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  Need details on the bluray burner Sony ships with the VIAO F Series VPCF1390X .. 
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ahmad najeeb Mar 08, 2011, 03:52pm EST Report Abuse
Hi all ... Well I'm interested in buying a custom made Sony VIAO F Series VPCF1390X, but I want to know the specifics of the bluray burner Sony is currently shipping with it ... I have been thinking of getting a bluray burner for quite some time now, and I would like to just get it with this laptop instead of having to separately buy a standalone one, provided the one Sony is installing in their VPCF1390X is of decent quality ..

Sony Style's websites gives absolutely ZERO details on the specifics of the drive .. No model number mentioned, no speeds mentioned, nothing ... And after talking to multiple CS reps over chat and phone, all the information I was able to get it the bluray write speed is 8x .. !? I mean WTF ?!!? Why do all CS hotlines have to suck so much ?!!?

Can any recent buyers of VPCF1390X maybe give me some more concrete information on the burner .. ? Like its model number, read/write speeds, etc .. ? This way I can decide if an additional $70 is worth the upgrade to a bluray burner or not .. I am inclined towards getting a burner now as it saves me the hassle of buying a separate external one and then getting an enclosure, etc .. But I only want to do this is the burner coming is VPCF1390X is of good quality ..

Any help here would be grately appreciated :)

Also I hope this was the right section for posting this :)

SOLD !! $1637.62.........v5.0:
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OCZ PowerStream 520W
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john albrich Mar 08, 2011, 04:52pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Need details on the bluray burner Sony ships with the VIAO F Series VPCF1390X ..

One thought to keep in mind that you may run into is that even if someone provides the detailed specs for the burner they got in their computer, it may not be the same burner brand and/or model that is installed in yours. That may be why all that CS is able to tell you is the "8x" high-level kind of specs.

And, from what I've read, Blu-ray burners are particularly finicky...much more so than standard DVD seemingly minor hardware and firmware changes.

System manufacturers change which drives they install without notice...either because they source them from multiple vendors (not uncommon) or they have introduced design changes or manufacturing repair actions and phase-in the changes as they simply use-up inventory rather than changing out all inventory when a "minor" problem is found. Even if it's their own "brand" drive they can source it from different vendors in different countries and it can make a difference.

Even a firmware change can create a major difference in reliability and functionality.



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