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  Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next? 
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David Wilson Jun 09, 2005, 12:19pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Ooooh i really hate this topic.

Thanks for all the Topics Sander Sassen.

Basicly I'm like every one else on here and we all hate paying for music or DVDs for one reason or another also more and more i Hate paying for games. My reason why !!!

Sorry but come one music CDs cost wat too much for a album ! Why is any one going to pay £12 for a album when every one knows you can download it for free. Hey dont get me wrong here ive got tones of music and 90% of it is all Legal CDs. But if i had not of downloaded that music first from the internet i would of never of bought the cd. I aint going to pay money for a album when i Dont even know if im going to like it ! Downloading allows me to see weather i do like it or weather i dont like it as there aint no stores where i live where you can listen to the music before you buy it.

Films !!!! HA have you seen the price of a new DVD £19.99 and some places £24. Your kidding me right ! £0.89 i pay for a Blank DVD. £4.50 to get in to the pictures ! Which is where i go to see most of my films cause i would rather watch them on a large screen and good sound rather than some fake download or some thing done on a Cam. But at the price of DVD's i cant always afford to puy the DVD's i want to buy and some times cant. And you can see why so many people download when you see the price you pay to buy it and the price it cost for a blank DVD disk and the little time it takes to download the film. Im even tempted to download some my self but not totaly sure weather i would want to really dont get too much time to watch them any way. But im sure aint paying £19.99 for a DVD

Games !!!!

Hey im a big time gammer and this one reallllllly gets to me.

This new Market scam where they make you Buy a game some thing like the Matrix online at £34.99 when i bought it new !! Then they make you pay again ! Every month to play the game online !!! Omg this has to be the worse idea ive ever heard of !!!! And have you seen the size of the text telling you that you need a valid credit or debit card to play the game. Now maybe if i got the game for free i might pay monthly fees to play it. But i aint ever going to pay for a game twice "!" no way at all. Some one find away around this i would be more than happy to be told about that !!! Cause there is no way im going to pay for it twice !!! not this life time..... I dont mind paying for a upgrade pack or new versions of a game this i dont mind at all but paying to play ner let the compaines off with this one.

I can totaly under stand why alot of people download off the internet and why people pay for cheep DVD's and Music CDs when the cost of these Items just keep going up and up and up "!" They want people to stop download reduce your prices. Stop asking people to pay for things multipull times. Give people more choise on albums songs and not just two good songs and every thing else dumy stuff that never even made it in to the charts !!!!! Songs people dont even like you know what i mean. Sorry but if music films and games keep going the way there going then i will personal start writing programmes and download music games and films off internet.

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SiB Jun 09, 2005, 02:37pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next?
I msu say I'm 50 50 on the dvd and cd arguement depending on the situation really. But your point is good. But Audio cd's a pain come on, you buy an album only 2 songs are good. I look at some old albums i got 20 tracks or most of the 80 minutes are used. New albums... ermmmmm lets say under 60 minutes used and like 15 tracks if lucky. Come on there after our money. Buying a dvd is better but people do download n sell but the originals are far better.

Only time i buy dvd's is when theres an offer like the Resident Evil 1 & 2 £20 or if its ranged £5 to £10. So they are over priced which causes people to download and sell evan if the copy is with someone with a camera recording the film as they know they are way overpriced and can make a profit themselves.

Now games... OHHHHHHH where should i start. The games that you buy and have to pay extra. I totally agree on what you said for this. A total scam. Like the game Final Fantasy 11. God i love the game, hop cheeky they work to that you can't download it but have to buy it yet the diwsc has no protection and can easily be copied yet you have to buy it! A pain as if your serial number matches with another persons that has the original and spread it on the net then theres chance of you not having an acount. OUCH. So how a pain is that and only ONE month FREE trial,then £15 a month. I agree that why can't we download it free! as in the end of the day they will be making over £150 a year easily of one person. Two what totally p**ses me off they have no descency, as if you do not play the game for 3 months with one of your charecters it gets deleted, i'm sure the money they make can keep that 1mb of data on there servers for like over 10 years. Like rpg's don't recommend that game in any way.

When you got games like Priston Tale, free download, only pay after you reach level 50 which is good because it hard to reach that level. So whats this issue with buying games and then repaying. It's all stupid someone should start some anti organisation like the on against people that want to stop p2p, the anti anti p2p organisation not sure what they called but they caused people to make peer guardian, so why can't people creat patches for these online games no registration, just only you online or you can patch that ai charecters appear like on games on matrix or jsut disable all other internet people in the game like final fantasy. That way your computer won't work as hard and the other peoblem about this is, what if you don't have internet your ment to sign up like at £15 a month to get internet and pay extra £15 to play its a scan so people come together and patch these games! If only i know how to patch and program and sorry for the all the writing.

"Look up for inspiration, down for concentration but donít look side to side for information"
Karras Schaff Jun 09, 2005, 02:39pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next?
You are the type of person that they are trying to stop. You think you should be able to steal media (test it). Sander was saying you should have a right to back up your own propery after you legitimately purchase it. Which I completely agree with. But stealing because you think the prices are too high is not what Sander was saying at all. People (pirates) like you allow these industries to have a scapegoat for their greed. They say they need to protect their wallets from your piracy. Get a clue.

SiB Jun 09, 2005, 02:55pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: Jun 09, 2005, 02:57pm EDT

>> Re: Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next?
Sorry If you thought I ment steal, I don't agree with stealing. But I was just saying the story of cd's such as why people do download as the songs insted of buying cd's as the amount of audio has been reduced on cd's and dvd's, I just said that why people do it as they can make a profit as they are expenise and that I do buy games etc but i totally disagree with buying a game and then paying extra I dont mind if you buy the game and don't pay extra or download the game for free of the consumer like EA or whatever the company is and then you burn to cd and just pay for using the game online. I don't agree with buying and then buyin extra thats all.

"Look up for inspiration, down for concentration but donít look side to side for information"
David Wilson Jun 09, 2005, 02:57pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next?
I is not saying that it is right to steal media software. Working in the Computer industry both fixing and selling media makes me disagree with steal of software more. All im saying is that it is Wrong to have to Pay for Products twice and at 3 times the price you should be paying for them. We pay £12 a cd so that some stuck up art**st can make millions yer man your the one who needs to get a clue !!!

Andrew F Jun 09, 2005, 03:26pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next?
DVDs i dont buy many anymore because most of the films nowadays are terrible! They look like bad non-interactive computer games with all this CGI. Take 'resident evil', 'star wars episode 1,2,3', 'I Robot' and many more. OK they are slightly entertaining but i would never ever want to see them twice. Then look at an older film like 'The Thing' or 'Event Horizon', both good examples because they look stunning and REAL. I bought both cheap from play.

I think the same for music. Alot of new bands are very weak and only release a couple of 'catchy' songs that you get irritated with after a few weeks. Part of the problem is our current culture. People want easy catchy pop music that they will like strait away. Most of the CDs i've brought i didnt think were amazing to begin with, they took time listening to get into... if you know what i mean. Dont tell me you arnt caught by the odd pop song and really like it only to hate it a few months later.. there is music that doesnt do this.
Also the artists make next to no money from selling discs, they mostly make the money from live gigs. This is why real bands, like 'Muse' tour for serveral years after they release an album. The album gets their music known but it doesnt get them much cash.

Computer games have a nice solution. All good developers release demo versions before the actual release. Take Battlefield 2 for ex. They are releaseing a demo version soon this month i hope. If it plays bad i will cancel my pre-order. I doubt it tho :)

Perhaps the profit margins are a little high for media. This is why i'm a careful buyer. I only buy games i know i'll get my £30 from. Like counter-strike i played for hundreds of hours. And i only buy movies I have seen on TV or at a friends/or cinema and i like.

Back to topic, i do think its illegal to stop me copying my own media. I like to copy game disc images to my HDD. Its a pain having to change discs all the time (lol am i lazy?) and they dont get damaged on my HDD. Also music, mp3 are about a million times more user friendly then physical discs. Luckly music copy protection is laughable at the moment.. unless you own a mac.
And DVD movies i havent found one i cant compress to XviD on my HDD yet. Why the media giants say? Because again i cant be bothered to put discs into my machine, expecially music DVDs. And DVD images are way too big (9GB).

Steve S Jun 09, 2005, 04:13pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Re: DVD copying software gets axed, what's next?
The people the authorities should be after are the guys who sell the dodgy DVDs/CDs by the '000s at markets, car boots, street corners etc. They are the bad boys. Not some poor so and so who spends their hard earned on IT stuff (supporting the hardware industry) and original music and video and then uses his PC to back up...and to be fair this is how its far at least!

I'm not a pessimist. I'm just optimistically challenged.

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