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  Advanced Media Center 
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KC Scott Nov 06, 2008, 07:46pm EST Report Abuse
ok, i got a project i would like to start but i need some ideas on a few things.... basically i want to make a basic dvr unit from a pc, with some more advanced features.

Basically I would like to be able to configure it to go out to multiple displays (each tv in the house. I would like to have each display to have its own instance of which ever pc tv software i am using running. I would like to have a remote in each individual tv, to have a remote that could work from the room to the pc, and only operate that displays instance of the pc tv software, without interfering with the other displays.... following so far?

The remote: i know a regular infared remote will never work from a separate room, is anyone aware of uhf pc remotes?? if so links to some info on them would be awesome!!

The Software: which tv software would be best for this? Freeware?

Configuration: how the hell would i program 3 separate remotes to operate 3 separate displays without interfering with each other? This is the hard part, id basically, like each monitor to act as its own pc, while using the same tower.... well thats the gist of it. Ideas are welcome as of NOW!! Thanks

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Sean Costello Nov 06, 2008, 09:20pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Advanced Media Center
im not sure its possible for it to run 3 seperate monitors UNLESS you run 3 different instances of the software and have them maximized for that TV and 3 soundcards dedicated to run that instance of the software, but this is just my theory so i doubt its right.

As for software try Myth TV (for Linux), SageTV (Linux + OSX), and Windows Media Center

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