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  Sony Vaio laptop wont boot? 
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Steve Rice Aug 15, 2006, 01:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
My computer always boots up and runs. What it does is then shut down on its own for no reason which then requires a 'cool down' period of time before it will turn back on. You can spray air on the fan area and it cools down faster to get it back on. I had the computer looked at independently of Sony before shipping it to Sony and the guys told me the Mother board was the problem. According to Sony it is the mother board, the hard drive, and the fan as well as needing another new battery. The first time Sony diagnosed it they sold me $260 worth in a new power cord, adapter and battery which did nothing to fix the problem.

My computer guy here tells me that he thinks the fan and hard drive are not recieving the correct amount of power or something to do with current. I don't recall exactly. He said something about connections becoming elastic under heat and lossing conductivity. So he said he'd repair the mother board and see if suddenly the other parts don't begin functioning properly but I know very little about it other than the facts I've stated. The Sony computer cost us about $3400 all total for it, the CD burner, the wireless connection and the floppy drive and it lasted about one year before becoming so bad that it has spent the rest of the time we've owned it sitting around in the hardshell case we bought for it to keep it safe. At this writing it won't even stay on long enough to uninstall a program before it turns itself off.

I'm currently looking at HP computers now to replace this Sony rather than throw good money away after bad on it again. I don't intend to spend anymore than $600 for another notebook. If I knew someone trustworthy that had a reconditioned one I'd try that even at this point. If it lasts 12 months for a few hundred bucks its certainly better than spending a few thousand for the same amount of time. None of the expensive ones I've owned have ever panned out for me as far as longevity though so I'm going to go the opposite route this time and go cheap. The way I figure it I could have bought three HP lap tops when I bought the Sony and for about the same money and stuck two in my safe for when one died. I could have made out far better this way than having one high dollar one that acted up beyond belief about two weeks after the warranty expired.

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stuart ranson Aug 16, 2006, 04:59am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have had a number of laptop/notebook computers over time. The worst one was the Sony which had all the problems displayed in this thread.

By comparison I have found that HP have an excellent support team who seem to know what they are talking about, respond to queries and solve problems. The machines themselves seem well built and have lasted a lot longer than the Sony. A Compaq (but now HP) has also served good time and a Toshiba gave absolutely brilliant displays and purports to have improved "shock resistance" (although this may simply be an advertised feature rather than anything better than the others)

As far as Sony is concerned, I would never buy another. The service is terrible, support pretty similar and the problem identified by this thread is simply ignored. It seems that over the years from one model to another problems with the memory chips and the motherboard connection abound. I am no expert in this area but it seems to me that this is not just a batch of computers with the same problem but a basic design flaw which means that the heat generation and dissipation and the flexibility of the motherboard and the soldering of the part near to the memory chips is fundamentally design flawed across all models. That the problem occurs in later models suggests that Sony have simply ignored this problem as it does not take rocket science to change the specification when a known problem occurs to ensure later models do not suffer the same problem.

That the problem normally only occurs toward the end of the warranty life of the model is highly suspicious and leads to the thought that any post sales testing is simply limited to that 12 months. Further, that the loss of power and connectivity at that time suggests that the design, method of construction or solering is such that it is almost designed or coincidentally under normal usage occurs at the 12 month interval

Sony must sell millions of these machines over the years on the other hand and this thread does not indicated there are millions of others who have problems. So, an issue is how it is that only those subscribing here know about and suffer the problem. Are all the other machines in cupboards languishing after shaken shoulders or are they still working. If working how have they got away with it?

A clue is that it appears nearly all problems are cured by re-soldering the mother board. This suggests that the amount of solder or the formation of the solder is poor.

Thoughts as to cause?


Doug Gedak Aug 17, 2006, 07:10pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hello everyone, I have the same problem, no suprise heh!!!! I have a vaio pcg-fx150 that shows the same characteristics.
When I turn it on the green light comes on and the battery 1 flashes. I hare the fan start for a second and the dvd rom also cycles. Never a flash on the HDD, I have tried the memory chip swap and the reset and the cmos battery. the screen stays blank? Any other ideas to try? Could it be that both memory slots are bad?
Anyways it was a rainy day so I pulled it out of the closet and tried the fixes again, HHHHHEEEEELLLLPPP!

* * Aug 17, 2006, 07:14pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Doug Gedak Aug 17, 2006, 07:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Thanks Shantan

But no luck I have pressed down on them and even switched them and I cannot get anything on the display?

any other options?


* * Aug 17, 2006, 07:26pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Doug Gedak Aug 17, 2006, 07:30pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Thanks for the tips again Shantan, I will take it apart tonight and see what I can find.



database2000 database2000 Aug 26, 2006, 09:14pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hi everyone, I have the same problem, my vaio is vgn t140p. Unfortunatelly, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, so the total repair cost (incl. shipping cost to US) will be the same with the price of new mainboard. Is there any repair center (like Joe) in Singapore or Jakarta? Any advice and recommendation will be appreaciated. Thank you in advance

josh ericson Aug 28, 2006, 01:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I bought a replacement laptop AC adapter about a month ago from
and it works great. Is there any reason to think that a replacement laptop AC adapter would be any worse than the manufacturers?

Steve Rice Aug 28, 2006, 01:57pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
As I said earlier I sent my Vaio into Sony to have them give me an estimate of the repair. Can't say I'm too impressed with their wrap job mailing it back to me nor with the way they just threw the parts back together. The computer booted up and actually ran normally before they got it although I admit it didn't stay on very long. It still charged the battery at least and pretty much allowed me to uninstall some programs and personal info. Now after Sony got it it doesn't even come on or recognize that the battery or power cord is plugged in. Silly me for expecting them to at least put it back the way it was before they got it I guess.


daniel claxton Aug 28, 2006, 05:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I had my laptop repaired by Joe K about 2 weeks ago & knock on wood, the thing I once called an overweight paperweight is now fully operational & going strong....Thanks Joe! Just to let you guys know,I had the same problems & I use my laptop strickly for music apps & it's handling everything I can throw at it again, so in my opinion, if you can get a hold of any of the guys on this board that fixes this it! It'll save you the headache of waiting for Sony to admit it's wrongdoing.

* * Aug 28, 2006, 05:38pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Joe K Aug 28, 2006, 08:49pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hello Daniel,

Glad to hear all is well. Best of luck,

Joe Kabalan
Laptop / Notebook BIOS Repair
Motherboard Defect Solutions
Samuel Singleton Aug 29, 2006, 05:09pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have a Sony PCG-GRZ530 that I have had about 3 yrs. It has never been a problem except for an over-heating problem that Sony actually fixed right after I bought it.... but recently if I hibernate it, it does not seem to be able to get the hard drive to back come up. The fan is running and the screen is blue but the unit will not resume windows. It works fine if I put it into standby mode.

The first time that this happened I tried taking out the battery and the HD and the memory and putting them back. This has worked three times... I am now afraid to shutdown, or hibernate.

Do you have any suggestions?

(Also my hinges are breaking on the lid/screen.)


Sam Singleton
843 340-9033

David Kessler Aug 29, 2006, 07:12pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
That was one of the first symptoms my machine showed en route to the traditional memory failure due to bad soldering. Joe Kabalan fixed my machine almost 2 years ago and it's still working fine. (That was after the initial failure at 14 months and a repair by Sony that failed after another 9 months.)

Based on my experience, I would suggest you get the machine fixed if you want to continue using it. The repair bill is around $200 including shipping.

From your area code, I see you are on the east coast. You should contact Joe Kabalan who is in upstate NY ( Tom Pappas is in AZ and also fixes this problem.

Good luck,

joe ortega Aug 31, 2006, 08:15pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Morning / Afternoon All
I own an old European model FX-301 (equivalent to the FX-215 in the USA).
Having recently installed Windows XP Pro and using the original 128 Mb Ram I decided to upgrade.
I did some investigating and found that I could install 2 x 256 Mb so I purchased the genuine Sony chips. I also installed a new 40 GB hard drive.
All went well for a few weeks until I left the machine running over night as I was transferring a lot of data from one hard drive to another.
Then I got the dreaded no start as you all seem to have had. I took the machine to my local PC guru and he actually managed to start it once and found nothing wrong. He did suggest that it could be the motherboard. Yesterday I found your forum on the web and forwarded the link to him, he removed one chip and bingo it started.
Yesterday evening I experimented myself with the addition of insulation tape but with no success.

1. One of the chips actually does not work now - is there any way of checking the chip out?
2. What do I need to do to get the non working chip socket working again? Some soldering?

On another note I have a couple of other problems / queries (I am not a computer expert by no means):
3. Having installed XP Pro - do I need to change anything else on the machine? - new BIOS?, new drivers?, etc

4. As my laptop does not have USB2 ports I purchased a PCMIIA USB2 card. This has its own power supply so that I can connect portable hard drives, etc. However when I am using the card with the drive or a wireless USB radio device the computer locks up. If I eject the PCMIIA card - the computer starts to work again.

Any clues anyone? (on any of the 4 queries above)


Tasha Webster Sep 04, 2006, 06:55am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hi all, wondering is someone can help...

i was given a laptop by a friend its a sony vaio pga-f801a. it worked fine until this morning i tryed to boot it and i can hear the fan but my screen is blank, i have no power light even though i can hear the fan, there is an orange button lit on the screen its a cilinder shape symbol over it..

can you help me?



Brendan Lynch Sep 04, 2006, 07:18am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice. I bought a Sony Vaio PCG-GRV680 about three years ago in a Best Buy. At the time it worked like a charm. However after a while it began to recognise only 512Mb of the !Gb of RAM. I thought that this was odd. I swapped the modules around and it still only recognised 512Mb. It seems it was displyaing the problem identified here of a memory slot not fully working. At the time it didn't bother me too much as I was able to do what I needed to do with the 512Mb.

A few months back it started shutting off while I was working on it. This proved to be frustrating as sometimes it would do so when I hadn't saved what I was working on. However there didn't seem to be any pattern to the laptop shutting down. I thought that it was an operating system problem. However last week it stopped working completely. I had given up on it and was going to replace it but I saw this discussion. I have read a number of the posts and see that a lot of people have the same or similar problems to mine.

YTesterday I took the laptop apart to see what happens when I switch it on. When the power is turned on it starts the fan and the fan over the processor by the heatsink. However this fan then stops almost straight away. There is a bit of activity on the CD drive but then I'm left staring at a blank screen and 1 green LED (and the battery LED if I'm not using AC power). The laptop just sits there happily with the fan going and nothing else happening. Is there anything that I can do to fix this? I have seen a number of people write about sending the laptop to one of two guys who can fix it. The problem is that I am now over in Europe, in Ireland, and the cost of shipping a laptop even to the East Coast of America is a bit prohibitive. Do you know if there is anyone on this side of the world that can fix these problems? When I bought it from Best Buy, I think I got their five year insurance but I have to go rooting for these documents. Any help would be appreciated...



francisco f Sep 06, 2006, 03:44pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
hello Brendan,
Mine went through the same ordeal. Joe has it now and hopefully he will fix it. He has said that if you ship the laptop without batteries and power cord it will wieght around 5 lbs or less.

Good luck,

Val Sant Sep 07, 2006, 04:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I thought I would check in on this BB after a year or so to see how many posts are still collecting here re Sony. It seems that there were two problems - one was a model that wasn't soldered well from the start, and the others just ran hot and caused damage to the solder at the DSIM (?) socket, I believe.

With the later problem, the P4 chip ran so hot it melted the solder - usually the first symptom is the laptop shutting down for no apparent reason. It does that when it overheats. Sony eventually did post a message to their BB that tells you how to clean the fan, although it didn't work for me -- I had to open it up from the keyboard because there was no access to the fan from the outside like the later models have. You need to clean out your fan about every 4 months to keep these laptop functioning. Once the solder has melted a little on the one DSIM socket (the same one on every laptop) the machine won't boot. If you take out one of the DSIM chips, it works just fine, although with less ram. You can read on to find out which one, or just try each one.

Tom & Joe can re-solder and clean the units at a reasonable price. Sony will sell you a new motherboard.

See you later & good luck. ps. anyone want to buy mine?

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