the power, itís good enough to do your average computing. I think most people forget, many people use the computer as an appliance to surf the web, which is a waste in my opinion... Why does a mom that does nothing but type email, reports and surf the web need a High end PC for? You can do all that on an old recalled Pentium 60 and a phone line.

I think this is just the 1st step for Apple to try and really sell computers to the masses without breaking someone pocketbook. Looks are very important to me when it comes to a computer. Apple has always caught me eye, itís the lack of support I hate - which keeps me away. I think currently they have 1.6% share of the computer market.. This could bump them up to a 2-3% share (when the original imac came out), which is not a bad thing.

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