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  Sony monitor expodes in the middle of the night, it sound... my face! small mu 
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Craven Moorehead Apr 19, 2005, 04:34am EDT Report Abuse
wtf caused this to happen to me? I didnt even do anything to the piece of dog matter of a monitor! I was just setting up my daily defrag before hitting the sack cause Im way to impatient for defrag to complete so always do it rigth before I sleep, this time I was setting it up and I heard the monitor pitching a weird sound like a boxer hears when they get knocked out or something. So I thought it would be best just to shut it off and while doing so it went flick flick kabbboooooommm ! it was weird the smoke in the rear of the monitor was thick and shaped like a nuke cloud. I opened the windows as quick as possible, amazingly my girlfriend didnt even hear hit it and the bed is right by the montor. LOL zzzzz LOL! Is this really toxic to our health? And what caused this and it wasnt me tweaking w/monitors refresh or anything it just blew up? Can I sue them? Help me out or should I go see doctor from exposure I heard monitors are really toxic


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Ken LaDere Apr 26, 2005, 08:52am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony monitor expodes in the middle of the night, it sounded like a gun shot off in my face! smal
Sounds like an electrolytic capacitor popped off. These will wake you up if the conditions are right. You shouldnt be in any danger as the CRT is the most volitle component for High voltages and risk of implosion. Throw it out and buy a new one.. I've repaired a ton of monitors and Televisions until costs of new pretty much killed that. If you are attached to the monitor and want to try and repair it look inside and you will probably see paper everywhere.. A tin can style component will be split and should be noticeable. replace with the same voltage and uf (microfarad rating).. And make sure you dont install it reverse polarity.. (It will explode again) The negative is clearly marked on the Cap and the board.

Ken LaDere
231.758.0529 (message)
Pirate Apr 26, 2005, 09:52am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony monitor expodes in the middle of the night, it sounded like a gun shot off in my face! smal
My monitor aslo makes a weird sound something. It ahsnt died or anything tho. The noise is kinda like when ur mic is too loud and u talk close to it. That annoying high pitched noise.

Ken LaDere Apr 27, 2005, 06:45am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony monitor expodes in the middle of the night, it sounded like a gun shot off in my face! smal
Sounds like the Flyback transformer is leaky.. These are a dangerous component and I'd reccomend NOT tearing into it.. 27.5KV,= 27,500 Volts DC output to the Anode of the CRT. Also if the Anode cap is coming unseated for the CRT it can produce a high pitched squeal. Either way its not a do it yourself job. The CRT's can retain a charge for years after the unit has been off. I've been popped a couple times by a dead unit discharging the CRT's to ground and it will produce a pretty good poke. Use the monitor until it dies then toss it I dont want to be responsible for sombody getting hurt So unless you are local to us to bring it in, (Michigan) Just leave well enough alone as you arent in any danger from the noise.

Ken LaDere
231.758.0529 (message)



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