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  AMD Going Second Rate. 
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THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK Feb 23, 2008, 02:05pm EST Report Abuse
Barcelona is name that Fell Giant. as Intel prepares 24 & 32 core mainboard/processor combos for q3/4 of this year, AMD is stuck in quick sand of trying near impossible, multiple voltage planes on one processor. too bad, pricing has helped in meantime, with basic duel core set up fairly standard. Now AMD wants to farm out its manufacturing to tscm, so they will have to figure out impossible for amd.

Why would amd do this. Its old time & charges company gone public, maybe they have protected investment as much as possible & with telcom rates at 5 cents minute worldwide, amd is about to diviate from standard & make telcos all scramble for compatibilities. in fact, to become disruptive to mainstream market, that is 300$+ system. Who needs TOP stuff when its not out there. They need non compliant equipment to force new war on telcos everywhere, now that old war is done. its hardware war now, same as late 1950s bringing on tone dialing & automatice time/charges from amd. again it will be hardware issue, as price e.g. charges are about as low as possible.


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PhuccinNutt Dec 09, 2009, 12:49pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: AMD Going Second Rate.
And INTEL being so squeeky clean too, look at there Larrabee they are so good and even kicked the compitions arse, and yet it was so good they cancelled it, go figure, Now Intel was the king of the road with that AWESOME CHIP then, it was called Pentium 4 remmeber that the leaking giant, later CALLED CRAP.... what happened there, see history repeats it self often, and there is a huge problem when your a mighty huge company, yes they are. Thats there problem, but did you ever here if you put all your eggs in one basket things could get a bit iffy at times, and then there is this, it is far easier to work your way from the bottom to the top, rather than staying at the top and continue to stay there. The reason I say this, is AMD is laughing there able to be far greater creatatively than Intel, cause Intel has to many bills and people all over the world to keep feed, there bills are so much more greater, so when they make a product, they HAVE nail it right on... Now the i Cores arent all that great, I think they should of kept that CORE DUO core longer both of them, look the i7's were the first, then came the i5's and there not awhole lot better.. Now for AMD yes there a smaller company but they have shown that there doing alot better, look at there graphics, they are far more efficent than they use to and the prices are lower so they are makeing more, and they have skipped processes, and when a company starts doing that, it shows they very confidant in that process, Amd has the highest speed reached amoung processors, with a SAMPLE processor to say the least. But it is so easy for you guys to not look at the positives that are out there cause all you see is a company of 125 billion.. The mighty have fallen before. Also what I mean doesn mean that INTEL will close down, I mean that they will lose the
CPU crown

<a class= Dec 09, 2009, 01:24pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: AMD Going Second Rate.
P4 Northwood 3.06Ghz HT kicked so much ass, AMD didn't have anything on that sucker for looooooong time. Then Intel came out with Prescotts which were a joke, especially when paired against newly out Athlons 64 with their built-in memory controller, those just sux0red.

i7 is still better than i5. Problem is, nothing really uses its powa. On paper, i7 is clearly better so why doesn't it clearly outperform i5? Because apps aren't written properly to take full use of 3-channel memory, etc.

i9 is is already in the works but 6-cores? WTF is the point if nothing even uses full potential of i7? Marketing hype.

3930K @ 5.00Ghz | GA-X79-UD3P | 16Gb DDR3 | GTX770 | W7 x64
THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK Dec 09, 2009, 01:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re:UPDATE AMD Going Second Rate.
:) Sure Agree That i7 & UpComing i9 have gone step Ahead of AMD. However, AMD/Sun Just Put Up 48 Core Main. Fuzion Beat AnyOther CpGpU To Market & Nvidia is Stagerring.

Its tough race. Spicies Being GOLD.

Have Faith That AMD/Ati Is Coming Into New era of Power. Gulftown Vs. BullDozer.




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