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Dwight Looney Aug 23, 2005, 02:43pm EDT Report Abuse
guess it's time to buy AMD cpu's and roll back to Win 98se

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Lou Bot Aug 23, 2005, 02:51pm EDT Report Abuse
Bad thing about Win98, MS stop supporting it. Critical Updates will continue up till June 2006.

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Andrew Solway Aug 23, 2005, 02:52pm EDT Report Abuse
i buy amd cpus anyway, intel sux.
so amd and vista, then this protection will not work?

Seth Tucker Aug 23, 2005, 03:36pm EDT Report Abuse
I think there's difference between illegal and breaking a publisher's errounious, retarded policies.

Kim Campbell Aug 23, 2005, 03:47pm EDT Report Abuse
The good thing about Windows 98SE is that it is pretty much a finished product as Microsoft has moved on to bigger and better (sic) things. The other good thing is that those miscreants out there releasing worms and viruses into cyberspace are pretty much focused on breaking the security features of the newer versions of Microsoft operating systems. If you have a good anti-virus and spyware program working for you, even Win98SE should be at least as safe as any other microsoft operating system . . . just one man's opinion.

Steve S Aug 23, 2005, 03:47pm EDT Report Abuse
I would be very surprised if Vista only worked with Intel, otherwise this would drive everyone over to AMD (and I can't see the MS/Intel duo putting up with that!). No, these 2 offerings are meant to chain us all down to using original disks more more fun for creative media enthusiasts who enjoys tinkering with music and's a sad, sad day.

Still, look on the bright side. Its only a matter of time before someone cracks these things, then we can laugh at all the money the fat cats have wasted developing these new tools.

Why don't they address the real issue behind the piracy and reduce the cost to the consumer in the first place. If we didn't pay such ridiculous prices (esp. in the UK) in the first place, then no one would buy the dodgy stuff...and more people would be inclined to shop....problem solved.

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Wayne Bjorken Aug 23, 2005, 04:06pm EDT Report Abuse

First! I'd like to thank you for the benefit of your research, not just in this article, but in all of them. One question though. Will this new scheme affect media that are not DRM encoded?



Josh Aug 23, 2005, 04:57pm EDT Report Abuse
So much for our freedoms in the US:(

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Justin Aug 23, 2005, 05:36pm EDT Report Abuse
Yea for now, but someone Will find a way around it, then when they do... we should let them know. :)

AlanOne Aug 23, 2005, 06:43pm EDT Report Abuse
Come now people, let's not get our panties in a bunch just yet. Some enterprising individual (perhaps within Microsoft?) or software developer will most likley come up with software that will circumvent this "HDCP" crap. Everyone remember DVD-X copy right? Even though they were evetually shut down, 321 distributed enough software to supply the market for years to come. I know of many sites and computer fairs where you can still buy it brand new. So in the end, Microsoft, Intel, and yes even Apple will be the ones loosing out. Even so, keep you old machines as-is when Vista launches. That way, you can still copy what ever the hell you want. The bigger picture is the media (DVD's, Music CD's etc) and the way the actual disks themselves will be protected. But again sombody will figure it out.

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Wyatt Hatfield Aug 23, 2005, 07:11pm EDT Report Abuse
What do we do if AMD jumps on the bandwagon? Do we stick with older technologies? Move to differnt software? So much to fair use.
FingerMeElmo87 Aug 23, 2005, 08:57pm EDT Report Abuse
LMAO. intel and micrsoft remind of cheddar bob. the character in 8-mile who shot himself in the leg with his own gun. sure micrsoft and intel have the tools to take over the entire personal computer industry but with this recent implemintation of this BULLSHI* that is DRM into the software of vista and the hardware of the pentium, they have just royally screwed themselves just like cheddar bob did. i do not know a single person in the world that does not have a single mp3 file on there hdd. once every one realizes what these idiots are up to Dell and every other computer manufacture will adopt AMD as there flagship cpu because these chips wont have the hardware side of the total DRM equation. either that or they're goning to invest there money in apple. either way the 2 most dominant sources in the computer industry has just has just dont the same dumba** thing that cheddar bob did; shot themselves in there own leg with there own gun. lmao............Fu****g idiots.

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Jim English Aug 23, 2005, 09:49pm EDT Report Abuse
Unfortunately, AMD don't have the manufacturing capacity to take more than ~25% of the market IIRC. Oh well, we'll buy AMD and leave Intel to the masses I guess.

Albert Crocker Aug 23, 2005, 10:03pm EDT Report Abuse
Yes, we'll have to keep our current systems as-is when Vista comes out. When the time comes, put Vista on a new PC and don't let Microsoft put any updates on your older XP PC until you know what those updates do.

The really troubling issue, however, is NEW MEDIA CONTENT. This scheme between the publishers and M$Intel is really designed with the future in mind more than any thing else. The MPAA is more concerned with the wholesale piracy in Asia than with BitTorrent, though they are happy to whack every mole that pops up. They have essentially drawn a line in the sand and said, "unless we can absolutely trust that our IP cannot be used in a manner we don't approve of, then we will not release it!" They know that enough people will want that content that they will be willing to jump though the DRM hoops in order to get it. There will come a time when movies and music will be released only on media that works with M$Intel's DRM. We'll still be able to exercise our Fair Use rights on older (current) media, even if it takes enterprising code liberators to help, but the industry's goal is to make it impossible with their newer media, esp. High Def content.

If any draconian DRM scheme actually gets significant market penetration -- if Congress and/or the Courts refuse to step in and codify our Fair Use rights, for example -- then the whole landscape will change. We will adapt, however, as we always have. After all, we expect the publishers to adapt to the "Internet Age." We like to lambaste them for sticking with their "outdated" business model as gatekeepers when all the content is easily manipulated 1's and 0's. We basically told them to "adapt" themselves out of business, as so many people worldwide freely copied and shared millions of songs and movies that used to cost money...

But instead, they have chosen to adapt to the Internet Age by stipulating that all newly manufactured computers be designed from the ground up to 'rectify' that horrible mistake of letting 1's and 0's be so easily manipulated in the first place. (A task that would have been impossible without the convenient existence of a monopoly over new PCs -- M$Intel -- willing to ally with them.)

Clearly, a lot of people are extending the bounds of "Fair Use" beyond all recognition with their activities. The publishers therefore feel that their only recourse is eliminating that gray area of consumer discretion entirely, since they cannot trust consumers to stay within the bounds of Fair Use principles. Cheap broadband + cheap DVD burners + an attitude that "information is free" = a nightmare for IP holders. At this point, the publishers have set up an incredibly adversarial relationship with consumers. I don't really know which side is to blame more for it, though. Abuse can be easily seen on either side. If you think about it, this new situation is hardly unexpected. The first time I ever logged on to the original Napster, I thought to myself, "I can really get all these songs for free? No strings attached? Surely this can't last."


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Andrew Solway Aug 24, 2005, 04:24am EDT Report Abuse
i always choose amd anyway, far better processors

and its microsoft, someone always hacks it!

if amd stays out of this, they will be rich! everyone would buy amd, and intel will DIIIEEEE.

Harrison Someone Aug 24, 2005, 05:20am EDT Report Abuse
Responding to the Reply above...

I am going to buy an AMD processor naturally...but...I think that Intel can never die...If intel dies, I'll buy myself a fruit hat, polka dress, and edible underwear and do the tango on Microsofts roof with a Hobo while eating pigs feet...well...not really...but it'd be more accurate to say that...Intel will die when somebody drives over to the Intel HQ, and lights fires to the groves of Money trees they have their...their's no other way they could make so much money...THEY ARE GROWING IT IN TREES...and the government doesn't want us to know!!! Consiracy theory? nope, i've SEEN it!!!...MWAHAHAHAHAHA...ok...yah...won't ever happen...not even in your dreams. Because if you start to dream it, the Intel team will come by and poor 20 gallons of boiling hot water on you so that it'd never even happen in your dreams.

P.S. I'm soooooooooooooo not bored right now!



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