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  Sony Vaio laptop wont boot? 
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Murdock L Jun 09, 2005, 08:29pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Does the class action lawsuit cover the GRZ630 model as well??

I bought the 3 year extended warranty from the place I bought my grz630 and have sent it back and forth for 6 MONTHS, shutdown and then no boot problem came back within 10 minutes of getting it back from sony repair. I want in on this lawsuit as I just got hundreds of dollars from another one over some defective harddrives (actually got back the ~3 yr old original price of the hdd's!).

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Edsa M. Abdurahman Jun 09, 2005, 10:04pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot? PCG-FX120
Hi there,

I'm too am a victim of the VAIO curse (if there is any). First it was only the keyboard not functioning then this.
I have a PCG-FX120 VAIO that wont power up. When I pushed the power button the leds on the panel light up, the fan would spin and there are noise from the speakers then it dies. The process take less than a second. whenever I power it on it would blink and dies. I've tried to pull the battery and leve it for a day without power and boot it up with success, but only ONCE! after that it would just blink and dies. I've tried all the other solution posted in the thread (except sending it to Joe--I'm in Indonesia so S&H would be overkill on my budget).

The interesting part happened when I dissasemble the VAIO and pull out the upper panel (with the power button and speakers) .I've removed the panel leaving the ribbon cable attach to the mobo. I touched the pins and the laptop would blink. (I didn't even pushed the power button--mind you it's disconnected). I tried using tweezers to test the pins and it would constantly blink wherever i connect two pins together!
Can there be a short in the cable that prevented it to power up? Is it even suppose to do that?!?

******************POST UPDATE**********************
The problem got worse, now I know the battery isn't charging at all. I left it all night yesterday with the the AC plug in the wall and hope it would charge the battery. But it didn't. The thing wouldn't even blink with only the battery on. what is wrong with it?!? I know it's not the ram socket, or the cmos battery. can it be a faulty power board?!?

Oh and I noticed an 8 switch jumper on the top of the mobo. currently only the 3rd switch is on. What does this jumper control? can this be the culprit?!?

I really wanted to get this thing to acctually boot or just powerd up! Any help and suggestion is very welcomed.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Pappas Jun 10, 2005, 12:33am EDT Report Abuse
>> Startup issues
It's really hard to diagnose a computer from 10,000 miles away, but before you send it anywhere I highly recommend you replace the power switch cable.

If you aren't EXTREMELY careful with the original cables, the conductors will part after they've been flexed a few times. It also takes a special touch to prevent the conductors from peeling off the backing when you're inserting them into sockets, too. So if you've been disassembling and reassembling your machine, that would be the first place I would look.

Joe K makes cables - drop him an e-mail.

Tom Pappas

Frank Hudson Jun 10, 2005, 01:17am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
To Reiterate :

The foloowing link :

is to one of the firms handling the Class Action against Sony regarding the defective motherboards. I have actually spoken with one of the lawyers handling this suit. This firm is staffed by professional and attentive staff. If you have questions regarding your candidacy follow the link and call them. My calls have ALWAYS been returned within 24 hours. The attorney I spoke with said my earlier posts had resulted in at least 10 inquires that she knew of, so there are ALOT of us out there... WE JUST NEED TO BE HEARD !!!

On an additional note... Are there any owners of the Vaio series that were recalled due to a modem defect that could cause electrical shock ? ( Models PCG-FR25 AND PCG-FR27 )... I would be interested to know If anyone has any technical knowledge about the fix for that problem and <IF> the fix might have caused heating and or voltage anomalies on similarly designed boards ?



David Kessler Jun 10, 2005, 08:14am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
An additional approach:
I think we should band together in groups possibly based on where we bought our computers. Then approach the corporate headquarters of the companies who sold the machines with a long list of signatories. The list could point out that they are selling defective goods from a manufacturer that is not interested in solving problems that are endemic to their machines. I bought my machine at CircuitCity, but I know that Staples and CompUSA also sell Sonys. It could be that a single list (being much larger) that is separated by purchase source would be more effective. The idea would be to get the sellers of Sony equipment to help get Sony to clean up their act--ultimately a desirable result.

Incidentally, I submitted information to leflaw and have not heard anything from them. If you're hoping to get anything substantive from a class action suit, don't hold your breath for any releif. Those multi-million dollar suits turn into pennies on the dime (or fractions of a penny on the dollar) when the settlement actually comes.


Joe K Jun 10, 2005, 08:38am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
To me, it seems when problems such as this happen with such large corporations and wide spread issues the ONLY ones that make any money from "legal action" are the lawyers. I wouldn't be too concerned about getting law suits going in this type of situation.

What I would do is think about how you can have the biggest impact on the manufacturer as possible. After all, that is the main objective here right?

One way to have an impact is by broadcasting "your problem" to the world. I would concentrate more on getting a news media channel of some kind to listen to this problem and hopefully create a story concerning these issues.

Then and only then will a company as large as Sony will even take notice of a problem. I think that if everyone who has "signed the petitions" would have send an email to "dateline" or some other media channel, this would have been a story on TV. Then and only then will you see action.

Sony has a lot of money, remember that. Lawyers can be paid off on both side at anytime and come back with a "sorry, we didn't have a chance"

Joe Kabalan
Laptop / Notebook BIOS Repair
Motherboard Defect Solutions
Hifshon Yasiah Jun 10, 2005, 08:40am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Martin Hapner Jun 10, 2005, 09:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
hi joe,

you are absolutely correct about approaching the media.

i believe in one of my earlier [ancient now] posts i stated that i contacted a local television station here in the Bay Area, which has a consumer action segment. unfortunately, the station did not respond to my message. at the time, i figured it was due to the station being an ABC affiliate and if i am not too wrong, Sony and ABC are tied at the hip....

it is unfortunate that the so called media is just a front for most of these large corporations; deciding what is in the corporate best interest as opposed to what is 'real' news.


i purchased my Vaio at Circuit City.
also, since my laptop was fixed by Joe K. some 14 months ago....i have had no reoccurring booting problems.

Murdock L Jun 10, 2005, 10:23am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
my grz630 as I said above was dead when I got it back from repairs a second time so I talked to a manager of the company who handles the warranty - (mackcam). He said I could take it to compUSA to have it fixed locally so it would be faster than shipping all over the US. This blows and one third of the time I have had my laptop it has been out for repair (6 months out of 18). I still have 18 months on my extended warranty and I hope to be using it sometime soon. I refuse to pay someone $150 or MORE to fix my laptop that is under warranty, because I paid ~$300 for that warranty.

I left a message with the people at leflaw asking if they would accept the GRZ model into their lawsuit but they were not picking up their phones- do they screen all of their calls or something? It was 10:15 on a friday morning.

Hanka Z Jun 10, 2005, 11:20am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Have you in USA something as organization for customer care? May be a good idea to have more lawyers in this causa...;)

To this all I feel heart in my business - I am without mashine with which I can work for few months! Yes, I can buy another but I am not a milionare!!! I am only photographer and pilot, who was on a expedition in terrain on opossite side of World and can't solve any trouble...

Yes, a good idea to write about it not only in this forum !!!

These cables about which you are talking (flat ones) are trullys**t :o Sorry, but can't find another suitable word...

The lawyers at lewflaw told me, that solve the trouble with Sony Coorp. isn't question of days and that I have to bee checking web pages. I trust that they do what possible is.

Have a nice day,


Hanka Z Jun 10, 2005, 11:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hi gays,

just checked message from Sokkie from Lewflaw - here is link with status in this Sony case..



David Kessler Jun 10, 2005, 11:36am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Thanks for the suggestion of approaching the media. I sent the following email to Hiawatha Bray, the tech correspondant for the Boston Globe. He responded within minutes saying that the story sounded interesting and asking if we could speak on Monday.

The rest of this post is my email to him:
Dear Mr. Bray,
I am the owner of a Sony laptop which I recently had repaired--a second
time. Prior to sending it to a company that specializes in fixing what is a
design problem with most (or all) Sony laptops, I encountered an
interesting online forum. I joined a thread that has been running March
2003 and is dedicated to two design problems which Sony has refused (with
one small exception) to acknowledge. (The exception for one model and Sony
tells you not to use your laptop in a dusty environment or around pets and
to clean the inside every few months.) If you want to look at the thread on
the Vaio laptops, it's at: .

There are two companies in the US that actually fix the Sonys. I sent my
machine to AQS Computer Services ( ) which not only
fixes Sonys but also learns about and repairs manufacturers problems with
other laptops. The other place that actually repairs the Sonys is in
Arizona. Tom Pappas ( ) makes a business of
repairing only Sony laptops.

There has been a class action suit (Hapner vs. Sony) started over this

Speaking with Joe Kabalan of AQS Computer Services, it seems that a number
of manufacturers are producing (in some cases I have to assume knowingly)
producing expensive computers that are built to fail in a year or less and
then are unable to fix them.

I wanted to suggest a story idea around the quality of laptops. I also hope
you will help to publicize the problems with Sony laptops in particular. My
hope would be for pressure to be placed on Sony (and other companies) so
that they start to produce better computers. If people stop buying them,
perhaps CircuitCity, CompUSA and other chain stores will either get their
suppliers to do better or find product lines that are better.

I will be happy to discuss this with you further if you wish. I hope to
hear from you sometime in the near future.

Ian Jackson Jun 10, 2005, 05:10pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Just got my GRX316MP back from Joe K a few days ago and everything is working perfectly.

I just want to say a big Thank You to Joe K for bringing my laptop back from the dead.

BTW I live in the UK and shipped from here, if there are any other UK Vaio users that are thinking of doing the same and would like any information feel free to contact me privately


J S Jun 11, 2005, 03:15am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I think many of us should contact these media agencies at the same time so that they know this is really an important story. A few months ago I suggested this story to a bunch of newpapers and tv stations around the country (including the Boston Globe - I'm glad to hear they got back to you) and included the link to this forum, but no one ever got back to me.

Circuit City

Jon Jonner Jun 11, 2005, 02:40pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hello Guys,
I have a Sony Vaio PCG-K13 laptop that I bought from best buy in march of last year. It has worked pretty fine for thios time period. A couple of days ago, I unplugged the laptop from the power source after working just fine. When I tried to reboot the computer, it did not boot up. No fan, No noise, nothing whatsoever. The manufacturer's warranty for the laptop has expired but I got a Performance Service Plan from Best Buy when I got the laptop. I took it in to get fixed at Best Buy, and they told me this.
Quarter found in the Ram Slot (God knows how it got there), and a Straw Rapper found in pcmcia slot. So they're not gonna fix it. Anyway, I guess their explanation is tha a quarter in the ram slot, even though the computer has never been opened caused the motherboard to short out, and it is a foreign object so it was classified as "misuse or abuse", which excludes them from responsibility, it would cost 1400 dollars to replace the motherboard. I have never tinkered with the insides of a laptop, so I wouldn't know what the problem could be. Anyway, are you guys convinced this is the problem. Is there anyway for me to prove that isn't the problem, so I can get my laptop fixed. What would you do? How could I go about it?

Jake T Jun 11, 2005, 09:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Ok this is very important, so make sure you read this!!!!!!!!!

About my Sony Vaio pcg-grz 630 laptop, i have this overheating problem that many of us are experiencing. Calling Sony didn't resolve anything but maybe i have found a way to pressure Sony. I have a friend that works for a very famous and popular magazine, he told me about a recent case involving an Ipod that was resolved because of an article in this magazine, basically a bad publicity stunt, he also suggested i do the same.

What do you all think, should we go for it?

I am going to get all the needed information before the battle with this giant.

Sony needs to take responsibility for their actions, they think they can sell expensive defective laptops and not take responsibility for it.

Murdock L Jun 12, 2005, 12:05am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Jake T- I have the same model laptop for the past 18 months and have sent it out numerous times for repair under warranty- each time it came back with the same problem. If you need any info since we have the same model I'd be glad to help. My email address is techguy2000*nospam* without the *nospam*.

Hanka Z Jun 12, 2005, 06:45am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Dear Jake T,

everyone can write and everyone here can give you signature (name, address, e-mail contact) - something as petition:) What do you think?

I feel demaged from this not working mashine, at last call one of my client who don't understand that I have his pictures in this mashine and not time to go somewhere to take it from this notebook out from hard driver...

I tryed to change the lamp as last but it didn't start back. Or it start but only with nice blue screen...

Patty Laughlin Jun 12, 2005, 04:31pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
"Operating System not found"

My Sony Vaio PCG-FX150K has been in "mothballs" for the last year but decided to google for a solution to its problem now that my son needs a laptop for college. Thanks to all for the copious amount of info on the PCGs in this forum.

This computer was used by an associate in business and was rarely taken from the docking station. One day it suddenly blue screened and would not boot. As it was under warranty, I spoke with Sony and two weeks later it was back from repair with a new hard disk. It worked well for about another year and then the exact same thing happened again. Once again Sony determined it was a bad hard drive and replaced it...and we were back in business.

Another 10 months later the same thing happened and Sony wouldn't take care of it, since the warranty had run out. This time I went out and bought a hard drive, looked up how to replace it, and did the repair myself. Once again all was well for a few months and the same thing happened again. After the blue screen, upon reboot there is a Sony splash screen and then immediately "Operating System not found" appears.

Can I truly need a fourth hard disk???? Something must be killing them. This is a little different from the memory slot problem in that I do see the Sony splash screen. Any ideas??

Thank you.

Joe K Jun 13, 2005, 09:56am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Probably a bad cable that connects the hard drive to the motherboard. They tend to fail quite often.

Joe Kabalan
Laptop / Notebook BIOS Repair
Motherboard Defect Solutions

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