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Larry Sherfield Mar 04, 2016, 04:17pm EST Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Re: Made in China, a security risk?
Lawrence O. Wilson said:
Computers play a major role in Americas national defemse, security, economy, and yet America does not produce neither computers are ANY of their parts. America has given her entire manufacturing infrasture to China or other countries! So now America has to depend up other countries for her well being!

Why should Americas be buy dog food from other nations? Why are our school supplies being printed in China? Why are the toys Americans buy for their children be made in China?

All of the major countries on this earth maintain huge armys and their military infrastructure, WHY? Does it make any kind of sense to be come dependent upon a foreign country for your security and well being? As far as China is concerned, how easily and quickly everyone seems to have forgotten that when one of our military air craft made an emergency landing on their soil, they TOOK the crew as prisoners, held them against their will and it required the president of the US, begging to get them back! Not only that, they completely took apart the aircraft, looking for any thing that they could use from a military point! We were not at war with China, we supported their country during the second world war and many Americans died on her lands fighting the Japanese.

How stupid is America? We have no right to complain to China about substandard food products purchased from them! America feed the world after the second world war, we have some of the richest farm lands in the world, and we had the worlds best farming infrasture. America does not need any country to produce food products, toys, computers, tooth paste, iron/steel, TV, audio, anything!

America has show herself ro be willing to be at the mercy of the world for one more dollar!
In 1961 the world coveted the US Dollar, to day, no foreign country wants to even be bothered with it. America is in billions of dollars in debt to other countries, that means America has neither the Goods, services or gold to pay for the dollars printed or contracts signed.

Why are we buying and depending upon China? Greed has opened a huge wound and the lack of intergity is preventing healing!

24 years in the US Military, two times in Vietnam. If you have not wore the uniform or carried the weapon -------!

China's threat is not a question, it's too late, it's a fact. This statement is so true it drives me crazy. We are at the edge of losing it all. From another vet, thank you for your service.

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