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  Satisfying unbridled greed... Wanna bet? 
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[Kain] Aug 24, 2005, 11:49am EDT Report Abuse
How much are you willing to bet you CAN create digital copy of protected music to your Vista OS using only a Microsoft format file like a modified WMA? I'll put about $0.01 on that wager, because it just seems so obvious. Microsoft has full control over its own media formats, so it is simple enough to create one that contains tight controls so you can't go sharing the digital file around. Plus, the file format is native to Win Media Player and Vista, and Microsoft will have the advantage when coding for compatibility with Intel's hardware.

I sure hope there is ample information out there to 3rd party developers, so they have a chance to build compliant software with the same features. Otherwise, developers are being stonewalled and will eventually end up in yet another lawsuit.

"NO! You can NOT record to MP3. You MUST use our own format instead because it is more ethical and becasue we have complete control over it. Never mind the observation panel just installed in your home... the Department of Truth exists for your protection." (Apologies to George Orwell, but I think he'd agree.)

Hmm. Seems to smack of greed, doesn't it? This is completely speculative, of course.

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[Kain] Aug 24, 2005, 12:09pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Satisfying unbridled greed... Wanna bet?
I forgot to mention that I completely support this move in regard to right of artists to protect their mealticket. The vast majority of artists who pubish CDs see very little financial return on their investment, and many small-timers lose their shirts on it. So, I say "hurrah" for protecting the rights of the "honest," small-time artists.

ON THE OTHER HAND... I thumb my nose in the general direction of media conglomerates supporting this measure to ensure their promotions for big-time artists pay off, so they can showcase their artist toys on their internationally synicated radio stations, TV stations, late-night network programs, and score them in movies their studios produce. I am SO TIRED of not seeing any real interviews on "the Late Show" and "the Tonight Show". Instead, the network schedules actors who have new movies from their studios or TV programs ontheir station, so they can promote their own agenda. And you know it isn't just coencidence that the musical guest performer just happens to be scored on the same movie the actor is promoting, or is promoting a new album from the company's studio? The artist is completely owned and becomes obsessed with their faux success and fame.

IMHO, "Mega-media" corporations like "AOL-Time-Warner-PictureHouse-HBO-Turner-GuyWhoLivesNextDoor-YourDog-Everybody" really don't need these protections as the small-timers do. They have more than enough resources to promote their wares. I am not saying they deserve to be ripped off, but their big-time artists certainly aren't hurting. They should make their big-time artist productions more available to assist their promotions, if they were smart. SHARE THE WEALTH WITH THE SMALL-TIMERS!

So, DON'T GET MAD AT MICROSOFT. Get mad at "Mega-media" who are truly ripping you off. Protect the rights of the honest, small-time artists who really work for a living. Create some sort of scalar media protection system that loosens restrictions for big-time artists and those who wish to have free trade.

Will Olson II Aug 24, 2005, 10:25pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Satisfying unbridled greed... Wanna bet?
Most small time bands, atleast every small band I know now loves the idea of free media its that many more people who hear their music. Most small timers are out more to get heard and known than to make mega millions, and love the idea of getting their music to as many people as possiable.

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Lawrence O. Wilson Aug 24, 2005, 10:46pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Satisfying unbridled greed... Wanna bet?
Sir [Kain] .

Your response is well worth reading, not only to those that take part in this FORUM, but the world at large!
As I wrote in my response, ethics, Integrity, and moral values are the real issues here!

On paper, our Constitution, We have the where-for-all to truly be the greatest nation on earth! No other country has a Consitution that equals ours! Self determination, not a police state, freedom translates to Responsibility nurtured in Integrity. Democracy and Capitalism can only function when the people accept responsibility for their actions and those actions are nurtured in ethics, integrity - moral values.

We do not want to have to call the police, or have to go to court, or have someone standing over us. We do not want a few to take it all or control all and the rest have no choice or chance to enjoy all that this great land has to offer! That is what this issues is about, a few abusing the masses. Saddly, this is what we seem to come up agaist over and over again!
This issue is just one of ever so many, and it is so sad! Sad because OUR country has everything - EVERYTHING- the resources, natural and man-made, peoples from every land, and yet, because of GREED, lack of moral values we have to waste precious life time over issues like this!



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