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Dublin_Gunner Sep 09, 2005, 12:08pm EDT Report Abuse
Joining this a little late Jim!!!

but you see, thats the whole point, Intel were (are) supposedly using dirty tactics to keep companies like Dell selling only their products. Not Dell or anyones 'choice'. Its anti-competitive, suppressive and illegal.

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jim private Sep 10, 2005, 06:56pm EDT Report Abuse
all i'm saying is that Dell is no different than a resteraunt that choses to use only 1 vendor for their product.. the numbers bear out the fact that in a decade of making processors amd has only been able to eek out a miniscule portion of the market... to teir credit they make the best chip now but what about 5 years down the road is a big company and is not stupid, they (along with other o.e.m s ) went with the proven track record and the perks that come with it ...they had plenty of leverage in those negotiations they were not forced to buy only intel they chose to buy only intel

Gerritt Sep 10, 2005, 07:38pm EDT Report Abuse
Oy Vey,
This keeps coming back!
There are multiple automotive dealerships that do sell multiple car brands (and not all associated with a single parent company), but in the IT industry the high level vendors have been playing hardball with the distributers, but then the distributers are as much to blame.
If the distributers (DELL/HP) are negotiating contracts with Intel and Microsoft based upon lots purchaced ONLY, then INTEL/AMD/Microsoft/Linux/Etc. and the alternative vendors have no justification for lawsuits, as long as the lots agreed to are met, and the distributer has the right to sell whatever they want, as long as they meet their commitment for the lots.
IF, however, the distributers are getting an even BETTER price break based off of a no-compete or sole provider provision, the sole provider has the legal highground based upon the binding agreement associated with the additional price break.

"You sell only my solution and I'll provide you the product @ 50% off list", vs. "You buy my product in 100000 size lots and I'll give you 45% off list" are both acceptable business practices; in the USA as well as around the world.

IF IT CAN BE PROVEN that "You sell my product ONLY or I'll cut you off", NOW we have a lawsuit, and not necessarily a great one.

Just my take as a past systems integrator/VAR for MS/NOVELL/DEC/COMPAQ/GATEWAY/HP/ETC.....

Ad Astra Per Aspera
(A rough road leads to the Stars)
We all know what we know, and everyone else knows we are wrong.
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