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  Re: ATI's MultiVPU solution, don't get caught in the crossfire? 
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Harrison Someone May 31, 2005, 04:47am EDT Report Abuse
This editorial is rather flawed and biased in my opinion. Here you go and slam ATI's new tech, without any VALUABLE facts to back it up. Yah, they did replace many of the SLI's hardware parts like the SLI bridge with the dongle.
But let's wake up here, when you do something for a very long time, and each time you do it the same exact way each time. But then one day, someone finds a shortcut. The shortcut ends up at the same destination, only quicker. Which way do you take? Don't you think that the dongle would be capable of going faster than the SLI bridge? I do not think ATI would make an external dongle go slower than their competitor.
As for getting a new motherboard, SLI needed a new motherboard too. And the first motherboard that came out for it...yah...I think we ALL know what's the problem with that. Point is that Nvidia rushed their new motherboard, and ATI is testing their motherboard so they don't repeat their competitor's mistake.
I cannot say much about ATI's new card, as I do not know much about it. I strongly am behind both ATI and Nvidia, and I'm eager to find out the results of the tests for the Crossfire. As far as I can see it, ATI has the better graphics card. And If I can have 2x 850 better stand back XD, cause I'll be one the of the first to get them once they pass compatibility testings. Don't get me wrong...i've read up on both Nvidia's fastest card, and they do have some +s...However, I look at speed for my graphics cards, and ATI does have the market on speed as of 5/30/05.



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