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Ryan S Oct 30, 2008, 09:48pm EDT Report Abuse
I recently bought new ram. I would have most likely have had exactly the same issues as in this article. But I noticed a tiny detail and researched it further. All the cheap ram is "high density". Would have been incompatible with my motherboard had I bought that!

I had to seek out "low density" ram.

This article is a must read:

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Sander Sassen Oct 31, 2008, 04:25am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: This is the answer

I wouldn't exactly call any DDR3 from reputable manufacturers such as OCZ, Geil, Crucial, Corsair etc. cheap. Actually, there's no no-name cheap DDR3 to be found (yet).


Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis
kevin bennett Feb 10, 2009, 11:30am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: This is the answer
As a pc repairman with nearly 15 years in the biz, I can tell you that what you have run into is quite common and has been getting worse lately. Anyway here is what really went wrong: Your motherboard runs "hot" that is, runs overvolted from the factory. It can be cause by substandard QA, by mobo manufacturers wanting the board to pass benchmarks with a higher score by "unofficial" overclocking, or more rarely by a PSU that overfeeds the main lines. If I had to guess, considering we are talking about a DDR3 board, most likely you are looking at an "unofficial" overclock from the factory to make the board look better in benchmarks. With DDR2 it wasn't as much of a problem since DDR2 will handle a little overvolting usually, but with the tighter specs of DDR3 it is a problem. That is why I have advised my customers to wait a year for DDR3 and let the early adopters get the headaches. Sorry, Mr. Early Adopter.

kallex Feb 12, 2009, 09:57am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: This is the answer
I recently upgraded my system using the latest cutting edge motherboard and was tempted to use the dual channel memory from the original system but decided instead to go the motherboard manufacture's website and check the charts for recommended memory sticks. The ones I had planned on using were not listed and instead I bought the recommended sticks. Simply put, there was no problems in firing the system up.



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