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  1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo 
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Franklin Allbright Jun 18, 2009, 12:25am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
Read this, which I posted several months ago....I too, kept reading ALL OVER THE INTERNET about his being a VIDEO problem. ASUS technical support informed me that it's a MEMORY problem, NOT video. At least with THEIR motherboards, anyway.

>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I contacted ASUS technical support. It's a MEMORY issue, NOT a video issue. I tried 4 different video cards. Coincidentally, I ALSO have G-Skill memory. This was causing my problem. I had 2 bad sticks of G-skill memory. Got it exchanged from NewEgg, and it STILL doesn't run at 1066, but I have to manually change the clock speed of the memory to 800 to get it to run stable, but at least NOW it runs stable at 800 with 8 GB of ram.

Try using different memory sticks, 1 at a time to isolate which is the bad one.

I changed my memory timings in the BIOS to 800, instead of 1066, and the memory voltage to 2.08. I can now leave mine on for days with NO lock-ups, BSD's or shut downs.

I went berzerk for 3 months, not being able to diagnose the problem. Consequentially, I also think that the 2nd motherboard I had was bad. It took a 3rd motherboard, and 2 different sticks of memory to solve the problem-partially, then the memory settings in the BIOS.....It's FINALLY operating stable now.

My system:

ASUS M3N78 pro
AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core CPU
G-skill F2-8500CL5D=4GBPK 8 GB-total
NVidia FX7300GT
Seagate ST3750640AS 750 GB X 2

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Carmelo Rex Tanaleon Jun 30, 2009, 11:53pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
i have the same problem with my old laptop, IBM ThinkPad, it produces 1 long beep and 2 short beeps before it boots, it is more complicated than the desktop i think. Help..

Franklin Allbright Jul 02, 2009, 04:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I believe that EACH vendor has it's own specific code. You can probably write to Lenovo tech support (since they bought out the IBM label) and ask them. That's how I finally diagnosed MY Asus problem was thorugh Asus tech support. EVERYONE kept saying VIDEO error-all over the internet, but MINE was a memory issue.

I don't have any experience with the new Lenovo's, but the OLD IBM thinkpads were the industry workhorses. I'm currently writing this on my T-30 Thinkpad.
It's about 6 or 7 years old, but still works flawlessly. I bought a new Acer laptop, which is also great with a beautiful screen and graphics, but this T-30 keeps plugging away. It's still relatively fast, too.
The Lenovo's do NOT seem to be as prevalent as the OLD IBM thinkpads.
I guess more and more companies are going with Dell and HP.

Again, contact Lenovo's tech support for specific help on your model's issue. I'll bet they get it resolved for you.

Paq87 Jul 22, 2009, 09:21am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
Ok! So i have one for you. Long beep, 2 short beeps issue, buuuut.. Windows still loads, I can hear it in the background, I switched all my ram out 2 dif slots to see if there was a memory issue, now my comp wont even attempt to boot if it does not have 1gig of ram. I have x2 2gig ram cards, tried them all in dif slots and there all working, can hear windows in the background, takes a while to find my log in button without the screen but meh. So my ram must work, so could mine actually be a graphics card problem? I dont know how many times I have re-sinked it and nothing, well it came back once randomly and then went again later that night. So any clues?

Franklin Allbright Jul 23, 2009, 12:09am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I would say that in YOUR situation, it does indeed incicate a video problem.
I think that in MOST cases, it probably is, but NOT with the ASUS motherboards.
I will NEVER buy ASUS again.. I've read on forums that most high-end gamer PC's use ASUS MB's.... However, I had a defective ASUS DVD burner, and went through 3 to get one that works. I have bought a lot of merchandise from Newegg in the last couple of years, and 3/4 of it has had to be returned for defective. I've kind of had it with Newegg and decided to start ordering from ZipZoomFly instead.

Paq87 Jul 23, 2009, 09:22am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
If I was to mention its an ASUS mobo, would that change your mind? >.>
I dont wanna buy a new computer, I just wanna fix the one I have, but atm I really dont feel like shelling out loads of cash on hardware like a decent g/card to find out I needed new mem all along :(

andrew roe Dec 10, 2009, 02:06pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I have an ASUS motherboard, I've tried taking out every wire and component individually and seeing if I still get the beep code (apart from the wires attatched by a clip)

I still get it :(

I might of done something when taking out my ram because I forgot to get rid of my static ot whatever it is called.

I've seen that reseating my CPU can help but I'm not sure what that is??

I had 1 long, 3 short before this happened and after messing with the graphics card and checking wires are in properly I started getting the 1 long, 2 beeps (continuing)

can anyone help please?

[I'm guessing something wrong with the motherboard]

aroddo aroddo Feb 02, 2010, 08:44am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I can confirm that 1 long 2 short beeps are a MEMORY issue.

I know that it's listed as a video error, but on my asus a8n-sli board I got it working again simply by removing the memory sticks and stuffing them in other slots.

I also had two different PCI-E graphic adapters (bought a new one since I thought it was a video error :( ) and putting them in either PCI-E slot didn't make a difference. Changing the memory sticks solved it for me.

Rodolfo Dolatre Jun 12, 2010, 10:11pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo

Rodolfo Dolatre Jun 12, 2010, 10:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I am not going to go through listing the details of my system. I just want you to know I just experienced the one long beep and 2 short beeps phenomena about a couple of hours ago. After reading that it might be a video problem, I removed and replugged in my AGP video card. It did not work. I tried replacing my video card with an old used spare. This time, no beeps, no video, my USB mouse' opticals did not light up either. Since the other part of the comment I read was about the BIOS and I could not get into the BIOS anyway, I just removed the tiny disc shaped battery from the motherboard and turned it on. IT WORKED!! I quickly turned off the computer, put the tiny battery back into the motherboard and it worked again.

Geoff Roberts Nov 22, 2010, 02:46pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
Found this thread after a pretty damn exhausting Google search. I installed an nVidia geForce 9800GT into my Gateway DX4720 (4gb onboard RAM, AMI MB). I bought the thing on recommendation from the Best Buy geeks, and use it 99% of the time to play World of Warcraft (onboard graphics were pretty shoddy prior to getting the new vid card).

Now comes the fun part: card installed with no issues at all about a month & a half ago. Ran cool & quiet, no problem. About a week or so ago, I notice that I can't "wake" my computer up after putting it to sleep overnight, and therefore, have to restart. This morning, however, I get the dreaded "1 long, 2 short" beep sequence that everyone's talking about here, and nothing more. Unseated both RAM sticks, tried the MB battery removal that Rodolfo suggested above me, and nothing seemed to work. I wound up taking the nVidia card out altogether, and it booted with no issue.

I'm wondering at this point what the problem could have been, because I've also read that you have to disable onboard video before using a PCI-E card, which I didn't do (although it ran fine for over a month & a half this way). I'm willing to give that a try and re-install the card, but I'm afraid if it doesn't work, what would I have to do to get the onboard video working again?

Tison Arck Aug 29, 2011, 10:31pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
It's Just one of of to things bad mother bord, or short circuit on the mother bord, hardwere

Robert Minor Mar 22, 2012, 12:53pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. i need HELP!! with mobo
I just started having this problem in the past few days and I don' have a solution yet. I do however have a couple of thoughts I want to throw out here based on what I've read in this previous posts.

First, the beepes mean different things depending on who manufactured the BIOS. If it's AMI BIOS then " 1 long, 2 short mean Failure in video system. An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered". If it's an Award BIOS then the same number of beeps signifies "VIDEO ERROR HAS OCCURED - BIOS CANNOT INITIALIZE THE VIDEO SCREEN". Be sure just what you're hearing and also what you're describing to tech support since it's easy for an untrained support person to state that this means a RAM failure in an AMI BIOS system.

Second. When you move RAM sticks around be aware that you can't just go sticking a single stick into whatever slot you want. There is normally a certain order in which to use the slots based on totla memory to be added. Also, if you really suspect a RAM problem and the system will still boot (doubtful) then get yourself a free copy of Memtest X86 and run their tests. I know that Corsair accepts their results witout question for a free replacement.

I've read some pretty far out there suggestions on this problem but if it truly is a 1 long two short beeps code during POST and you can't do anything from there on out then I'm betting it's a bad video BIOS ROM chip or portion thereof on the MB and you'll need a replacement. In my experience this is a fatal error that won't allow POST to complete or let you into the BIOS to correct any issues there. Also, in my case, I was starting to have video problems getting my monitor to come awake from sleep mode or just plain show me a screen after an evening of just being on. At some point during the night, or long afternoon, after some time being idle the screen would blank out and it wouldn't come back. The system would still be running and Windows would be running but nothing would bring the monitor baclk to life.

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