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  Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows 
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RockAway Technology Apr 01, 2008, 09:14am EDT Report Abuse
It has been seen that most of the people use windows for common application that is-

1. Office applications (MS Office, Open Office or other alternatives
2. Brows the web
3. Read emails
4. Read news (RSS)
5. Chat
6. Listen to music
7. Review their pictures

But to have these application we have to install windows itself and then we would be able to -

* Read emails
* Browse the web
* Chat (Only on MSN)
* Listen to music
* Review pictures

But inorder to enjoy you have to install and pay for windows and also you need to install antivirus also.
You have to pay for MS Office installation too.
One thing noticed about windows is that it is not good with Firewall.

Now lets talk something Linux too.
Its the booming software in PC market.To enjoy all the functionalities you just need to install Linux and you get them all,
in one installation.
You dont even have to install any antivirus or any firewall.
Just forget them and enjoy the functionalities given by Linux.

But as it is said that every coin has two sides Linux as it has all good functionalities at the same time it seen that,
it is not much compatible with most of the latest games.
But taken a deep look you will see that it is not linux that it is not supporting gaming softwares,
it the game companies that are not making such games that are linux supportive.

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A_Pickle Apr 01, 2008, 09:21am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows

A_Pickle Apr 01, 2008, 09:33am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows
Most people use Windows because...

...they don't have to install it or worry about those problems. And because, quite frankly, using Linux amongst a world populated with Windows machines and Macs is... downright silly, unless you're a Linux geek and are completely okay with the troubles you'll undoubtedly encounter doing things like basic filesharing and networking. I might add, the idea of "easy" installation implies that you're on a system that Linux has drivers for -- and that those drivers are actively supported by a qualified, dedicated team... which almost no hardware company has (because Linux has a market share smaller than the iPod Shuffle because they can't f**king agree on one distro).

I have had countless issues with Linux getting wireless to work. I have had Ubuntu Linux simply up... and die on me. And let's face it, what on EARTH do you mean by "Linux?" Aren't there like, 500 versions of Linux these days? Which one are you talking about? The one with this idiosyncrasy? Or the one with THAT one?

And, please. No firewall? No anti-virus? Come on. You're looking at this from a very Mac perspective. Suppose your misinformed forum post creates rumblings throughout the PC world, and in a week 90% of the world is running Linux. No firewall or anti-virus? There are more viruses out for Linux than there are for Mac OS X, and for the SAME reasons Mac users shouldn't get too comfortable with the no-firewall, no-anti-virus lifestyle, nor should Linux. When thes**t hits the fan, Windows users will have their firewalls and anti-malware systems, and the smug, latte-drinking, beret-wearing elitists will have their comeuppance. I feel inclined to add, Windows has a plenty good firewall. I use it above all else... and I don't get viruses (and I gain the ability to enable/disable the firewall per network connection).

Then there's the built-in applications that Linux can build-in because they're small and there's no one to sue. If Microsoft tried to build in Microsoft Office to Windows, no doubt Sun Microsystems or Corel would have a hissy fit the size of Jupiter. Doesn't matter much, though, because the only people who NEED Microsoft Office can get it cheaply (or freely) from school, business, or dare I say it, P2P networks. I might add, damn near EVERY new computer runs Microsoft Works -- a simple, cut down office suite that works for 90% of home use stuff. If not, Star Office and OpenOffice are on the Windows platform ANYWAYS, so... the user needn't install a whole new OS for added functionality.

The games argument is ridiculous. The only real Linux-supporting game company is Epic, and then only with the Unreal Tournament series. Fact is, Linux commands a whopping 1% of the market share. Do you realize that PC gaming sells VASTLY less than console games, and that WINDOWS (Current PC marketshare ~ 93%) is playing second-fiddle tos**t like the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3? And you expect game developers to develop for Linux? It's crazy that Epic even bothers to support Linux, and a lot of Linux users will probably pirate the game anyways!

Thanks for your not-very-insightful insights.

In the meantime, I'll take my easier-to-use, easier-to-maintain install of Microsoft Windows Vista. It's the same version, across the board, and I don't have open-source luddites arguing over who's system is more "free" or more "functional" or whatever it is that they argue about that keeps 500 different-yet-almost-identical OS's... separate and annoying.

Dublin_Gunner Apr 01, 2008, 11:54am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows
Pickle, this member regularly posts out-dated, useless, and incorrect information.

IMO all the posts from this member should be deleted on sight.

Lancool PC K62
Phenom II x3 @ 3.5Ghz
4GB DDR2-800
Dr. Peaceful Apr 01, 2008, 12:20pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows
"Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows"

Yeah right... if that's case, everyone's using Linux now. Linux is good for academia, hardcore OS geeks, programmers, and servers. Linux (Unix) was built with security in mind, some distros comes with a default firewall as well, but by-no-mean you should think it's Totally secure. All you need is login as "root" to mess things up. You still have to tweak around with the file access privileges, firewall, encryption, etc, in order to ensure more security. Same idea goes for viruses, though not as many Linux viruses, you just can't say it's Completely virus proof.

There are GUIs that makes Linux a bit more easy to use, but by-no-mean you can abandon the command prompt. It is still the most straight forward method for getting things done in Linux. And it's much more robust compare to Windows commands. When Linux GUI gets as complicated as Windows, you will face the same bloated and performance lowering problems.

You may say that Mac OS X is built on top of Unix core, and it's quite good. But you forget to mention, they're built specifically for only a handful of Apple hardware platforms. Windows on the other hand is built for large varieties of PC hardware platforms and add-ons. All you need are drivers. Linux, though built for the PC platform, to this day still suffers from driver problems from time to time. If you have the latest and greatest of PC hardware, forget Linux, most likely there's no driver to benefit from your new hardware yet. In fact, Windows is still most convenient OS for monitoring and managing all the system hardware, peripherals, and removable hardware. There is no such thing as Device Manager in Linux. Not so straight forward to defrag (claim to be not needed in Linux) and managing partitions for hdds in an existing Linux install.

Application installation in Linux for some are still not automated, meaning you have to manually copying file to specific locations. Windows installer is still the most convenient application installation and removal method, though you are completely depended on how well the app developer coded the installation process, some could be buggy. The one thing that plagues Windows is the registry, which as a benefit of Linux, you don't need to deal with it.

So, there you have it, why Windows at this day still the most popular OS.

leastcmplicated Apr 01, 2008, 12:33pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Linux Easy To Install And Maintain As Compared To Windows
linux is def not easier to install than windows... even if you know what you're doing its not easy. Most users nowadays dont have the slightest clue what you mean when you say "command line" and setting up 90% of linux (at least Ubuntu) is command line! I know it and I dont think its easy! The only reason I have a linux box is because of Mythbuntu. Its free and its awesome! I pay $20/yr for Schedules Direct and thats it! I dont have to pay for a crappy interface, crappy service, DRMs etc... and its my media center! it goes through my receiver and surround and I can hook up any ipod/zune/generic POS mp3 player and play the songs w/o syncing it to itunes or whatever (amarock ftw). But it is not easy... and unlike a TiVo I couldnt just plug it in and go, I had to know what i was doing. Total time to make this thing work was 5 days, and it still does some stuff i have to google to find out how to do or rectify. there is a reason "Lindows" failed.

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