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  Notebook upgrades for Gateway Solo 1150 
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Bruce Mills Feb 09, 2006, 05:12pm EST Report Abuse
How I upgraded my Solo 1150 Celeron 550
This is a good Internet, email, and office notebook that will now burn cds and play DVD's
Great for trips, Vacation,and setting around the pool, Ect.

1) Windows XP Pro, office 2003, norton antivirus - slows down boot time, the more memory the better.

2) Drivers: Display - Silicon Motion Lynx3DM Date 8-1-2003 it has 4MB Memory
Sound - SigmaTel Audio Date 9-3-2001
Modem - Conexant 56K ACLink Modem by CTX Date 5-1-2003 I have not teseed this driver but xp installed it with no problems and is recomended to work on the solo 1150.

3) Ugrade Harddrive to a 40Gb 5400 RPM (old drive 4400RPM)Fujitsu MHT2040AH The Motherboard and XP has it as 40GB
Gateway said 30 GB Max,have seen 60GB and 80GB being sold to work in a solo 1150.

4) Added ram memory 128MB CL2 timming 2 2 2. The motherboard set it to cl2, timming 2 3 3 to match the 64mb memory on board.This giving me a total of 192MB memory gateways max for a Solo 1150.
I have now read that you can use a 256mb stick.
Question: Does it give you 256mb + 64MB on board= 320mb or does it give a total of 256mb. or is the max still 192mb and no reason to use the 256mb?
I might try the 256mb later on, If I do I will post back.
Amount of ram memory difference on a 500 disktop with xp, office 2003 and norton antivirus.
Boot time 128mb ram 80 sec. fully loaded
Boot time 256mb ram 30 sec. fully loaded
Office Word 128mb ram 30 sec.
Office Word 256MB ram 10 sec.
256MB is around 3 times faster.
windows XP takes 128mb ram so when loading other stuff stuff (antivirus and office that run in the background) in to ram memory has to be swaped to the hard drive. slower performance.
Memory is the best up grade for the 1150 if using windows 2000 or XP.

5) Matshita UJDA710 DVD/CD-RW (24x8x4) This Drive is set to slave.It works with 1100 and 1150 .
The 1150 only has 1 drive channel with master = harddrive slave=cd-rom no secondary channel like desktops and newer notebooks.A master cd-rom will not work even if you set the harddrive to cable select or slave.
I had a newer cd-rom that was set to master and could not get it to work. Also I don't think a cd-rom drive would work set to cable select (don't think the motherboard supports it.)
Had to trim opening and the door with a die grinder so door would slide Your door cover will not change out .
I have tested the DVD with PowerDVD 6.
Play DVD's only with power dvd and set Video acceleration in power dvd options to off . If it is on and you try to play a dvd the notebook will reboot.DO Not play DVD's with Microsoft Media Player and in Media Player opitions leave Video acceleration on, it plays music better that way.
The CD-RW works with Nero 6.0 You Need to load ASPI 4.60 for all then reboot,then update/install ASPI 4.71 The Nero ASPI does not work right with this drive that is why the change.

6) set monitor to digital flat pannel 600x800
7)added belkin wireless pre-n notebook network card this is fast I have charter 3000/256 speed.The notebook keeps up with this speed no problem.
8) added microsoft wireless mouse 4000
9) added a car power adaptor so the kids could play DVD on trips.
10)any printer with a USB connection and xp compatable will work.

The bad:
CPU and Video chip is made on motherboard no upgrade.
This laptop is not for video editing.
This laptop is no gamer,the cpu celeron 550 to slow and video has only 4mb memory and is old.
It will still play older games 1997-2001 and some newer games and any 2d game .

I hope this helps someone out.
The upgrade post here on the solo 1100 helped me find the right CD-RW /DVD drive, Thanks.

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Bruce Mills Feb 15, 2006, 02:26pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Notebook upgrades for Gateway Solo 1150
2) Drivers: Display - Silicon Motion Lynx3DM Date 8-1-2003 it has 4MB Memory from microsoft's windows update: hardware update driver
have changed back to microsoft's Silicon Motion Lynx3DM date ver 5.1.2001.0 6-6-2001
because when you run DirectX Diagnostic tool located at
you would not have (test direct3d) or it would fail under 8-1-2003 driver. I would have it on first bootup and would pass test. but on second boot up or playing music or DVD it would gray out.

6)set monitor to digital flat pannel 600x800
should be set to digital flat pannel 800X600



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