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  Re: Is AMD starting to lose its marbles again? 
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Orange Juice Nov 28, 2007, 02:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD starting to lose its marbles again?
I think they just needed to respond with something so they went for what they could most easily get, a marketing stunt.
Think it over, it's the cheapest thing if you don't have a real winner, solution no.2 would be research, but that takes more money and considerable amounts of time to reach some satisfying results. Add to that Intel's glorious march from the last years and the only alternative they had in order to 'show the world they are still in the game' was a marketing scam. If it's something i hate, it's these marketing departments, who started by presenting a product's best features so that the consumer gets a better idea about it, and ended up in scamming people to increase sales.
I still wish AMD all the luck, because without a serious competitor for Intel, we can't really talk about choosing a product, can we. :)
Just think of a world that knows nothing else than Microsoft Operating Systems, that should give you a good idea about what I'm saying.

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Yagami Iori Nov 29, 2007, 08:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD starting to lose its marbles again?
Dear Sander Sassen,

I have read your article about Graphic cards and begin to doubt weather AMD's CPU is better than Intel's at the same price. I REALLY think things will or have already happened in AMD's Athlon series.

As the press and internet said, Athlon x2 5000+ and e4400 are the same price, but their benchmark shows differently. In the game Serious Sam2, Tom's Hardware's bench result is e4400 beats 5000+, but on the other sites are STRONGLY opposite.

There's a view, which i think it may be not so accurate, is that in some benchs AMD 5000+ uses a NF570 Deluxe or any AMD motherboard higher than $400, while e4400 uses
a poor-family used motherboad, like second-hand 965GZ, or any motherboard around or much lower than $80.

So as a consumer, which should I choice, or frankly I will TRUST WHICH ONE?

A Lucas Jan 10, 2008, 09:44pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD starting to lose its marbles again?
Phil said:
The whole point of all this is pretty obvious....AMD Have Fell behind Intel. I'm a BIG Fan of AMD, effective clocks and power consumption mean alot when your on a budget. But at this stage where we're now entering Quadcore and possibly even more, there isnt alot of competition.

AMD are losing money....pure and simple, Quadcore is almost a year behind intel. and AMD are still developing Tri-core...basically broken Quadcores... AMD's brain wave to make more money?

ATI now have the 3k series and STILL nvidia's 8800GT beats it in benchmarks. YES I know 3800's ent ATI's top line Cards...YET!!!!! Just how much input would AMD have had in development of ATI GPU's?

Will we see AMD taking over the market with Spider? Motherboards with 4 PCI-E slots a bit too much?

Every one is entitled to thier opinion and IMO: Ever since ATI developed DX10 GPU's...they ent quite their yet....nvidia got it smack on the money with 8800series. The 3k series is a step forward from nvidia, with DX10.1, PCI-E 2.0. all i can say is, i hope to see ATI beating nvidia in the next generation cards...

I will be shocked if AMD get sold out or worse Bankrupt (they're a big take over temptation), there are even questions whether AMD are cookin their books. :/

Does anybody cringe like I do at the bad spelling and grammar?

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