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  Re: AMD doesn't trust Intel; I care a lot! 
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Radomir Jordanovic Jul 04, 2005, 03:34am EDT Report Abuse
Hello. I recently applied for a job at a major technology retailer. The first interview pretty much seemed to me as if I were hired simply because I was told I'd train 6-7 people when I started, I answered all of the questions with ease, and so on. I was told I was completely qualified for the job becuase I run my own computer company, have done repairs, and I've worked in grotesque environments.

However, on the second interview, the other manager wanted to know if I could drive sales, since they were falling. I don't blame the customers, since a gig of ram is $249.99, but that's HyperX. However, no other 1GB is offered, and $100-something 512 sticks may be combined. Also, their power supplies are a gip, since the cheapest is a $50 300W Antec. Anyway, I explained that no matter how pricy the ram was, I was sure it would sell if I worked there, but the PC-2700 had to go since it drove customer satisfaction into a brick wall. It was worded much more gently, but I'm already typing too much, I think.

The highlight of the discussion: They had a 3GHz P4 gaming system with an X700 Pro set up to run Microsoft Flight Simulator (oh, the stress on the GPU!) I explained that a P4 is not the product of choice to gamers, and he responded by explaining that Intel pays to train the staff (an 18 year-old beginner needs to train 6 - 7 people; thanks, Intel). Also, Intel pays for an assortment of other things, so "AMD will not be used in our custom built computers for a very long while."

My computer company has no cut in benefits if I order a few hundred AMD CPUs instead of Intel CPUs. It's all the same to me. I don't know what AMD means, but that's probably because my company is now small-time and owned by a teenager. I'd be bothered if I were financially forced into a loophole of death in terms of performance and customer satisfaction. I clearly remember the article when a 5.2GHz P4 beat an FX-55, and with the release of the 57, Intel will have to dish out quite an overclocker to get anywhere.

Because of a very strange accidental purchase and something else that I will not describe here, I ended up with a 3GHz P4. It's nice, but I really would like to have a 2GHz or faster Venice core Athlon64. That would be great. I had to do an 870MHz overclock to beat my friend's Newcastle core 3500 by just a hundred points or so. I am surprised, however, that my PC was stable at that speed. That's pretty good.

So, to continue my first paragraph or the like, I did not end up with a job at Circuit City. I should have sworn I'd sell Intel, faster or not, and I'd sell the ram with a smile, but I did not. They never called me back, and I know it is because of the way the second interview ended - I was told that, in the corporate world, money wins over performance. I know this is the reason they didn't call back because my second interview was really just sitting down and explaining why I am the best one to sell their overpriced Intel and PNY DOY garbage, as well as their asynchronously-bused AthlonXP 3000 (400MHz bus, 333MHz ram) eMachines and P4 HPs and Compaqs.

I am offended to the bones by Intel. Being a PC vendor, I am aware that this post is unprofessional in some sense, but it is never good for business to have major chip companies filing lawsuits over, as it seems, price-to-performance value. Also, I wasn't hired at the retail store, so now I will sell all the high quality goods I want. Buahahahahaha. Behold my wrath, garbage!

Also, I care a lot that AMD doesn't trust Intel because it is surprisingly fascinating news all over, not just in the technology world, so I can follow it more easily than the latest GPU development process or the like.

Silverstone 750W, Asus P5KC, C2 Q6600, 2GB OCZ DDR3 1600
ATI HD 4850 512MB, 1TB Caviar. 1TB Seagate



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