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  Tyan Tiger MP S2460 and Western Digital 40Gb ATA100 IDE HDD (7200rpm) 
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Thomas Roch Nov 21, 2001, 02:45am EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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The BIOS (rev 1.3) detects the HDD correctly, DOS fdisk partitions it correctly, but DOS format (FAT32) fails after the format with a message that it cannot write the partition table (after you wait 3 months for the format to finish).

Also, I tried booting from the Windows XP Pro CD, and when you get to the partition part of the install, the HDD is detected as either a 49Gb HDD or a 6Gb HDD, and will not partition either way.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next?

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Robert Kropiewnicki Nov 21, 2001, 09:50am EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Tyan Tiger MP S2460 and Western Digital 40Gb ATA100 IDE HDD (7200rpm)
One thing I would suggest is making sure that the BIOS is reading the correct information. I know you said it detected it properly, but is it coming up with the right amount of heads, cylinders, etc or just the right size?

Sander Sassen Nov 21, 2001, 10:06am EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Tyan Tiger MP S2460 and Western Digital 40Gb ATA100 IDE HDD (7200rpm)

Is the HD the only device on the cable? Did you set the HD's jumper to 'master' and used the proper connector on the cable? Furthermore you could try to enter the values into the BIOS manually instead of using the autodetect feature. I always use a disk manager to format my drives, which gives you much more options than fdisk and format, I'm sure WD has such a util too, I'd recommend using that.

If all of that doesn't help, I'd see if I can test the drive in a different machine, maybe the HD is defective? Also be sure to use a cable which is in 100% working condition, faulty cables have been known to cause numerous hard to diagnose errors.

Good luck!

Sander Sassen

President, CEO, Hardware Analysis
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Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis
wes howell Apr 19, 2002, 01:14pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Tyan Tiger MP S2460 and Western Digital 40Gb ATA100 IDE HDD (7200rpm)
Hello Sander,

I follow your site and have noticed that you take personal interest in the Tiger 2460..Im sure the fact that you use one as a server may have something to do with that! :)

Anyway, I have been workin with one with a very high end configuration over the past few months and thought you may find this interesting, you may even have a suggestion or two.... I have gotten the system to run REALLY well, with one slight problem....I am runnin low on IRQ's and with my current configuration, I can't use both ON board IDE channels...I can only use my IDE Optical Drives, it wont let me use my hard just won't boot.

Man o Man! I have been workin on this system forever!! I have put 200 hours into getting this workin over the past few months and I think it just comes down to the fact that all my stuff is just too new, not to mention the fact that I have a DV editing card that takes up 2 IRQ's...

I do take all of this in stride and when I'm not feeling like throwing my machine out the window, I do find a bit of humor in all of this!
After all, What other business do you know of where you spend the most money, but the latest, greatest and nicest stuff and all you get is grief, frustration and huge problems!!

Here is my configuration..just so you know what I am using here.

Tiger MP S2460
Windows XP PRO
DV REX RT PRO (dual Boards uses 2 IRQ's)
2X MP 2000's
1.5 gig DDR
Adaptec 29160 controller card
Dual DVI out Geforce 4 TI-4600
(just got two 18" DVI TFT's)
3 10k RPM drives (SCSI-3)
2 60 GIG desktar IDE drives
Pioneer A04
20X Yamaha Burner
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz or Sound blaster live 5.1
(currently using turtle beach, I like it more)
Enermax 430 Watt

I know which cards share IRQ's and there is only one card configuration that allows this to work... It does work pretty well, I just can't use both IDE and SCSI drives.

To be fair, as long as I dont use both onboard IDE channels, this system is so blazing fast! I love it...I have two hot swap IDE bays that I wanted to use for DV projects, but I am just not able to get it to run smoothly..

I just wanted to see if ya had any thoughts, but my main problem is that I just can't run very stable with both the scsi card and both onboard IDE channels.....It just wont do it...I have tried every configuration and I got it to work once, but then I changed the monitors (can you believe that changing monitors caused Windows to reshuffle everything and I had to re-install windows?)

As long as I leave the IDE hard drives unplugged all is well, but I need more storage than the 120 gigs that I get with my SCSI drives...So I was considering getting rid of the SCSI's and going with 4 120 gig IBM / WD drives in one or two striped arrays.... But I really lked my SCSI drives, I hate to downgrade to IDE just to save an IRQ, especailly considering that I may be opening up a can of worms with a complex configuration like this......but it would free up one IRQ by eliminating the need for both a scsi card and an onboard IDE channel....

Any thoughts? I know this is a tough one....

Thanks for the help


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